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Bubblelicious Auto Review

Nirvana seeds’ Bubbelicious Auto is a small bushy plant with THC content around 15% and is breed by Nirvana Seed company by crossing an autoflowering plant with their famous bubblicious strain.

Nirvana Seed Company has been in the strain development business from the year 1995 and have been constantly developing amazing strains and with the introduction to the new autoflower strain to the market they are also adapting this new field and crossing their very best strains with ruderalis genetics.

Bubbelicious auto is a mainly Indica plant but unlike the first breed of autoflower plants this strain can grow more than a meter tall if grown in best conditions and can yield from 40 to 80 grams from one plant.

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Bubbelicious autoflower is a very easy to grow and maintains and because of the autoflower genetics it can grow under continuous light but after some research I have concluded that it would be best to grow this particular strain under 18/6 or 20/4 light schedule as some growers report having difficulties to getting this strain autoflower and that little dark period will help you in this matter.

This strain will grow up to a meter tall with dense buds located on long and tall branches similar to some sativa varieties but the bud production and smoke will be a mainly indica one.

This autoflower plant is one of those must have plants in any growers repertoire because it is amazingly cheap and you can get a decent crop in about two months if grown properly and in about 3 months if grown under not so optimal conditions.

Seed producers and breeders will also love bubbelicious because it can be grown in such a short time and that gives them a possibilities to perfect strains and get a new seed bunch every few months and the genetics of the original bubbelicious strain will be a good start for any cross!

As for the harvest and smoke, smell this auto plant will not disappoint you and you can get more than 50 grams from one plant if you give it space where it can really grow to its full potential.

While growing the smell will not be so obvious but you will be able to get some fruity aroma at the vegetative stages and for the last 2 weeks some skunk smell will be noticeable but it will not be too strong.

After a great harvest and a good curing you will be able to get that fruity sweet smell of lavender and bubblegum (original strains crossed to get bubbelicious). The smoke will also taste a bit sweet but you won’t be able to smell it from a distance and it will have an average weed feel and taste.

The high is the really interesting part as this is a mainly indica cross but you get that uplifting feeling at first but it creeps up with a bit off delay so you can take in a really big hit trying to get that first feeling. After getting that first feel that you’re high you will have a somewhat couch-lock feeling but with all the munchies and laughing.

This strain is good for social gatherings and to smoke with friends but you won’t be able to get any work done under the influence. The high lasts for quite some time at about 3 hours and at the end you really get tired but strangely not sleepy! T

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his is an autoflower cross so the CBD content is higher than regular Indica or Sativa seeds but despite that this is not a particularly good medical smoke as it won’t completely relieve your pain but can be good for anxiety treatment.


Bubblelicious Auto is an easy to grow, huge yielding, terpene monster that will produce strawberry candy flavours with a euphoric, feel good factor. A fast flowering variety with a serious resistance to pathogens and colder climates. She grows fat sticky buds that will remind you of a strawberry field and sweet bubblegum.

Genetics: By crossing our supremely tasty Bubbleicious with our male Short Rider, the results are an autoflowering hybrid that will flower in 9-11 weeks, that possess the large yielding capabilities of the Bubblelicious, high levels of plant resistance, and easability to grow and maintain. We created this autoflowering strain for growers who want abundant harvests without worrying about mould and want the fruitiest flavours available in autoflowering form.

Strain Characteristics: Thanks to the influence from the Short Rider, growers can expect this lady to grow to a medium height, ranging around 80-100cm. She performs very well grown closely together in a Sea of Green, where she is able to produce yields of up to 250 – 350 g/m² .

Her fragrance when flowering will be a blend of strawberry and citrus, meaning she is an absolutely gorgeous strain and will not require much maintenance.

Her buds grow very heavy grow with a tall and light appearance, encrusted with resin. A good choice for extractors who want to refine her sweet tooth flavours even further. Thanks to her perfect blend of indica, sativa and autoflowering genetics, she will display hybrid vigour and will be an easy plant to trim.

Experiencing this strain: Bubblelicious Auto has maximum bag appeal, aroma and the effects are upbeat, clear minded and euphoric. She has a THC level ranging from 13-18% so is ideal for beginner smokers and those with a lower tolerance, and those who wish to enhance their creative side.

The best thing about this lady is her captivating terpene profile. When lighting a joint, the flavours are mouth watering and can be described as tropical fruits, citrus and fresh strawberries. Thanks to her upbeat high, and mellow physical effects, we recommend this strain for morning times, days at the beach, out in nature or out with friends in a social scenario. Medical patients may find Bubblelicious Auto a good remedy for relieving nausea and feeling of depression, as well as elevating mood.

What makes this strain so great: Her flavours are one of a kind, big yields and a super euphoric effect make this a go to strain for flavour chasers and hash makers. An old school beauty that will have you coming back for more and more!

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