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With the help of our SeedFinder we enable you to quickly and efficiently find exactly those cannabis seeds that meet your needs & growing conditions. Buy marijuana seeds you really want!

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The search engine allows you to define your personal selection according to the following criteria: Cannabis seed type, THC content, yield, flowering time, growth height, climatic conditions as well as to pre-select by cannabis seed grower.

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However, the SeedFinder can also be questioned by you far more specifically. So you save a lot of time in research and can prepare your cultivation purposefully with the ideal cannabis seeds.

SeedFinder › What you seed is what you get! collects and standardizes information about thousands of cannabis varieties. We offer an interface for cannabis breeders, seedbanks, cultivation and hemp-forums, communities, growers and cannabis-enthusiasts all around the world. With the help of our SeedFinder-System – especially made for this purposes – we are able to collect all important information about individual strains in a compact and searchable way. We enable you to find the tips and tricks for cultivation and growth who are scattered all around the web or to find pictures, profiles and opinions. Help us to expand and advance the single strain-descriptions with your knowledge. Important: The SeedFinder is not a shop , we do not sell any cannabis seed and are not addicted to a breeder or shop.


Behind the SeedFinder there is a strain-database with momentary 25130 different cannabis varieties .

Breeder & Strains

24129 of the listed strains are from 1360 known breeders – connected and expanded with 99 pure local breeds. You also can find 165 clone-only strains and last but not least 737 various unknown or legendary varieties.

Lineage / Hybrids

Our unique genetic-database will enable you to allocate related crosses, all descendants and the parents of each variety. Browse through the strains with our dynamic HybridMaps – from the multi-hybrids via F1-Hybrids up to the landraces – and back!

SeedShop Database

Our SeedPolice is monitoring seedbanks and collects information about reliability, service and shipping of this shops. Here you can find 344 Shops at the moment. 26 are also integrated into the SeedFinder, including offers and actual prices.


The winners of the most important cannabis-cups are connected with our cannabis database. Check out the best rated and most famous strains worldwide!

Forums & Threads

With the help of our ThreadFinder we connected the 35 largest and most popular cannabis communities to our page.

Cannabis Gallery

Into our Cannabis-Gallery you can find strain-related pictures. They are sorted by in- and outdoor plants and also by the flowering-time.

Creative Commons

All our info is licensed below a Creative Commons Licence (BY-NC-SA).


Our extremely detailed strain-search-function enables you to research for certain characteristics such as flowering time, heritage or availability.

Strain Wizard

With the help of our unique Cannabis Strain Wizard you are able to filter and search your strains based on real reviews and user info!


Our genetic database enables you to view the genealogical tree for every strain. Use our family tree search-engine to look out for special hybrids!

Pure strains

All strains come from somewhere, if known we store the heritage as exact as possible. Here you can list all pure varieties by origin and countries.

Strain Lists

You also can have a look onto our alphabetical list of strains, or view only autoflowering varieties – or the clone-only ones.

CBD Strains

Cannabis Varieties with significant amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD > 2%) you can find here, ordered by different cannabinoid proportions.

Prices & Radar

Into our SeedShop-Radar you will find actual reduced strains or offers separately, we monitor only serious shops – a good place to grab a bargain! You also can use the search to find strains by commercial availibility and prices.

Aroma, Taste & High

With our Review-Function we also collect data about the aroma, the taste and the effect of the cannabis strains. Thanks that you are able to look out for strains with a special effect, taste or aroma and to visualize it with a nice pie-chart!

Outdoor Strains

Get weather-data and possible varieties for your area! Simply add your geo-coordinates to get climate- and grow info for your spot!


SeedFinder collects, combines and provides a lots of useful data with the help of its users worldwide.

Strain Reviews

We collect the main grow- and plant data directly from the grower with our multilingual Strain Review Function. Onto this way we can standardize grow-info, tips and tricks, smoke reports and valuations for the different varieties – and even for their phenotypes.


With our special Strain VS Strain function we can directly compare the most important characteristics of individual cannabis-varieties.

Medical Strains

For the medicinal properties of individual cannabis varieties we have installed the Medicinal Strain Finder. This helps in the search for certain varieties, and also stores information about their optimal dose for certain diseases.

Climate Zones

SeedFinder uses its own ecophysiological climate specificiation system. Together with our database for historical weather data we can provide very detailed climate zones and weather data even for your area! In combination with our reviews we are able to provide specific strains and detailed info for this zones.

And More.

Lots of more options and stuff are available at the SeedFinder, browse around – you will find it! For example:

Growing Tools

Check out our small helpers and calculators for the indoor grower.


You like to use our strain data for your own purposes, programs or websites? No Problem, check out our API to get more info!

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You can find the SeedFinder at Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for news, infos and pictures!

Support the SeedFinder!

The SeedFinder needs your input: You have information or experiences about a cannabis strain? You was pleased or pissed by a strain and like to share your tipps about? You can give details about outdoor- or indoor cultivation and growth behavior of a certain strain? You can report something about aroma, taste and/or effect of a variety? You made some pictures? You have written a Growreport into a cannabis community? So dont play only a passive role, connect your info with the SeedFinder! Add your comments, connect your threads, write a growreport and/or fill out a PlantProfile! Its all completely anonymous and you even dont need an email address. Dont stay in the back, start helping other growers to find the right strain and get better and bigger yields!

