2022 cannabis cup winner seeds


Given the complicated circumstances we are going through, and after the inevitable cancellation of the Award ceremony that we planned to hold at Spannabis Barcelona 2023, we publish below the list of the winners of the Spannabis Champions Cup.

We want to congratulate each and every one of the participants, and thank you for your unconditional support, despite all the obstacles we have had to overcome in this edition. You have exceeded all our expectations, and the level and quality of the participations has been incredibly high. Thank you.

And our congratulations and respect to the winners of each of the categories. Thanks for your work and dedication. Congratulations!


CBD Category

1.º F-Cube de Forte Weed

2.º Vendetta de CBD Botanic

3.º Charlottes Dream de Growerschoice

Índica Category

1.º La Bomba de Herbalize Tenerife

2.º Kamara 8 de Endocanna Club Manresa

3.º Kings Juice de Green House Seeds

Sativa Category

1.º Issak Newton de Hidden Group

2.º Bazkittlez de Bask Triangle Farms

3.º Chocolate Wafflez de Paradise Seeds


1.º Banana Sherbert de Cannabis Zurefarm CSC

2.º Zmoothie de GWA Social Club

3.º Limez de Weflowers

1.º Banana Sherbet de Cannabis Zurefarm CSC

2.º G.O.S de R-kiem Seeds

3.º Sunset Sherbert 90U de Solventless Affair

Solvent extraction category

1.º Rainbow Mintz de The Backyard

2.º Piñata de The Backyard

3.º P Cherrytini de Perfect Tree

Ananda Lab laboratory Special Awards:

Highest CBD Vegetal Sample: Madd Verox OG de El Club Verde

Highest THC Vegetal Sample: El Xupet Negre de R-kiem Seeds

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World Cup

Autoflowers have come a long way and made a breakthrough for cannabis culture in the past decade. Despite this, they are surrounded by myths and prejudices but the experienced growers know that today, most autoflowers not only produce splendid yields, but they are also super potent.

2022 Barcelona Edition

The world’s best seed banks and autoflower growers were competing together in the Autoflower World Cup in the center of beautiful Barcelona, Spain – OG Club. The competition took place in the following categories:

  • Best Sativa strain
  • Best Indica strain
  • Best CBD strain
  • Best New Strain 2022

The experienced judges blindly tested all the entries and rated them from 1 to 10, based on the overall smoking experience, taking into consideration the product’s appearance, feel, aroma, flavor, and high. We identified the winners and finally held an awards ceremony on the 12th of March. You can find out the winners and watch the report photos and videos below.

We’ll be announcing the next edition soon and we look forward to seeing you next year in 2023!