Cannabis seeds from jamaica

Cannabis seeds from jamaica

Eva Seeds’ Jamaican Dream feminized marijuana seeds come from a selection of Jamaican landrance seeds which result in the fastest Sativa in the market, which can be harvested after 42-45 days of flowering, after the appropriate growth. Very compact and large buds. Powerful stimulating effect, funny and creative.

THC: High (17-21%) CBD: Low
1st price People’s choice to the best resin at the XIII Bella Flor Arseca seminar
2nd Prize – XIII Bella Flor Arseca Cup – Resin category
1st Prize – Slovakia Cannabis Cup 2011 – Outdoor category
1st Prize – Canarias Cannabis Cup 2013 – Outdoor Local category
2nd Prize – Copa Natura Verde 2013 – BHO category
2nd Prize – Cannabis Canarias Cup 2014 – BHO category
Girld of the year 2016 award – by Soft Secrets España
2nd Prize – Copa del Mar 2016 – Outdoor category
SHAPE: Pyramidal and elongated, with a long central bud, continuous, very compact and thick.
EFFECT: Sativa-like and very energetic. Day use.
SMELL: sweet and discrete
FLAVOUR: Mildly sweet.
NUTRITIONAL NEEDS: It works well with medium levels of fertilisers, yet it also admits higher levels of nutrients.
INDOOR LIGHT: Energy-saving and Sodium
WEIGHT/YIELD (9 per meter): 360-630 g/m2 (Depending on medium and container size)
North hemisphere: April-June / South hemisphere: October-December
END OF FLOWERING HEIGHT: around 2 meters, depending on the sowing time.
North hemisphere: 23-30 September / South hemisphere: 23-30 March
WEIGHT/YIELD: Between 500 and 1000 g per plant
MINIMUM HEIGHT TO PASS ON TO FLOWERING: 20 cm. We recommend 16 to 25 per meter.
SUMMARY: the luxury of having a Sativa-effect plant, Indica looking, and a flowering phase of 42 days, and without giving up great yields. A Jamaican luxury.

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1st price People’s choice to the best resin at the XIII Bella Flor Arseca seminar

Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Dream from Eva Seeds come as the name suggests from the fabulous Jamaica.

The main trait of this marijuana strain is its short flowering period . just 6 weeks!

Jamaican Dream is a strong and stable plant very easy to grow. It presents a typical Christmas tree structure and produces large buds with abundant trichomes.

Aromas of pine and lime and a sweet mild with coffee undertones.

Clear active and energetic sativa effect.

Features of Jamaican Dream from Eva Seeds:

  • Cropping field: Indoor and outdoor
  • Sex: Feminised
  • Type: Sativa 90% – Indica 10%
  • Yield: Medium-High
  • Flowering time on indoos: 42 to 45 days
  • Harvest time on outdoor: End of September
  • THC level: 17%

We would like to remind our customers that cannabis seeds are not listed in the European Community catalogue. They are products intended for genetic conservation and collecting, in no case for cultivation. In some countries it is strictly forbidden to germinate cannabis seeds, other than those authorised by the European Union. We recommend our customers not to infringe the law in any way, we are not responsible for their use.

Properties of Jamaican Dream

Opinions about Jamaican Dream and questions

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Auto Jamaica Feminized

Auto Jamaica is an autoflowering cross between a resinous Cuban Indica and the most cerebral Jamaican Sativa landrace that could be found in whole Jamaica! The strain is designed as a mild energetic weed with a heavy enjoyable stone following. By means of progressive technologies and also using rich cannabis breeding traditions inherent in this country, Auto Jamaica was refined to compete cup winning cannabis varieties. 100% authentic and top quality, Auto Jamaica seeds have been examined by local connoisseurs and estimated as an elite level strain.

Grow peculiarities

Auto Jamaica buds give an intense pine odour. The typical 350-450 g/m2 yield produced by Auto Jamaica can be increased with cannabis training such as LST and SCRoG. Dried and cured buds smell of lime and pine, smoke tastes flowerish with a fresh aftertaste. Auto Jamaica produces strong and healthy plants of medium height, but rich in blossom, mostly with 3-5 side colas, leaves somewhat more protruded than normal Indica leaves, but shorter and broader than those of Sativa. The slight Ruderalis influence gives this strain vigor and resistance to molds, also making for its short height. A very outdoor strain, productively grown indoors as well.

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Users report Auto Jamaica to rise one’s creativity and imaginative thinking, also the strain tends to produce changes in perception of space, time and gravity. Auto Jamaica by Marley Seedbank is trippy, its drive changing into total placidity and back again. Does not normally block your communication, though, one of the best marijuana strains for partying up late. Proven a remedy against depression and appetite disorders.