Chocoholic seeds

Chocoholic seeds

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We began as a specialty plant nursery in 2005 featuring dark maroon colored plants. We offer seed for rare and often exclusive dark colored plants and those that smell like chocolate. Over the years began making more and more chocolate themed products such as our famous Raspberry & Chocolate Jam, Chocolate Candles and Natural Cocoa Butter Body Products. Our quality farm-made products make wonderful gifts!

Bare root shipping season is coming to an end. snag your Chocolate Dahlia tubers while they last

Our most popular plant . Chocolate Cosmos (the flower smells like chocolate).***New for the first time EVER! Chocolate Cosmos seeds! Viable seed was discovered in New Zealand and is now available. We specialize in rare, unusual and often exclusive to Chocolate Flower Farm seeds.

We have reformulated our popular Chocolate Garden Seed Kits to include the Chocolate Cosmos seeds.
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This is the fertile variety exclusive to Chocolate Flower Farm

Our Chocolate Garden Seed Kits come with either a gourmet Guittard Chocolate Slug (milk or dark chocolate, your choice) or a chocolate votive or chocolate mint tea.

Our “Box of Chocolates” makes a wonderful gift for your favorite chocolate lover. We have several carefully curated Gift Boxes to choose from. Packaged and ready for gifting. sure to bring a smile to someone you care about.

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The media has been very kind to us with feature articles in magazines such as Martha Stewart Living, Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV, Seattle Magazine, Coastal Living, 801 Living in Santa Barbara, Seasons Magazine in Russia, Blumen in The Netherlands and many more.

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Raspberry & Chocolate Jam Essence of Chocolate Soy Candles

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Cosmos, ‘Chocolate’

(Cosmos astrosanguineus) compact rosettes of beautiful foliage give way to airy sprays of delicate wine red to purple-y black blooms to 30″. Petals display a variety of shapes from elegant and slender to full and broad, but all with the distinctively sumptuous and irresistible scent of chocolate.
Highly anticipated and a game changer in its category this is part of the first wave of Chocolate Cosmos to become available in the market that can be propagated from seeds. The species is native to high elevation pine and oak forests in central Mexico, and despite some claims of it being extinct in the wild, has been found abundantly in recent botanical field surveys of the states of Guanajuato, Querétaro, and San Luis Potosí. So called on account of its amazing cocoa-y to vanilla scent, chocolate cosmos was introduced to the plant trade by British company Thompson and Morgan in the late 19th century but was only able to be propagated from cuttings. The first versions which produced and could be propagated by seed came from New Zealand breeder Keith Hammett (of sweet pea breeding fame) only about 10-15 years ago, and have only just started to be available in the market. Our initial seed was generously shared by Marie of Chocolate Flower Farm, here in Langley, WA and is sold elsewhere in Europe under the name “Black Magic” for up to $3.00 per seed. We’ve decided to just give it the generic name “Chocolate Cosmos” until we spend some selecting and working with the plant’s distinctive forms.
90-100 days. UO

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