Bitcoin for cannabis.seeds

How to buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin

The aim of this guide is to explain how the cryptocurrency process works to ensure a smooth and issue-free shopping experience. While we are using BTC as an example, the same rule applies to all cryptocurrencies. All crypto payments are processed by

What do I need to pay with BTC?

You need to own BTC in your wallet / app before placing your order and you need to be able to make immediate external BTC transfers from your wallet/app, as you will have a limited time to send your BTC after placing your order.

Some wallets / services may hold your funds for 24-48 hrs before releasing the transfer (it often applies to new / non-verified accounts) and such services will not be suitable.

How to pay for my order with BTC?

Place your order on our website, selecting the ” Pay by Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum” payment method.

After clicking the “Place Order” button you will be redirected to a mini-checkout hosted by, where you need to confirm your details (please make sure to provide a correct email address) and select your cryptocurrency. Upon completing the mini-checkout you will be presented with your BTC payment page, where you will find:

– the amount of BTC to transfer – make sure to send the exact amount, otherwise your transaction may be canceled.

– our wallet address – send your BTC to this address.

– QR code – scan it with your mobile wallet app (where supported) to automatically fill in your transfer information.

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– an expiry timer – the transaction will expire within usually 8-24hrs, the time depends on how buys the BTC network is and is provided automatically. Please do not send any funds once the timer expires as your payment will not be applied to your order.

You will also receive a link to your payment page and brief instructions by email.

Once your payment is confirmed on the network, your order will be invoiced automatically and its status will change from “Pending – Bitcoin” to “Processing – Bitcoin”.

Buy Cannabis Seeds with Cryptocurrency – Amsterdam Seed Supply

When it comes to buying sensitive products like marijuana seeds, it is very highly recommended to do this as discreetly and anonymously as possible to raise the least amount of suspicion from banks and authorities. Luckily cryptocurrencies are so advanced now that anyone can buy them and then use them to make discreet purchases. What’s more, you will receive 3 extra Free Seeds with every crypto-currency purchase!

For those who were not aware, a Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, put in easier terms “Internet Money”.

For more information on what a cryptocurrency is and how it works, take a look at this Wikipedia article or this video.

Now that you’re more familiarized with Cryptocurrencies, at Amsterdam Seed Supply we support a de-centralized economic system and therefore offer a 3 Free Cannabis Seeds on all orders that use our supported cryptocurrency payment methods.

How can you get Cryptocurrencies?

If you are interested in using a decentralized, peer-to-peer currency that does has no ties with the economy of any country and is private, here are some options that you might consider interesting when looking into getting a piece of revolutionary technology that will re-shape global economy as we know it.

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You can start buying cryptocurrency now, not only the famous Bitcoin or Ethereum but also:

Litecoin: An offshoot of Bitcoin that has quicker transactions & experiments with new tech

Monero: Private and censorship-resistant transactions.

An easy way to get started is:

  1. Set up an account on a site like Coinbase, Coinmama (where you can purchase coins with a credit card) or Bitpanda (where you can buy coins using PayPal or credit card, although a quicker way to do this would be which reduces verification time and allows you to have cryptocurrency in your name much faster).
  2. Buy Cryptocurrency using your credit card, Paypal or bank transfer
  3. Use your coins on Amsterdam Seed Supply with a special checkout price.

What are the advantages of Cryptocurrencies?

Although it seems complicated and better left to hackers and hardcore internauts, buying and using cryptocurrencies is free from risks, has similar if not higher finance-grade security for transactions, but is completely independent of banks or other financial institutions and is very easy to use.

With cryptocurrency, you can make online payments as easily as sending an email, with minimum transfer costs and within minutes!

Once you have set up an account and verified your details such as identity or bank account, you can look for the cryptocurrency of your choice from verified sources and buy a currency that you can use throughout the web, deep web and select physical outlets such as ours.

And what’s best is that you will get an extra 3 Free Cannabis Seeds on Amsterdam Seed Supply.

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