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Welcome to Social Cannabis Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Regis, Co, the best dispensary in the area and first social equity dispensary in the state! The war on cannabis is over and it is now time to give back to our local community by serving only the best cannabis products of the state! Our recreational dispensary is located directly east of Regis University campus in Denver, Colorado. We are proud to serve our Regis and North Denver communities as well as (but not limited to) to the surrounding areas of Chaffee Park, The Highlands, The West Highlands, Berkley, Globeville, Sunnyside, North Washington, Lakeside, Arvada, Wheat Ridge.

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Denver’s, CO Very First Social Equity Cannabis Dispensary.

Social Cannabis is proud to be Colorado’s first licensed social equity cannabis dispensary. Located in the heart of North Denver, at 5068 N Federal Blvd, our dispensary is committed to attaining two things: Cannabis and Community. We accomplish this by serving only the best quality marijuana products, sourcing from only the best manufacturers and cultivators in the state, and giving back to the community of those most unjustly affected by marijuana-related offenses. Know that when you shop at in Denver, you are not only getting the finest cannabis products in the state, but you are also helping in the fight to correct the wrongs committed one those during the time of cannabis prohibition. We firmly believe that equity and equality as our unifying force will serve as the engine that will help de-stigmatize cannabis, its recreational use, and ultimately at the very least lead to federal decriminalization.

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PURE GREENS is located alongside the beautiful headwaters of the Arkansas River in Chaffee County, Colorado. Our mission as a wholesale cultivator is to provide consistent, reliable and predictable products to the cannabis industry and its dispensaries.



Provide reliable, consistent and predictable supply of quality cannabis products in the wholesale/OEM market.


World-class commercial horticulture meets regulated process manufacturing.


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Respect for the individual, customer, community and environment.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Colorado

It is legal to use marijuana recreationally in Colorado. That is why this state has become a hotbed for many cannabis seed growers. Of course, buying cannabis seeds in Colorado has become easy thanks to the emergence of different Colorado-based seed banks and breeders that sell the seeds of different strains. As such, this inherently means that there are certain popular strains that will do quite well under the cool climates of the Rockies.

Also, if you know your marijuana basics, not all cannabis strains are created to be equal. There are certain strains that perform well when grown in high-altitude areas and regions such as Colorado, where the climate is great for strains that love the cold. As such, there are genetics that do well than others when grown in a place such as Colorado.

Where can I buy cannabis seed?

Colorado houses some of the most open and forgiving cannabis laws in the country. As such, both growers and smokers alike have found solace in partaking in the various cannabis activities permitted in the Centennial State. People would often wonder, “Where can you buy marijuana seeds in Colorado?”. Now this wouldn’t come as a surprise. Is it legal? Can you buy marijuana seeds in Colorado? The answer is a simple yes. There are many local weed dispensaries, clinics, and physical shops spread across the whole state. Citizens of the state may find them in places like Chaffee County, Colorado Springs, and even Pueblo County. But are physical shops really the best choice for you?

Surely, the best place to buy cannabis seeds in Colorado is through online marijuana seed banks. Because of their reasonable prices and wide selection of weed seeds, they offer significant benefits that you wouldn’t get from local dispensaries. Also, the reliability that customers have in them gives buys a guarantee of protection from online attacks. Marijuana seed banks such as Crop King Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, SunWest Genetics, or Rocket Seeds are all great choices for growers looking to buy high quality seeds. Ordering from online marijuana seed banks is quite easy. First, you can browse the vast array of weed strains that these seed banks have to offer. Afterwards, pressing the “Add to Cart” button stacks up all the strains you wish to buy. When you finish, simply click the “Check Out” button and fill out the purchase order. You then have to wait until validation is complete. The page is then redirected once the validation process is done. Now, all you have to do is wait!