General information / Privacy

This page is not a shop and we sell nothing – not even your data! All information at the marijuana strain database is for free and accessible even without any user-account. If you want to have an account for uploading data – feel free to create one – you not even need an email-address for it (but it will help you to recover your password!) You also will not need any Cookies to use the SeedFinder – only for some things it would be useful to accept them – but this is only for remembering strains at the seedsheet or to stay logged in as a user – and anyway – the cookies will be deleted from your browser automatically only one hour after your last visit! And by the way: If you are too paranoid for that – better switch off the computer and smoke a bit less 😉 What more to say? Sure – all information is only for legal growers and patients – blah, blah, blah. And if you are under 21 – wtf are you doing here? Forget everything what you have seen. now! This is not for you! Ksh. Alright. anybody still here now? Nice – i like the curious ones 😉 Maybe you are also interested in the fact that we not send your IP address to any other servers or companies – no facebook-shit, no advertising-networks – no nothing! All adverts and pictures are at our own server – nobody else than us know that you are here and what you are looking to! Well. at the moment we use a bit google-analytics – but in the anonymized version, they not use your full IP – and soon we will kick them out again anyway! And last but not least maybe one obvious tipp: Please don’t click here if you not want to get blocked – this is just a trap for stupid robots who not follow our robots.txt. my god, we really need to take care about everything here 😉 But now you really reached the end – thanks for visiting us again and see you later!

Cannabis Genomics Database

We have a very simple initiative to map and verify the genetics of EVERY Cannabis strain available on the open market and newly developed upcoming strains .We want to see the story of “Cannabis” to unfold from a vantage point never before seen. The Cannabis Genome Database will tell us the TRUE story of how EVERY single strain evolved and how they correlate to one another. Early genetic analysis have confirmed the cannabis industry is full of irregularity from products you buy from regulated counters to the seeds you order online from your favorite seed bank.

Make sure your growing the legit Genetics!

The spotlight is now on Cannabis in a way never seen before. The exponential speed of knowledge we have gained over the last decade will pale in comparison to what’s to come. As we throw a genomics net over every cannabis sample we can find. We are sure to gain insight and correlations provable by science. The days of a the extent of the linage of a strains going back to a bag of seed form a grateful dead concert are coming to a close. This seems like a harsh reality to most. Part of the rich culture of the cannabis community is the legends that have come about over the years. Seems like the cold hard inevitability of science might jeopardize some of these legends. We see it differently. DNA mapping will ultimately confirm these amazing stories of Cannabis innovation and innovators throughout history. What was once word of mouth urban legends will evolve to pages on a history book.

Scientific dating like carbon dating or similar “dating” validation methods might also come into-play with “who grew it first”. Some breeders have 30 year old sample in deep freeze for this exact purpose.

Confirmed and VERIFIED through the Cannabis Genome Directory .Early Cannabis outlaw breeders will be hailed as visionaries. We have collected a huge amount of genetics across all many reputable breeders. We started with the big named strains with clear and non-disputed origins. As we collect and quantify our methodology will evolve as the Cannabis Genome Directory grows. We are putting together a very large genetic puzzle.

So many people are so wrapped up in what Cannabis can do for them instead of remember the unsung heroes long forgotten that paved the way for the cannabis freedom we see today. They stood up and advocated for cannabis cause they knew the plant could help the world. That selflessness to the greater good seems to be in short supply in the wake of big Ag and the billion dollar industry on the cusp. All of our findings will be published free to use and share .

We are seeing a rise in mislabeled or blatant bad actors selling seeds that grow out to be completely false from what was described/purchased. Our directory can solve these issues once in for all by a simple pass or fail for these seed distributors. If the genome does not match the DNA profile “Molecular genetics “ by at least 80% it is not the strain you purchased. The pass or fail percentage average will go to 95%-99% as the Cannabis Genomics Database grows and more concrete baseline variables are validated .Some people in the Cannabis community have spent their entire lives developing strains. DNA mapping and verification will allow us to make sure they can be validated and recognized.

Our early detection methods can rule out Trojan horse cannabis/hemp seeds. People have planted acres of bad seeds that had devastating effects on cannabis and hemp farmers. Standardization is coming to Cannabis one way or the other . Our opinion is Genomics and DNA sequencing methods will be the vehicle of that standardization. The only question now is who will have access to this data? In the spirit of the heroes and pioneers of cannabis that came before us…. Our data and directory will be free to share.

If you are a seed bank or breeder please reach out. We only accept seed samples in certified mail. At current we can only get accurate DNA mapping with a pretty decent amount of sample material. So we grow seed out to around 5 weeks. Obviously like most start-ups we are limited by space and funding. Please be patient. We can only grow out a limited amount of strains but will scale up very quick as we work out some logistic

Strain development tools

One of our biggest strengths will be the way we display the Cannabis Genome data. Our intuitive and native graphical UI “user interface” will be easy as your favorite gaming APP. It wont take a geneticist to read and understand the Cannabis Genome Directory.

With the huge resource brought about from the Cannabis Genome Directory we will go beyond verification. With a drag and drop strain builder using variables from different strains to experiment to create simulations of a new strain

Support our efforts? Donate


At our core we believe Cannabis Genome DATA and knowledge should be FREE to share and use for research. We will always offer the insight gained through our DNA mapping efforts to the world Open source.