Ak-020 seeds


AK-020 is a high-powered strain embodying a combination of the famous AK-47 (the strain; not the gun) and a touch of breeding brilliance from Amsterdam (area code 020). In AK-020, old genetics from the four corners of the earth merge to form a wonderfully balanced variant. The equilibrium is set at precisely 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics, with matching effects to prove the point. This is a modern revamp of the classic AK-47, rooted in primordial Mexican, Colombian, and Afghani strains. That makes AK-020 cannabis seeds connect into a single smashing strain. The resulting plants have the full impact of an automatic assault rifle – with decidedly more peaceful and relaxed effects.

AK-020 Cannabis Seeds

An Afghan indica, a Colombian sativa, and a Mexican strain walk into a bar… The varied parent strains of our AK-020 marijuana seeds make the story sound like a tacky joke. Still, the growing power and effects of this Amsterdam whopper are no laughing matter. With a broad background like this, AK-020 takes its rightful place as a grower and gourmet favourite.

Colombian landraces and pure Afghani genetics with a tasty Mexican kick inside: you know you have a special flavour and high in the making. Rest assured that AK-020 cannabis seeds absolutely tick both those boxes, which explains why she has been topping the menu charts of coffeeshops in Amsterdam and far beyond for years now.

AK-020 Effects

AK-020 is a strain with layered effects, that really takes some concentrated analysis to fully appreciate. The plant’s indica aspects make themselves felt in a lazy, laid-back vibe that keeps glowing like embers. Just as you’re sure you are dealing with an indica-dominant hybrid, though, the sativa side of the coin presents itself. A chill smile automatically turns the corners of the mouth upwards while new energy and fresh ideas start bubbling to the surface.

So, when it comes to well-attuned effects, AK-020 is like the stable, wel-balanced cousin of AK-47. Yes, we are fully aware that we have been tinkering with legendary genetics here – but you’ll see our point once you see the results: all this classic needed was a tiny touch of Amsterdam!

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Medical Potential

From a medicinal point of view, the main forte of AK-020 is relaxation and stress relief. Anyone dealing with pressure will notice how the delicate mix of indica and sativa brings soothing calm to both the mind and the entire body. The positive, happy mood AK-020 inspires is also a tried recipe for off-days and troubled minds. General purpose pain relief is also an option, even though we have some specifically high-powered analgesic strains designed for (chronic) pain in our seeds range.

Flavour & Aroma

The taste of this multicultural hybrid strain is hard to capture in one or two words. That’s perfectly acceptable, however,considering wonderfully diverse genetic heritage that AK-020 cannabis seeds represent. There is a bit of spice to the bouquet, offset by sweet and supple tones, laced with a slightly acrid, danky skunk infusion. So how do you call something like that? Let’s just stick to AK-020 for now; at the very least, all of Amsterdam will know exactly what you’re talking about.

Rich scents and flavours such as these betray the presence of an extensive terpene profile. It encompasses the fiery influence of caryophyllene, but on top of that, this blend carries enough terpenes to produce a host of subtle entourage effects.

Growing AK-020 Cannabis Seeds

We will be the first to admit that AK-020 cannabis seeds are not our easiest growing genetics. In fact, that is exactly why we developed an AK-020 Autoflower variant for added convenience. Nonetheless, any grower with moderate experience will find this feminized, photoperiod strain perfectly manageable. Flowering times may be slightly longer than what you might expect from a 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid, but you’ll forget about that 100% once you see the huge buds that AK-020 unloads once harvest time comes in sight!

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Growers far and wide have come to rely on this plant’s considerable yields. Anyone looking for a 50/50 indica and sativa hybrid with consistently smashing harvest results should give this lady a try. Indoors, 500g/m², with plants that are easy to control at 1.20 to 1.50 metre heights. Outside, specimens can grow anywhere up to 2 to 3 metres, but even then, this hit strain can produce up to 400 – 500g of sparkling colas per plant.

AK-020 Autoflower

As much as AK-020 Auto may sound like a semiautomatic assault rifle, it is actually a fully automatic marijuana strain that will have any gourmet lick their lips in anticipation. AK-020 Autoflower cannabis seeds make life easy for connoisseurs: this is the autoflowering variant of the strain Amsterdam Genetics created from a choice of primordial weed strains. Merge AK-47 genetics from Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia into a beautifully balanced hybrid with this much taste and impact, and you’d be plain stupid not to connect the 020 of the Amsterdam area code to the name.

AK-020 Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Matching the much-appreciated original AK-020 strain with stable ruderalis genes gave birth to a true Amsterdam autoflower superstar. She’s perfect for entry-level growers who know what they like, but experienced outdoor growers looking for double harvests will love her just as much. Strong, stress-proof genetics like these are hard to find in autoflowering weed seeds. In fact, with such great odds at successful harvests, AK-020 Auto is interesting for any grow, whether indoors our outside, and for recreational joys or for the cornucopia of medicinal options she offers.

AK-020 Autoflower Effects

The delicate interplay of sativa, indica, and ruderalis influences conveys a high to AK-020 Autoflower buds that just ticks all the boxes. Physically and mentally, she brings a calm, soothing effect, wrapped in a luxurious high that takes a little sit-down to appreciate. It’s hard to contain a satisfied grin as the hallmark AK-020 vibe slowly spreads to the fingertips. That smile will be a fine match for the comfy cerebral buzz accompanying the energizing sativa aspects of this hybridized beauty. Creative brainwaves keep serving new impulses that land smoothly on the soft indica bed spread by this well-rounded autoflower.

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Medical Potential

Anyone facing stress is in for a double treat with AK-020 Autoflower seeds. The medicinal effect is warmly recommended for tensions and stressed minds, as is the added ease of growing. Mind and body in easy-going equilibrium; that’s a pretty good description of this universal plants. Anyone feeling low or out of steam can rely on the qualities of AK-020 as well. The uplifting, bubbly sativa aspects of this hybrid autoflower are a great addition to the bodily effects, in which chronic pain management deserves an honourable mention, too.

Taste & Aroma

The spicy-yet-sweet base tone of famed AK-020 is instantly revealed in its autoflower companion. An infusion of one quarter ruderalis genetics subtly alters the strain’s bouquet, adding an exciting whiff of licorice to the mix. All things considered, the rich terpene profile of this strain is certainly worth a try. In fact, that holds even more so for growers who’ve known the classic taste of AK-020 for years.

Growing AK-020 Autoflower Seeds

This autoflower provides cultivators ganja gardeners with an easy-growing version of the original AK-020. That adds convenience and reduces worries while also speeding up the flowering time at 8 to 9 weeks. Earlier harvests mean less risk of bud rot and other problems outside while increasing the number of potential indoor grows every year. AK-020 Autoflower grows are unlikely to disappoint in terms of sturdy genetics, either. Added ruderalis genetics further boost the plant’s residence against the major fungal, predatory, and climatological hazards. As long as the soil, nutrients, and watering conditions are sorted, AK-020 Autoflower weed seeds will yield gorgeous harvests of fat buds with tempting trichomes with maximum speed and minimum hassle!