Cotton candy cannabis delicious seeds

Cotton candy cannabis delicious seeds

COTTON CANDY KUSH EARLY VERSION is one of our most perfect and ambitious hybrids. Tasty and sensory, this strain combines the sugary sweetness of CANDY and the softness of cotton candy. COTTON CANDY KUSH (DS19) maximizes the organoleptic properties of the best cannabis. Now in its early version, in addition to all these features, it offers you the opportunity to celebrate life by enjoying this hybrid Gourmet.

COTTON CANDY KUSH EV, is obtained as a result of crossing one of the South African genetics strains with the greatest potential for cultivation, the POWER PLANT, with one of our best mothers, LAVENDER (SUPER SKUNK – BIG SKUNK KOREAN – AFGHANI-HAWAIIAN) that later it has been crossed in the first generation with an exceptional individual of ruderalis genetics. The result is a perfect plant that produces large and long foxtail buds, which take on a metallic lavender hue on the leaves at the end of flowering, which lasts only 45 days. In short, a perfect plant with excellent performance both indoors and outdoors and in greenhouse, great resin producer and easy to grow that is highly resistant to fungi, pests and stress.

Due to its calyx-leaf relationship, it is an easy plant to manicure. This strain produces an aroma so intense and penetrating that it is intoxicating just to smell it; It is a variety very rich in THC over 23%, and with perfect organoleptic characteristics. Welcome to the ULTRA-FAST paradise of flavors and colors of COTTON CANDY KUSH EV.

Cotton Candy Kush Cannabis Seeds

Cotton Candy Kush Cannabis Seeds from Delicious Seeds

This Cotton Candy cannabis seed is sure to be a sweet treat added to your collection. This is a rare seed that has a great name any cannabis seed bank would be lucky to have. This marijuana seed combines the sweetness of the sugary strain Caramelo with more delicate strains like South African Sativas. This seed is feminized meaning it is pollinated to be genetically female. Get your hands on this seed as part of your souvenir today for only $10.23.

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Delicious Seeds And Delicious Strains

Delicious Seeds is an online Global marijuana seed bank known for creating some of the most sweet and delicious strains out there (as their name suggests). Founded in 2010 they have been able to grow by putting their cannabis seeds through hand processed and rigorous quality control tests. Some of their most popular strains are deep Sugar Black Rose, sweet Chocobang and famous Black Russian.

About Seed City

Seed City loves to give consumers cannabis seeds with great flavor names and classic collectors backgrounds to them. They work with the highest quality marijuana seed banks and brands to keep their online retailer continuously growing. Founded in 2010 out of the United Kingdom. They started out as a small group with a simple passion in collecting the finest marijuana seeds. The drive behind this company has given name to their success today. Customers continue to come back and shop for them with their user-friendly experience of choosing seeds based on strain, type and sizes. They also offer worldwide quick and discreet shipping making for happy customers.