Dark grape cannabis seeds

Grape Smash Limited Edition Regular Seeds – 10

Grape Smash is a fusion of Grape Cola and Bitch Slap genetics boasting an outrageously fruity terpene profile. Its other qualities are its ease of cultivation, high yield potential and very high THC production.

Get your carbon filters checked over before planting this strain indoors, you’ll need them! Grape Smash can be grown outdoors as well although indoors would be the best bet in anywhere but warm (Mediterranean type) climates as the flowering time indoors can take up to 10 – 11 weeks although the fastest-finishing ones will be ready in about 8 weeks. Plants display some beautiful light and dark shades of purple.

The fruity terpenes mentioned above include scents and flavours of sweet berries, grapefruit, petrol and candy. THC levels go very high and are in the range 23 – 28%. A warning to novice smokers, this is a heavily sedative strain with mind-bending properties the consumption of which during the day-time may be too much! Restricting this strain to evening use is therefore strongly recommended.


Grape Juice is an Indica-dominant premium feminized cannabis seed, whose main distinguishing quality is a strongly marked grape juice aroma, accompanied by an impressive production of resin trichomes. This Indica queen in a sumptuous purple dress has more than one trick up her sleeve to seduce you . Remember, Purple Candy Rain!

Grape Juice is a cannabis strain that is none other than the worthy heir to the genetic heritage coming from Purple Punch and Grape Soda. Grape Juice produces fairly stocky, compact, bush-shaped plants with extremely short internodal spacing. Like many ‘Purple’ cannabis hybrids, it takes on a beautiful purple color during the second half of flowering. Grape Juice is a variety whose beauty is fascinating and pleasing to the eye, because the visual contrast of its rather dark purple / ruby ??color with the abundant production of overlapping white resin is a wonderful effect! It gives off a sweet and delicious fruity scent, totally captivating!

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During cultivation, Grape Juice offers an acceptable yield, although it must be said that it is not the most productive variety in the catalog (up to 400g / m2 indoors and up to 1000g / plant outdoors). Its real added value is undoubtedly represented by the ultra-premium quality of its flowers. These have a fairly round shape, similar to that of a golf ball and are literally covered with a thick layer of resin, so much so that it seems that they have been dusted with powdered sugar as if it were a freshly baked cake.

Grape Juice is a hybrid whose aromatic and taste characteristics can be defined simply as masterful, with the presence of sweet and intense notes reminiscent of a classic berry candy and which cause an immediate mouth water and an irrepressible desire to taste it. Delicious!

Grape Juice produces sensations in the purest Indica style, ergo a powerful relaxing, calming, totally physical effect that invites you to pleasant moments of relaxation. Grape Juice proves to be an excellent option to unplug after a hard day at work or for your intimate moments of relaxation, at the pace of your desires. A cannabis hybrid with incomparable Indica virtues .

Grape Juice is a cannabis plant that will offer ‘premium’ results to growers of all skill levels. You just have to make sure you keep a humidity level of no more than 60% during the last few weeks of flowering and give her pretty moderate fertilization.

Indica Dominance 85% Indica – 15% Sativa
Cross:Purple Punch x Grape Soda
Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor flowering 55-58 days
Indoor production 400g / m�
Outdoor harvest early-mid September
Outdoor yield 800-1000 g / plant
Outdoor height 2,5m
THC 18-23%
CBD low

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