Cannabis clones and seeds in colorado

Colorado Clones for Sale – The Best Genetics!

If you’re living in or have visited Colorado recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen Colorado cannabis dispensaries and products. You can purchase basically any cannabis good you can think of, from Colorado edibles to tinctures, marijuana lotion and angel salve , beverages, Colorado THC oil and other varieties of concentrates and so much more.

But did you know you can also legally purchase and grow Colorado clones ?

Growing your own cannabis may have never crossed your mind. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at growing your own stash, but simply don’t know where to find weed clones for sale in Colorado . This article is here to help.

What are Cannabis Clones?

A cannabis clone is essentially a baby cannabis plant that can be grown and harvested. It’s taken from a mother plant and carries on identical genes as its parent. Yes — that really means all genetics. A marijuana clone will grow up to smoke, taste and provide the same effects or high as its parent. So if you have some favorite Colorado weed strains , you can find clones of a preferred strain and grow it with your own two hands! And because clones are female, they will always produce cannabis flower.

Even the best clones in Colorado are created using quite a simple process. A small piece of a healthy female plant, even just one branch, can be used to create a clone. That clipped piece is then dipped in something called cloning gel, which helps the clone thrive when it’s re-planted.

Colorado Clones: What’s Legal?

Buying and growing Colorado clones at home is totally legal, but there are limits. Let’s go through the basics:

  • Anyone 21 years old and over with a valid government ID can purchase Colorado cannabis clones ;
  • Colorado clones , under absolutely no circumstances, are allowed to travel out of state;
  • Colorado residents 21+ can have up to six cannabis plants growing in their home, with up to three flowering plants;
  • In residences with more than one 21+ Colorado resident, there is a 12 plant maximum per household;
  • Colorado cannabis clones and plants must be kept in an enclosed and locked area that is not easily viewed, that includes being viewable in a private backyard;
  • No homegrown cannabis product can be sold.
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Characteristics of the Best Clones in Colorado

Growing from a clone has some benefits over marijuana seeds. Clones typically grow faster, simpler and they are guaranteed female. One downside about clones is that they can be susceptible to disease and pests. But if you know what to look for when shopping for clones for sale in Colorado , you can avoid these issues.

To identify the best clones in Colorado , look for the following characteristics:

Strong Roots

When looking at weed clones for sale in Colorado , it’s vital to examine the fibrous roots of the clone. Unlike cannabis plants grown from seeds, marijuana clones do not grow a tap root, a root structure that penetrates deep into the soil and help the plant stay rooted and hydrated. So while you won’t see a tap root on clones, you should see strong, white, protruding roots. Any yellowing or discoloration of the roots can cause major problems for the health of the plant.

Healthy Leaves

The best clones in Colorado are going to have healthy leaves. What does a healthy leaf look like? It should be sturdily attached to a healthy branch without any discoloration, wilting or spotting. When on the hunt for Colorado cannabis clones , look to see that new baby leaves are starting to form.

No Pest Issues

While you’re looking at the leaves of marijuana clones, check to make sure there are no signs of pest infestation. This is vital! Bringing home one clone full of pests can ruin any other plants in your home. If there are small white dots on the leaves or any visible bite marks, it’s a definite sign that you aren’t looking at a good quality clone.

Even Color

Weed clones for sale in Colorado can vary in color. There isn’t a specific green you are looking for, but rather a consistency in color throughout the entire plant. If there is a yellowing stem or a brown spot on a leaf, these are all signs that you should look elsewhere.

How Much do Clones Cost in Colorado?

Colorado cannabis clones cost anywhere from $10 to $30 per plant for recreational customers and $12 to $25 for medical marijuana patients. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for with clones. A cheap clone might seem like a good deal, but may not even survive to flower any useful product. Be sure to examine clones closely for the characteristics listed above and be willing to pay a higher price for stronger genetics, popular Colorado weed strains and overall healthier clones.

