Cannabis seed shop south africa

Cannabis seed shop south africa

Don’t use roller/paper towel, tissues or toilet paper, only use make-up cotton pad as they retains the right level of moisture and allow air for the roots.

Don’t use too much water, or your seeds with drown

Each pad only need 3-5 short sprays from a misting bottle to moisten them. Cannabis seeds need both moisture and air. If the pads are too wet, the roots will be submerged in water when they sprout and wont be able to breath. They will rot and die, a brown color on the tip of the root is a tell tail sign that there is too much water.

Keep the moisture locked in, or your seeds will dry up and die!

If you wet the pads and leave them out and exposed, they will dry out. Place the cotton pads with the seeds in sealable tupperware or a plate that you can wrap in cling film / cling wrap to lock in he moisture.

Seeds germinate better when warm

Cannabis seeds have the highest germination success rate right around the sweet spot of 26°C. They can still germinate at other temperatures though drastically decline below 21°C and above 30°C. What we find works best is just pop them on top of your fridge, near the back which gives off a bit of heat to keep them nice and warm.

Be patient

The less you fiddle, the better. Most seeds should germinate between 2-3 days but can take up to even 10 days. Sometimes the seed’s shell can be quite hard and water struggles to pernitrate the shell, if your seeds haven’t germinated, you can place them in a shot glass of water for 24 hours and attempt the cotton pad method again.

Here are some detailed guides by Dutch Passion – a world renowned seedbank.


Overgrow sells world-class cannabis genetics from Europe and the USA – the largest selection in SA. All marijuana seeds are sold in original breeder packs and couriered discreetly to your door. Subscribe to our Newsletter and follow us on social media for limited-edition seed drops.



Regular cannabis seeds grow into both male and female weed plants, as Mother Nature intended. They can offer highly stable genetics and are used by breeders to create new marijuana strains. “Regulars” are best-suited to growers who have time on their hands and experience under their belts.

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Feminised cannabis seeds have been bred to produce only female weed plants, which deliver the highly-coveted flowers or “buds”. Overgrow has a wide selection of indica, sativa and hybrid strains available to grow marijuana high in either THC or CBD, or with a balanced cannabinoid ratio.



Autoflowering cannabis seeds have been bred to begin flowering automatically after a set number of days, regardless of the amount of light received. “Auto” marijuana seeds are the preferred choice for first-time growers, indoors or outdoors, as they require only basic care and are also feminized.



High-CBD cannabis seeds offer tremendous therapeutic value. These strains produce marijuana flowers high in medicinal CBD, providing various CBD:THC cannabinoid ratios. CBD weed seeds are available in indica, sativa or hybrid strain choices, some with added feminized and autoflowering genetics.


Overgrow offers the widest selection of cannabis seeds in South Africa – regular, feminized, auto-flowering and high-CBD. We provide elite international genetics, from classic strains to the latest hybrids. All weed seeds are imported from renowned European and American breeders, but stocked locally via specialized refrigeration for speedy delivery. Buy dagga seeds from us online that are vigorous, easy-to-grow and stable. Home-grown flowers or buds can be enjoyed recreationally or used medically.



When buying marijuana seeds, we at Overgrow understand things can get a little confusing. After all, you simply want to sow the little guys into some rich South African soil, watch them grow into beautiful dagga plants and enjoy the medical and recreational benefits of the resulting bud a couple of months later, right?

You’re going about your business and your smartphone calls your attention… Load shedding, ugh! Then comes the disappointment, “My poor plants”, followed by worry, “What if they get shocked into producing seedy buds!?” At OG, we’re big fans of all kinds of cannabis seeds, but not when they interfere with our clients’ precious sinsemilla flowers. Fear not, marijuana growers, we have a simple solution.

Cannabis legalization in South Africa is a slow-moving work-in-progress, but one that’s likely to cause a huge wave very quickly on all levels of society once the laws are finalized. This article outlines the legal history and clarifies proposed limits on how many marijuana plants you may grow at home, how many dagga seeds, flowers (grams) and plants you may possess in public, and what you’re allowed to share with friends.

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Got a few grows under your belt and feel like upping the stakes? Slightly intimidated by the prospect of regular cannabis seeds? Most people like to keep it simple and buy feminized strains. But growing regs has some unique benefits and is very rewarding. Find out how the OGs once grew and breeders still do. Learn about perfect flowers, monoecious and dioecious plants, and how to ID males and hermies so you’re left with seed-free female flowers.

You’ve bought a pack from Overgrow’s cannabis seeds selection and now it’s time to give these elite genetics their best chance of germinating into vigorous marijuana plants for the best possible yield in your unique South African climate. Growing weed from seed to harvest is an extremely rewarding task – challenging for newbie growers and easier for seasoned OG’s. But no matter your experience level, we advise following these guidelines.



Our success has been built on two important principles. Firstly, we have chosen to work with the top international cannabis breeders, who collect and breed the finest and most stable genetics. We strive to ensure that growers in South Africa get the chance to cultivate the very best quality marijuana for themselves.

Secondly, we offer our clients the highest level of customer service. Our focus on top-quality strain genetics and trustworthy customer service has allowed us to remain the first-choice weed seed supplier to both recreational and medical cannabis growers in South Africa. We stock seeds locally in specialized refrigerators, keeping them fresh and taking any import concerns off your shoulders.

All of our seeds are obtained from reliable sources and derived from elite genetics. Buy our dagga seeds online and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We provide discreet, convenient shopping services and prompt delivery to your door within days. Quality genetics are essential to obtain quality results – that is why Overgrow is the right choice.

Our many years of experience in this business have allowed us to build a network of the very best breeders. Every one of our cannabis strains are carefully selected to grow marijuana of the highest recreational and medicinal standard.

Buy Feminized & Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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Platinum Cookies

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Watermelon Zkittles

Who are we?

We’re an online seed bank, who sells cannabis seeds, clones, and growing equipment to the South African market. From feminized to autoflowers, from high THC to high CBD strains, we can get it all. Sourcing world-class genetics is our specialty. Whether it’s bringing international genetics to South Africa or introducing South African cannabis seeds to the rest of the world. Getting more people into growing and appreciating cannabis is our passion.

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Starting in 2018, after the decriminalization of cannabis in South Africa, we decided to follow our dreams and enter into the cannabis industry. After trying to start growing ourselves, we lived through the frustration and stressful experience of importing cannabis seeds into South Africa. So we decided to do something about it. What started as a way for us to support our hoppy, has grown into a family business that hopes to help others reach the same level of success and freedom.

We have expanded into supporting local breeders and vendors by providing a platform for them to reach other markets. Our hope is that as the cannabis industry grows, there will be a solid network that provides employment and economic growth for all South Africans. For this reason, we have also branched out into other parts of the cannabis industry such as growing equipment, cannabis storage, and smoking accessories. Though cannabis seeds, dagga seeds, weed seeds, hemp seeds, or whatever you want to call it, still remains our passion and focus, since it is the root of our company.

It all starts with genetics. No matter how good your lights are, or your nutrients, bad genetics will produce bad results. Hence, we decided to source the best, so that other South Africans didn’t have to worry about it. As it stands now, South Africa is becoming one of the world’s hotspots for cannabis. So let’s keep it going and continue growing.

Bud Buddies supports responsible and legal use, we do not condone any illegal activities. We trust that you as the customer will adhere to the laws of your country.