Chili verde seeds

Chili verde seeds

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Germination of hemp and or cannabis seeds is illegal in many US states and other countries. Chai Life Genetics maintains that we sell non-psychoactive seeds that contain 0% THC as collectible adult souvenirs for genetic preservation purposes. We do not encourage under any circumstances the use of these seeds for any other purpose and in no way whatsoever do we condone the germination of cannabis seeds.

Chai Life Genetics does not sell seeds to anyone whom we suspect may cultivate such seeds in a country in which it is illegal to do so. We accept no responsibility for any product intercepted or lost in transit if you place an order for a product or products to be sent to a country where such product(s) is illegal.

You also acknowledge and agree that you are prohibited from distributing any seeds to territories or countries where the possession of cannabis seeds and/or dealing in cannabis seeds is illegal.

Further, you accept responsibility for checking your country and state laws to establish that you can legally purchase the products available for sale on this web site.

Warning: Germination – Chai Life Genetics does not accept any liability and does not provide any guarantees in respect to any of the products sold on its web site. Chai Life Genetics expressly states that it does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. All persons who purchase our seeds are responsible for their actions and future actions. Our Seed-bank will accept no responsibility in this respect. All information contained on this website and any associated promotional or packaging material is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to condone, promote or incite the cultivation of illegal and/or controlled substances.

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HBK Genetics

California based Eric Minor is a precise, thoughtful person driven by compassion—not profit. As a second-generation cannabis farmer, Eric has a deep love for breeding and providing plants with CBD-rich genetics for medicinal purposes.

With over 30 years experience of growing and breeding award-winning cannabis, Eric has a sincere and personal appreciation and respect for the healing properties of CBD and it’s medicinal benefits.

The knowledge and skills Eric developed over years of intimate experience as an award-winning cannabis grower and breeder played a crucial part of leading Eric to a solution to a problem he had to solve.

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“Cbd Topicals 2nd & 3rd Place”
“Best Cbd Product”
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“1st place Chem/og ”