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Buying Marijuana Seeds in India 2022

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in India. Growing Tips, Recommended Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Ship To India For the 2022 Growing Season.

Cannabis seeds continue to be readily available in India, regardless of their lack of medical or recreational legality.

Cannabis seeds and marijuana products have been a large part of Indian heritage and culture for thousands of years, often used by Hindus in religious practices and rituals, such as Holi, while Indian puritans, having shunned material objects and modern living, smoke cannabis to seek divinity and spiritual freedom.

With India’s past in marijuana cultivation and consumption, it is rather shocking to learn that India has a strict law regarding the use and distribution of marijuana resin or flower, resulting in possible legal repercussions, such as hefty fines and prison sentences.

With that being said, the cannabis culture in India is very much alive and well among the citizens and, although there doesn’t seem to be any movements in its legality or decriminalization in the foreseeable future, marijuana continues to be very much present.

Besides relaying India’s lush heritage, this article will educate you on the rules and regulations in regards to buying marijuana seeds from online or local seed banks in India. Furthermore, you’ll discover the best cannabis seed strains to buy from seed banks to grow in India, along with our top recommended tips and tricks for growing weed.

This information is relevant and accurate in 2022, but since rules and regulations are constantly changing, it would be wise to check back for updated information on buying cannabis seeds from seed banks in India.

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In a Nutshell — The Legality of Buying Marijuana Seeds in India

As you’ve read above — India’s history is deeply entwined with cannabis seeds and derivative products.

However, the cannabis laws in India do not reflect the long-standing acceptance of cannabis. Here’s a summary of the legality of cannabis in India regarding buying marijuana seeds from local or online seed banks.

  • Cannabis is legal in specific jurisdictions in India
  • Cannabis is illegal in most jurisdictions in India
  • Derivatives, such as bhang, is legal in various jurisdictions in India
  • Cannabis seeds are legal in India

Continue reading below to learn about growing cannabis seeds in India, along with information on the best seed banks that ship in India, grow tips, and cultural and legal information.

Maharashtra: Two held for growing cannabis in 2-BHK flat

MUMBAI: Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested two persons, including a marine biologist, for illegally growing cannabis in a 2-BHK flat at Dombivli and selling it to high-profile customers in the city. One kg of cannabis worth Rs80 lakh has also been seized. Investigators said the drug was being cultivated using hydroponics, which does not require soil, with seeds imported from the Netherlands.
Marine biologist Arshad Khatri and Javed Jahangir Shaikh were arrested from Yari Road in Andheri on Wednesday. Police are on the lookout for Saudi-based NRI Rehan Khan, said to be the main financier of the syndicate.
What has baffled the agency is that the accused had been carrying out cultivation using an elaborate set-up in the flat owned by Khan at Palava City for the past six to eight months. It is suspected that the turnover was in crores. The team has recovered the cultivation set-up including PH regulators, plant nutrients, clay pebbles, water pumps, air circulation systems, CO2 gas cylinders and photosynthesis lighting systems from the flat.
“Khatri is an expert in hydroponic cultivation and Shaikh used to manage the distribution. They procured cannabis seeds from the Netherlands through the dark web,” said an official.
Investigators said hydroponic weed is in great demand among the affluent and at high-society parties. The accused sold it to peddlers in Mumbai and Pune at Rs8,000 per gm. The deals were either in cash or crypto currencies like bitcoins with sales being done using social media apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp.
NCB got a tip-off after they arrested Ganesh Shere, an MPSC candidate and Siddhant Amin from Parel last week. During their interrogation, Sahil Shah alias Sahil Flacko’s name cropped up. Flacko is a former neighbour of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Flacko and Rehan Khan’s names had figured during a probe into the drug angle in Rajput’s death. Sameer Wankhede, zonal director of NCB, led the team.
Meanwhile, in another case, the NCB intercepted African, Onurah Samuel Mike, and seized 30gm cocaine. Mike has told investigators he had got the consignment from Celestian, a Nigerian, who brings cocaine into the country frequently.
Celestian had given Mike 50 capsules (500gm) during his last visit. Mike used to sell the cocaine in Andheri, Bandra and Santacruz.

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