Difference cannabis seeds feminized or regular blogs

Difference cannabis seeds feminized or regular blogs

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Feminized vs Regular Seeds

It is possible to buy both regular and feminized seeds on today’s cannabis seed market. But what is the difference? Many novices will pick one or the other without fully understanding why. Find out exactly what the difference is here, and how this difference will effect your grow and what you can do with your cannabis plants.

Regular seeds are completely pure and natural, they produce both male and female cannabis plants.

Feminized seeds are seeds from cannabis plants that have been treated a particular way. This results in seeds that only produce females.

It was the Dutch seed bank “Dutch Passion” that first introduced feminized seeds to the market in 1998; by doing this they started a revolution in the way cannabis seeds are bred. On today’s market, almost every seed bank has feminized cannabis seeds within their product range, with many seed banks going as far as to only sell feminized seeds. The reason for this is clear – most cannabis growers are not interested in breeding, they simply want to produce as much high quality marijuana as they possibly can; this means they are only interested in cultivating female cannabis plants. Buying feminized cannabis seeds saves a lot of time and frustration, there is nothing worse than growing your cannabis crop to fruition to find that half of them are male plants when all you want are the female.

Upon their introduction to the market, the quality of feminized seeds came under heavy criticism for producing a high proportion of hermaphrodite cannabis plants. However, over time feminized seeds and the methods used to produce them have been refined down to an art. The quality of feminized marijuana seeds on today’s market is drastically higher, with the production of hermaphrodite plants due to genetics being very rare – unless you buy from a rubbish seed bank.

When feminized seeds were introduced into the European markets in 1998, the nature of the market completely shifted from regular to feminized seed. Today over 95% of the European market share belongs to feminized seeds. In the USA this is yet to be the case; regular seeds still hold a large proportion of the market share.

For the great majority of growers, feminized seeds are going to be the best choice when it comes to choosing seeds. They produce great weed without the stress of having to deal with male plants. However, more “die hard”, traditional cultivators will favor the use of regular seeds. Sometimes this is because they feel it is a matter of principle, that they don’t want to use seeds that have been “tampered” with; much in the same way organic cultivators will not use any chemical additives, as they want their marijuana to grow as nature intended. Other times it is for more practical reasons.

Advanced cannabis cultivators like to produce their own seeds and create their own hybrids, to do this you will need a mix of male and female plants. This is because you need to mix male pollen with female flowers to produce new strains and seeds – so the use of regular seeds is required. It could be said for this reason that the shift in the market towards feminized seeds is dangerous to the cannabis community; as it makes it hard for cannabis growers to experiment, and dissuades newer growers from creating their own strains. This means if the seed bank you use only sells feminized seeds then there is no potential for you to cross their strains. Fortunately, there are some seed banks out there that realize this and still sell regular seeds – it is an important thing to do in order to keep the world of cannabis in the hands of the growers. We highly recommend the use of feminized seeds, especially for novice cultivators; but don’t be afraid to experiment with regular seeds every now and then.

Regular Seeds: Explaining The Benefits

Regular seeds or feminized strains: which are better? When picking the best cannabis seeds for a next grow, deciding on whether to grow feminized or regular (non-feminized) weed seeds is an important step. Feminized seeds have their advantages, but so do non-feminized ones. So how do you know what’s best for your situation? Our grow expert Nibameca shares his personal insights and experience to explain the benefits of regular cannabis seeds.


Looking for genuine first-hand grow expertise, sleeves rolled up and boots in the mud? You’ll find plenty in our Nibameca blogs & grow guides ! Ever since discovering our White Choco genetics, this cannaboss refuses to leave our AG grow program – and rightly so. This veteran grower is all about top quality, innovation and sustainability in indoor grow projects. Our personal Amsterdam Genetics Grow Guru shares his experience with you to make the most out of every weed seed you plant! More About Nibameca

Feminized Or Regular Seeds: An Important Distinction

Alright, regular seeds; let’s start with the basics. As goes for many species, cannabis is subject to the story of the flowers and the bees. Well, actually, we can skip the bees, because cannabis reproduces by direct pollination of a female plant by a male one without relying on pollinating insects. Males produce pollen; females use it to grow seeds to spawn the next generation. Cannabis is what we call a dioecious plant, involving two sexes making babies together. This is how it’s been done since forever, but if you’re just looking to grow weed, you’ll actually need only female plant to get there. That’s because the ladies are the only ones to sprout those lovely flower buds to which we humans love to help ourselves. You’d almost think males were no use at all. Well, my dear male growers, just ask your girlfriend or wife: she’ll probably tell you it’s true.

