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Here at Zambeza, there is nothing more important to us than our loyal customers. As such, we have been thinking up ways to say thanks for all the support you have given us. The result? We want to give you all a little something extra, depending on what you are ordering. This could be free seeds, some Zambeza rolling papers, or even some awesome stickers to make your love for our seeds known. Either way, hope you enjoy the free gifts!

Free Zambeza Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to freebies, nothing beats free cannabis seeds! That is why we ensure they are front and centre when it comes to Zambeza giveaways! All of the free seeds we send out with qualifying orders are selected at random; however, all strains from our catalogue are included – so it could be your favourite!
A minimum of €60 will get you 3 free seeds, €90 will get you 5 free seeds, and spending €150 will get you 10 free seeds! If you happen to be a big spender, the fun doesn’t stop! We will offer an addition 10 free seeds for every extra €150 spent!

Free Zambeza Pot Markers

Never lose track of your grow again with these handy and functional Zambeza pot markers.
Simply write the strain you are growing on the marker, pop it in your soil, and forever forget which pot is growing what! Particularly handy if you are growing multiple strains at once!

Free Zambeza Rolling Papers

You’ve grown and harvested your stash, and now it is ready for use. Well, we have you covered!
Our Zambeza Rolling Papers are designed to produce an even and consistent burn, ensuring as pleasurable and smooth an experience possible. The pack lid also doubles up as a source of rolling tips – so you are never without.

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Free Zambeza Lighter + Card Grinder

What goes hand in hand with Zambeza Rolling Papers? A Zambeza Lighter of course! Branded with the Zambeza logo, this slick lighter is functional and easy to use. What more could you want? So light up in style!

The free seeds are only available for normal purchases. Bulk Seed purchases are excluded from this free seeds scheme or other promotions

Free Cannabis Seeds And Goodies With Your Order

Any good grow begins with great seeds! You’re already making a pretty fine start by checking out the Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds range. On top of all the world-class genetics you’ll buy in our store, you’ll get FREE SEEDS with any order of € 25 or above, and the freebees get better as your order expands.

Amsterdam Genetics Gives You Free Seeds With Your Order

As you can see in the table below, we’re giving you FREE top cannabis seeds with any purchase worth €25 or over. At €25, we’re giving you one randomly picked weed seed from our collection. At €50, you get three free seeds, and as soon as you hit €150, you’re getting TEN TOP CANNABIS SEEDS as a complementary gift.

It doesn’t matter which strain you choose: you’ll get a chance to try some of our other world-class genetics without paying a single cent. You probably did the math already, so you’ll know that growing your own quality weed is money well spent. With this special deal though, the saving starts even before you get your grow going – so what are you waiting for? The table below shows you exactly how many cannabis seeds you’ll get once you complete your order.

Amsterdam Genetics Mystery Free Seeds

You never know which of our genetics we’ll add to your order, but that just adds to the suspense – you know we pack top-shelf cannabis seeds at Amsterdam Genetics. Prepare for a sinsemilla surprise with the Mystery Seeds we add to your order!

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AG Cannabis Goodies With Your Free Seeds

Our selection of quality cannabis goodies includes fun and functional items like branded rolling papers, special issue filter tips, Amsterdam Genetics postcards, and of course, our infamous AG stickers to add a touch of Amsterdam to your home town!

AG Lighter

Our super functional and highly popular Amsterdam Genetics Clipper Lighters are a common sight on the streets of Amsterdam. These are heavy duty branded lighters that make a smokin’ impression whenever you’re asked for a light…

AG Grinder

A three-piece acrylic cannabis grinder: standard equipment for dedicated smokers. This Amsterdam Genetics grinder raises that standard – it’s got fancy AG branding, but more importantly, it’s magnetized. Never lose any of your precious, freshly ground buds again!

Professor Harvest Keychain

Professor Harvest is the paragon of cannabis knowledge – and with this Professor Harvest keychain, you get to show off your own weed wisdom wherever you go. Our tip: let this trinket dangle from your pocket and watch for a twinkle in the eye of passers-by.: From now on, you’ll spot the true cannabis connoisseurs with ease!

AG Baseball Cap

Shade your eyes while you represent your favourite cannabis seeds developers with this all-black five-panel AG Logo Snapback Cap! Signed by Professor Harvest and proudly sporting the Amsterdam Genetics logo, this cap sets you apart as a genuine grower guru!

Free Caps, And Other AG Goodies

Once you start with Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds, you’ll want your buddies to see where you got all that good stuff. That’s why we’re making it easy to show your appreciation for Amsterdam Genetics. In addition to any free seeds, we’re also packing increasingly cool AG Goodies with your seeds orders. At orders from €25, it begins with some fancy accessories that any cannabis fan will appreciate, but the goodies get better as your order amount increases. You’ll find branded lighters, keychains, grinders and even Amsterdam Genetics Baseball Caps when you open that parcel. That way, you can show off your Amsterdam connection at no extra charge while your weed plants grow tall!

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Start Picking Those Free Seeds!

Let’s face it: getting free goodies and extra genetics on top of the very best seeds you can get online – that’s a pretty fine deal. The real question is: which Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds will you order to unlock those free gifts? We’ve got feminized seeds, autoflowers, and a special selection of CBD seeds for you: dozens of exquisite quality cannabis strains are waiting for you!

Will you grab something delicious from our Homegrown selection, combining the best of Dutch classics and the latest weed smash hits from around the globe? Our Skyrocket, Fatkid’s Cake, Grapefruit Superstar and more novel strains await! A CBD blast like Blue Monkey CBD seeds? Or will you stick to our all-time fan favourites such as White Choco and Super Silver Haze? The choice is yours, so have a good look at our genetics range and start picking those seeds!

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The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds are exclusively sold as collectable souvenirs to customers living in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to incentivize people to engage in illegal activities.