Critical orange punch seeds

Critical Orange Punch Feminised Seeds

Critical Orange Punch is an indica/sativa hybrid strain with first-class antecedents. To produce this strain, Dutch Passion first crossed elite cuttings of Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud. While this created an excellent result, yields were not what was hoped for, and so crossing in Spain’s impressive Kritikal Bilbo increased yields to a gratifying level.

How Critical Orange Punch Grows

This plant grows strongly and vigorously such that indoor growers can be harvesting their crop in just 7 – 8 weeks of flowering. It is an adaptable plant that is not particularly fussy about grow media, nutrients, and conditions in general—reaching a height of around 150 cm. Critical Orange Punch produces commercially attractive yields of rock-hard, glistening buds.

Critical Orange Punch Tastes, Smell, and Effect

The dried buds exude scents of Afghani hashish with the taste of citrus supported by a Skunky richness. This plant manages to combine potency with some excellent yields.

Critical orange punch seeds

Critical Orange Punch is a feminized photoperiod seed variety, the first Dutch Passion strain based on outstanding Kritikal Bilbo genetics from Spain. The breeding began by crossing elite cuttings of Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud (Orange Punch). The result was a supreme smoke with great taste but below-average yields. When this was further crossed with an XXL yielding THC rich Critical, the yields were dramatically improved thanks to the Critical growth vigor. Critical Orange Punch has a rich skunky citrus taste and an Afghan-hash aroma along with a long lasting powerful euphoric high. It’s an easy, stable XXL yielding variety to grow. She grows easily under a wide range of nutrient/growing conditions reaching around 1.5m indoors, taking just 7-8 weeks to bloom with commercial yields of rock hard, sticky buds. It’s a perfect, potent and easy feminized seed variety for fast XXL harvests.

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Critical Orange Punch strain

Critical Orange Punch is a feminized photoperiod seed variety and is Dutch Passion’s first strain based on exceptional Critical Bilbo genetics from Spain. Breeding began by crossing elite cuttings of a Grandaddy Purps and an Orange Bud (Orange Punch). The result was an exquisite smoking experience with a wonderful flavor, but with below average yields. When this cross was further crossed with a THC-rich Critical with XXL yields, the yields were dramatically increased thanks to the growth vigor of the Critical.

The Critical Orange Punch strain has a skunky lemon flavor and an aroma of Afghan hash, combined with a long-lasting euphoric high. The cannabis plant is an easy to grow variety with stable XXL yields. It is easy to grow with a wide range of fertilizers or growing conditions and reaches around 1.5m in height in indoor grows and needs only 7-8 weeks to flower.

With the Critical Orange Punch strain, you can easily achieve commercial yields with rock-hard sticky buds. It is a perfect, strong and easy feminized seed variety for fast, huge yielding harvests. Under ideal conditions, indoor yields will exceed 600g/m2, while grown outdoors, the plant will perfectly realize its enormous potential with yields of up to 2,000g/plant!

We recommend you to use SCROG culture for indoor growing. With this growing method you are most likely to realize the extremely high yields. You should also defoliate regularly and remove the lower branches to get more fresh air through the dense foliage. This way you will ensure a constant, fresh supply of both oxygen and CO2.

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This cannabis hybrid guarantees you a pleasant and relaxing effect. Most smokers experience a happy, energetic and relaxed feeling with Critical Orange Punch Weed. Especially with the more sativa-oriented phenotypes, a particularly euphoric and uplifting high occurs. Critical Orange Punch is a good daytime smoke given the hybrid effect of the high. Some consumers also report a strong “body stone” with the more indica-dominant phenotypes. These often smell and taste a bit more earthy/hashishy. With this more Kush-dominant phenotype, the fruity note is less pronounced.