Bodhi cannabis seeds for sale

Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds is a family business that uses organic methods to produce seeds, it uses special genetics to know which are the best varieties to produce crossbred marijuana seeds.

It is one of the most sought after companies among marijuana seed growers in the world, due to the genetic crosses they apply in each variety they produce. They have several seed classifications: regular, landraces, Heirloom seeds and Bodhi – Limited Edition.

They attend numerous product demonstrations all over the world and present their seeds directly to the customer, so much so that they do not even have an official website.

Some of the best known seeds of this grower are: Apollo 11, Black Triangle, Blood Orange, Buddha’s Hand, Goji OG or Head Trip.

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Oaseeds is an online store specializing in the sale of cannabis seeds. We have varieties of all kinds: feminized regular autoflowering and rich in CBD. Our catalog has more than 3,000 different cannabis seeds.

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We only sell you cannabis seeds as souvenirs or collectibles. Or you may purchase to store, in case the law changes. Germinating the seeds is illegal in most countries so we urge you to check your local laws in the event you intent to germinate them. We dispatch our seeds on the condition that they will not be used by others in conflict with applicable local law. Oaseeds cannot be held responsible for the actions of persons who purchase our cannabis seeds.

We are here to help, however we are restricted in the help that we can give. We cannot, and do not discuss germination, yields, THC levels of seeds, as it is illegal to germinate seeds in most countries. Unfortunately, we may refuse to answer e-mails if they contain questions relating to the above. We may also refuse to sell seeds to anyone persisting in requesting further information.

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Information provided in our shop, blog, support desk, social media and forum are displayed for theoretical and educational purposes only. You must abide by the laws of your country.

Bodhi Seeds

There are only a few cannabis seed companies in today’s market that have stuck to their small scale, family-run ethos. Bodhi Seeds is one of those companies. But that’s not all we love about this humble company, read on to find out more about why Seed City recommends the unique weed seed range the Bodhi Seed Company has on offer.

Bodhi Seeds is a family-owned business that focuses on using organic practices to supply quality seeds with outstanding genetics.

One of the key aspects of Bodhi seeds business practice is how they use special genetic files to identify the top marijuana seed strains.

This is just one reason why the Bodhi Seeds Company is a highly sought after marijuana seed breeder. They offer premium genetics for each seed produced.

When you browse the Bodhi Seed Company’s inventory, you will see that they offer the following seed classifications:

  • Regular
  • Landrace
  • Heirloom
  • Limited Edition Bodhi Seeds

The company’s ethos is shown with how they work with a select few hand collected, premium, and elite genetics.

Why You Should Love Bodhi Seeds Too

Everyone who knows about Bodhi Seeds loves their products. This is mainly due to the superior genetic nature and the focus and attention they give each seed strain that is produced. This makes them one of the most sought after cannabis seed companies in the cannabis industry.

What Sets Them Apart?

The Bodhi Seed Company is a smaller seed business than most of the heavyweights that dominate today’s marijuana seed industry. They are a family-owned business that is run with a strong moral compass. The business uses organic breeding to produce high-quality seed strains. This breeding method is coupled with a one of a kind genetic library to bring their specialized product to the market.

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The general consensus is that Bodhi Seeds can be relied on for their outstanding consistency and reliability.
Seed City are stockists of a whole range of Bodhi Seeds, including indica and sativa Bodhi Seeds, medical Bodhi Seeds, high yielding Bodhi seeds, and super strength Bodhi Seeds. You won’t find prices as great as ours anywhere else, and your cannabis seeds will always be delivered discretely.

Best Bodhi Seeds: Our Top 3 Picks

One of the best things about the Bodhi seed strains are the names that they give their strains. From Soul mate to Soar and Sunshine Daydream to Forest Queen, there is a Bodhi strain that will bring you closer to enlightenment, or at the very least, bring a smile to your face (and soul).
In no particular order, here are the most loved Bodhi seed strains:

Neroli 91

Bodhi Genetics brings us Neroli 91, one of the most perfect strains you could come across. The Neroli 91 strain is a descendant of the Wookie 15 and the much-loved summer strain Chem 91 Skunk VA. It comes as no surprise that the only aspect of the name that the breeders decided to carry forward was the 91.

Neroli is a strainl used by many to assist in meditation and relaxation processes. Novice growers will enjoy this easy to grow strain. Neroli 91 can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although it is recommended that the strain is either grown indoors or in a greenhouse.

Besides being a relatively simple strain to grow, Neroli also produces a pleasant skunky aroma littered with tropical notes. Get the best Neroli 91 seeds right here at Seed City today.

Love Dawg

Love Dawg is an indica dominant seed strain that will lure you into love. Thanks to the rockstar parental lineage, Love Dawg is a strain that you will fall in love with.

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The Love Dawg strain is often associated with bell bottoms and thick mustaches, and in true 70’s style, this strain will get you moving and grooving. But funk is not all this strain has to offer. With parent strains Appalachia and Love Triangle, the indica dominant characteristics will lead you to feeling Irie, sedated, and content with life. This strain is great for backyard bonfire parties or those Sunday chill sessions. And the Love Dawg strain is easy on the nose too- just one whiff of this bud will bring you fields of strawberries interlaced with diesel.

Take your day to the next level with this seed strain from parents OMG and Columbian Red. Soar is a lesser-known strain, although that does not denounce this strain’s strong genetics. The Soar strain is a hybrid, but it is characterized by high THC levels.

Thanks to its stellar genetic heritage, Soar can be easily cultivated as both an indoor and an outdoor grow. Growing this strain is relatively easy, but if grown outdoors, it does prefer more tropical climates.

Let’s have a quick word on the OMG and Columbian Red parents. OMG is a strain you probably haven’t heard of yet, but you may recognize it by its other name, Old Mother Afghani Indica. Yes, that’s right- Soar is a direct descendent of the revered Old Mother Afghani Indica strain.

The same goes for the other parent, the Columbian Red. Haven’t heard of that one either? Well, how about the other name it goes by, the ‘Punto Rojo’? These parent genes make an excellent combination, offering exotic notes on both your palate and your nose. Imagine wafts of cherry blossoms and freshly squeezed lemon drifting in through the window…

If you would like any extra information about the Bodhi seed company or further strain-specific information, feel free to reach out to the team here at Seed City, and we will be happy to help.