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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Colorado

If you want to know the best strains to crow in Colorado, here are some marijuana seeds you might find interesting:

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a strain that hails from the port city of Durban in Africa. This is a pure sativa that can very well be closely related to the landraces that originate from Africa. And because it is a sativa, you can expect to have energizing effects when you consume a bud of this beauty. However, what makes Durban Poison so popular in Colorado is that, other than the fact that it has a clean uplifting and energizing high, it helps you stay mentally and physically productive without all the psychoactive buzz you often get from sativas.

It might be weird to say that a sativa such as this one that loves growing in warmer climates grows well in Colorado. However, you also have to consider the fact that the state of Colorado is also rich in arid deserts where Durban Poison can fit and grow perfectly because of all the warmth and rich sunlight it can get. Because of this underlying factor, it is one of the cannabis strains Colorado can help flourish!

2. Blue Dream

Wherever you go, Blue Dream will almost always dominate the cannabis market. This hybrid strain originated in the west coast in the United States and is the combination of two popular marijuana strains: the Blueberry (an indica) and the Haze (a sativa). Because of those great and legendary parent strains, you can expect Blue Dream to have the dreamy combination of indica and sativa effects plus the delicious and sought-after sweetness that many people love from Blueberry.

What makes Blue Dream great to grow in Colorado (other than the fact that it will fly off the shelves rather quickly) is that it has hybrid properties. What that means is that it can grow well in the cold and high-altitude climates of most Colorado cities and in the warm arid desert areas of the state. Blue Dream is also a very rewarding plant because of how people all over the US will always put this strain at the top of their demand list.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

Widely known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that really lives up to its name as a sweet and earthy kind of treat that will really make you feel like you are diving into a batch of cookies. GSC is a hybrid that was made when Durban Poison and OG Kush met. The result of that marriage was a strain that became a very popular treat in California and eventually made its way to Colorado, where it can grow well because of its attributes as a hybrid strain.

GSC has a good mix of indica and sativa effects but mostly stand out when it comes to its sativa high. This strain will provide you with a euphoric kind of sensation that you can normally expect when you smoke a good sativa. However, you will also begin to feel a spacey kind of sensation that will bend time and space as far as your perception is concerned. Of course, it comes with the relaxing high that its indica side provides you. That is why GSC is a winner of multiple Cannabis Cups.

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4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights stands as one of the most legendary names in the history of the cannabis industry. This strain is a pure indica and is cherished worldwide for its clean effects. It comes from the indigenous landrace strains that hail from Afghanistan and Thailand and promises to give you effects that are as close to nature as possible. The high you can expect from Northern Lights is one that stays in the body in the sense that it relaxes your entire physical being to the point that it relieves you of stress and pain while also making you feel well-rested after a good nap.

Growing Northern Lights in Colorado is great because of how this indica performs well in the cold and northern climates of that state. On top of that, Northern Lights is a fast-growing flower that will yield buds quicker than most other strains. Of course, it is also a very resilient strain that is resistant to a lot of diseases and pests. No wonder it is one of the greatest strains of all time. In fact, this could very well be the G.O.A.T in the cannabis world.

5. Flo

Flo is a strain that is particularly popular in Colorado. It is always in the stash of some of the best cannabis stores you can find in the state. It is also quite easy to get your hands on some Flo seeds in Colorado. This is mainly due to its sheer popularity in that region. Flo was a Cannabis Cup winner back in 1996. Generally, it is the result of the marriage between the Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica. That means that it is a hybrid strain with the properties of landraces.

What makes Flo a highly sought-after strain in Colorado are its great hybrid effects. These highs are considered very clean and natural because of its landrace parents. It has an energetic high that provides mental clarity. On top of that, Flo is a strain that can be harvested multiple times. As such, the name Flo comes as a reference to the “flow” of buds. You can observe this when you grow and harvest its seeds.

There are many reasons to buy marijuana seeds in Colorado. From the lax regulations to the amazing climate for growing, Colorado is definitely a hot spot in the cannabis industry. So if you are having trouble deciding which strains to grow, then give these ones a shot! They are sure to provide you with chunky and potent buds when grown under the conditions of Colorado.