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How risky is it to buy seeds online?

Hi mate – I highly recommend Alibongo for seeds – used them many times and they also have free worldwide shipping. Others I have used successfully are attitude (use discount code 420 for 10% off) and herbies.

Its very safe – they have stealth shipping options and even if the seeds get intercepted they will just get confiscated, you won´t have cops banging your door down!

I got seeds sent to the States years ago thru Nirvana, using very cool stealth shipping. And since no THC, they will only nab them . not come knocking down your door. If you have the option, definitely get them sent to another location.

Thanks man, I also have concerns on this topic. Would you mind telling me if you live in the US and if so do you live in a state where growing is legal?

I live in a state where it most certainly is NOT legal (think bible belt) and I’ve always been concerned.

If this is your first grow.. there will be lots of learning/growing pains. Go ahead an use any seeds you got. find a few females and start cloning them. After you have a clean strain (after a few cycles), and the hermaphrodites slowly turn feminized you will be confident with other types of seeds/strains. This does not happen overnight. only hard work and a bunch of reading will get you to the place you’ve always dreamed of 🙂

I legit never had bagseeds in my baggys am i unlucky?

Very safe from a lot of sites. If youre paranoid about ordering and growing under the same address jut order them of your friends credit card to his address.

Wait what if they are paranoid too

If you have any bag seeds I’d honestly use them for your first run, no use using expensive seeds if you don’t know if it’ll work

I disagree mate – in my mind there is no point spending the time and money growing weed and cheaping out on the genetics. Bagseeds are often (certainly not always but often enough) the result of a plant turning hermaphrodite and as such any seeds that are produced are gonna be much more likely to turn hermie too.

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For the sake of a few $ I say go for the best genetics you can buy.

I dont have any tbh and i never had. How often do these appear in baggys? I think this would be good to start with

Germany. Do you know the laws over here? Gruetzi

Any seedbank worth using will be really expensive, but will not rip you off. Bagseed grows just as well for your first time.

I second what others have said: try bag seeds first. Ask any ent buddies that you may have to save theirs up. (I got some from a friend, and just shared a bit of the finished product with him.)

I did my first grow last year. You will probably make some mistakes, but learn a ton. It is better to do that with bag seeds, rather than wasting money on top-shelf seeds and not getting premium results.

Buying seeds off internet?

I’m looking into purchasing some seeds off of good idea? Bad idea?

Marijuana is not legal where I live, so getting a high cbd strain is pretty difficult.

Any input would be great. Thanks fellas!

Seedsman is awesome. Just select stealth shipping and you’ll be good. My order came 11 days later.

Stealth shipping, got it. And that’s still safe to send to my own place or should I have it shipped somewhere I wont be growing?

I’ve ordered from nirvanashop several times and haven’t been disappointed

I second this. I’ve been purchasing from them for ten years now

Ordered from them 3x now. You will not be disappointed.

If you can take advantage of their bitcoin specials!! Just get more bang for your buck.

How much are the bitcoin fees? Which bitcoin wallet would you recommend?

Did a ton of research on this a few years ago. I’d check out attitude seed bank and look at CBD Crews lineup. Have made like 6 orders and they have come every time. IMO if you go with attitude you will have nothing to worry about.

All i use is seedsman, go with it!

What payment method do you use? Do you have then shipped straight to your spot?

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I’ve ordered seeds 2 times now. Not from that website, but the packages came once to my house and once it had to be picked up from the post office. Both times no problems. 🙂

Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought if the post office tells you to come down and pick it up then they know what it is. Seeds that go straight through are safe. Reason being when you pick it up they see you personally do it, now they have right to enter your property?

I’m in a similar situation and I’ve used ilovegrowingmarajuana and Attitude with no issues. I prefer attitude simply based on the freebies and discounts I get for paying with crypto but ILGM will replace your order for free if it isn’t delivered or the seeds aren’t up to par; both have quality products and a dependable reputation.

Can cannabis seeds safely be shipped to illegal states?

I’ve been reading conflicting info about the legality of shipping seeds to illegal states, but most of them say it’s a legal loophole because the seeds are listed as a “souvenir” item. Can anybody confirm this?

You’re overthinking it imo, most states don’t consider seeds illegal until you germinate them. Just use a different address and you’re good.

Yep, 100% safe and legal. Just for collection purposes though, at least in Italy(where I come from) or in Germany(where I live).

Wtf you are talking. When German customs gets them they may let them pass, but they may invade your grow few months later. If you say that is made up -> you are naive!

You can luckily order within Europe. Chances are good that this pulls no bad consequences after. But i wouldn‘t order from the states in Germany, because 100% it goes through customs. And the customs give a shit about „collectible seeds“ ‍♂️.

You’d be find ordering seeds..It’s consider a souvenir, there’s nothing illegal about it. Even if worst case scenario you’d be fine, take the time to look up your state laws as well. You have access to all this, nothing weird or suspicious about it.

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Dude said states not country’s no customs for delivering in states

—-TLDR—— In the US.
Shipping domestically you should know that your packages are safer with the USPS. The postal service cannot legally open domestic packages without reasonable and demonstrable suspicion of a crime. Independent shippers, DHL, FedEx, etc are not bound by these laws. They can and have opened packages to inspect them. —-END TLDR—-

I seriously doubt that “souvenir” is a legal loophole allowing seeds to be legally shipped domestically. In the USA at least.

Hemp is legal but surrounded by a welter of licensing and fees varying state to state: . Unless you’ve done all the licensing and payed all the fees you can get hemp seeds, you can grow hemp seeds, but it’s not a “legal” grow. People love to make this argument but it’s not true.

As a practical matter I’ve never had a seed purchase from Europe stopped at customs in 10 years.

Packages from Amazon originating in Europe and China have been stopped, opened and inspected. This also happened with a single domestic package through an independent shipper, not USPS. All were electronic components most shipped in small heavy white plastic or fiber bags. They were probably flagged as potential powders or pills due to the packaging and contents that a quick scan would only show little blobby things; think of looking like fentanyl, oxycodone, or oxycontin in X-ray silhouette.

None of this is to make you paranoid. I’ve only heard of a few people getting a generic letter saying what a bad person the recipient was. Those were in international shipping, never domestically and that was years ago before there was a domestic market. Within the USA small purchases of seeds should be safe. Honesty, unless your vendor has advertising on the outside of the box featuring their seeds and colorful pictures of cannabis plants there is almost no reason to stop it with any shipper and the USPS would need a good legal reason to inspect it. They all have enough problems with genuinely deadly and destructive drugs.