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Where to Buy the Best Clones in Colorado?

Fewer and fewer dispensaries have weed clones for sale in Colorado , but with The Spot 420, you’re in luck. Not only are their Colorado super clones strong and healthy, they come from a lineage of superior genetics. You can even tour The Spot 420’s grow facility to see some of their thriving adult plants. When it comes to clones for sale, Colorado has no better source than The Spot 420.

If you’re looking for the best clones for sale, visit The Spot 420’s Pueblo West and, Trinidad Colorado dispensary locations .

Where to Buy Marijuana Plants in Colorado

Do you want to know where to buy marijuana plants in Colorado? As one of the largest cannabis markets in the world, Colorado has plenty of medical and recreational shops that sell cannabis flower, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and seeds.

Unfortunately, the availability of cannabis plants isn’t as high as other products.

A handful of cannabis dispensaries sell cannabis clones, or young cannabis plants, but none sell fully mature cannabis plants. If you want to skip the germination phase of cannabis seeds, cannabis clones are a convenient and efficient way to get your garden started. Here’s how and where to buy marijuana plants in Colorado.

Colorado Cannabis Laws

Before we get into the shortlist of the best places to buy weed plants in the Centennial State, let’s refresh your memory on Colorado’s cannabis laws on cultivation, selling, and gifting laws.

  • Minimum age requirement: Adults over the age of 21 and medical patients over the age of 18 can purchase marijuana clones from a licensed retailer.
  • Home cultivation limit: Both medical and recreational users can grow up to six plants ( 3 mature and 3 immature) or up to 12 plants per household. If local law allows, patients and caregivers can grow up to 24 plants if they are registered with the MED and provide any required notice to the local jurisdictions.
  • Grow location: Cannabis plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked area that can’t be viewed openly.
  • Cultivation of more than 12 plants: A first offense is a petty drug offense. A second offense is a misdemeanor.
  • Cultivation of more than 24 plants: Cultivating beyond this limit is a felony.
  • Gifting: Homegrown cannabis plants can’t be sold to anyone. However, adults over 21 years old may gift up to 1 oz of cannabis to another adult.
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As you can see, the only way to buy cannabis plants is at a licensed dispensary. Buying from any other source is illegal.

Where to Buy Marijuana Plants in Colorado

The Green Solution

Multiple locations

Family-owned The Green Solution in Colorado offers some of the best prices in the state. Check out any one of their 21 dispensary locations to find the clone you’ve been looking for. They offer a 7-Day exchange on clones. Clones are about $30 for a 2 pack. Reserve orders online and pick up at your convenience.

Cannabis clone options come in two packs of the following strains:

  • Columbian Gold x Afghan
  • Elmers x Journeyman
  • Shark Shock x G Funk 5
  • Shark Bite x Pure Afghan
  • Original Glue x Snowball
  • Warlock x AK-47 x Sensi Star
  • Glass Slipper x Humphrey Blues
  • Bubbashine x Appalachia
  • Durban Poison x Grape Presidential
  • Lemon OG x Haze
  • Super Lemon Haze x Forbidden Fruit
  • Deep Chunk x Sour Diesel.



For the highest quality genetics, turn to L’Eagle dispensaries. L’Eagle is the only grow house in Denver to have Clean Green Certification, known for sustainable, natural and organically-based practices. All clones are carefully cared for for at least two weeks before they hit dispensary shelves.

Find up to 70 different strains of clones. Just make sure to sign up for their clone email list for an updated availability. Clone options include MAC, Lava Cake, and Pakistani Chitral Kush.

Denver Clone Store


Denver Clone Store is your one-stop-shop for cannabis clones, seeds, and products. All of their clones are cut from healthy mother plants and placed in rockwool cubes. They undergo a 10 to 14-day rooting and selection process and are fed mild nutrients from the General Hydroponics Flora Series.

Only the best clones make it to dispensary shelves. Clone sales are guaranteed 7 days after your purchase.