And yet, male cannabis plants are absolutely crucial. Without males, there’d be no pollen; and without pollen, there would be no new generation for next year’s season. However, cultivating five female plants in the presence of even a single male specimen can accidentally prompt all your girls to produce seeds. That means you can kiss your harvest goodbye, because the buds will not grow anywhere near as big, with less trichomes to boot. Bad news for you. Basically, growers (as well as smokers) want their female flower buds sinsemilla, which is Spanish for ‘without seeds’. Once you know that, you start to wonder why anyone would want to buy regular seeds. In contrast to feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds will include on average some 50% male specimens. Nobody want that around in their garden or grow tent, right?

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Why Grow Regular Seeds?

You probably felt this one coming: wrong. Male plants definitely have their uses; including for you as a grower. That goes well beyond their natural means of reproduction, too. Male plant give you the chance to cook up your own unique crossbreeds. Highly interesting for the experimentally inclined. But regular seeds don’t grow to become male plants by default. Naturally, about half of them become females, just like with human babies of course. You just don’t know in advance. Genetically, non-feminized regular seed are slightly different from their feminized counterparts. That can work to your advantage in the right circumstances. Regular seeds are less likely to become hermaphrodites when stressed, for one. I’ll tell you more about the pros below. First, though, we return to feminized cannabis seeds: what the big difference?

Feminized Weed Seeds: Pure Girl Power

Feminized cannabis seeds are easy to grow, and can be used at just about any scale of operation. After all, they are bound to produce lovely female plants, with minimal chances of one developing into a male specimen. Insiders claim that plants grown from regular seeds are stronger and more robust, but that is nearly impossible to prove. Nonetheless, there are reasons for growing regular seeds and picking out the male specimens.

After all, it was how everyone did it some twenty years back, and let’s face it: it’s not exactly rocket science.

Telling The Difference Between Feminized And Regular Seeds

Let me explain how to spot the differences. Believe me: it’s dead simple.

Female Plants:

Female plants are identifiable by the teardrop-shaped calyxes growing from the plant’s axils, sprouting two white hairs each.

The female cannabis plant and her calyxes.

Male Plants:

Male weed plants first show their gender at the nodes. Male cannabis will develop strings of tiny balls roughly the size of a cannabis seed from their nodes.

Male cannabis plant with emerging pollen sacs.

Timing: When Can You Tell Male From Female Cannabis Plants?

So there you have it: telling males from females is that simple. The one thing to keep in mind is timing. Just get rid of the males as soon as you see their sex characteristics emerge. It sounds harsh, and in fact it is; but you really want to act before giving pollination a chance. Once that happens, there’s no going back. Male and female sex characteristics become apparent as the vegetative stage of the cannabis life cycle ends, making way for the flowering stage. Exact timing varies between strains, but they usually start to show some four to six weeks into the growth stage. Have you switched your lighting to 12/12 yet? Better keep your eyes peeled!

Male plants with pollen: if you see this, you’re too late…

Emancipation? The Rise Of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds caused quite a stir when they first hit the market. In fact, they became a real craze. That was because feminized seeds make a grower’s job a lot easier. After all, feminized seeds remove the need to select only female plants to fill your grow room. Moreover, feminized genetics abolish the need to grow extra plants since all seeds produce female specimens, and that means ganja.

Soon after their introduction, nearly all seedbanks switched to feminized seeds. These days, the majority of all seeds sold are feminized. That’s fabulous for growers like you and me, but it’s great for breeders too. That’s because feminized weed seeds are harder to clone than regular ones, protecting against copycats running off with their carefully developed strains.

The Advantages Of Regular Seeds

Okay, so as promised, I’ll now list the main advantages regular seeds give you as a grower.

Never Grow Hermaphrodites Again

Provided you take enough samples, regular seeds produce 50% male plants and 50% females. The female plants are genuinely 100% female, without containing any male DNA. Regular seeds will rarely , if ever, produce hermaphrodite plants, that’s a fact. Since feminized seeds are made using at least one hermaphrodite plant as a parent, they run a much bigger chance of going ‘herma’ than regular seeds do. You’ll notice that when you stress your plants by pruning them. Techniques like topping, fimming, lollypopping, or defoliation are all sources of stress for plants. In response to such stress, weed plants grown from feminized seeds may grow into hermaphrodites, producing male flowers eventually. That chance is reduced dramatically if you grow weed from regular seeds: that’s a big fat plus, then!

Your Own Creation From Regular Seeds

Creating your very own strain also requires regular seeds. That’s because regular seeds give us the male plants we need to make the process work. Crossbreeding two individual strains of cannabis allows you to combine the desired properties of each individual strain. That way, you can develop your very own strain and improve on what you already had. And for the thrifty growers among us: if you want, you can grow your own free plant to produce new seeds. It’ll have to be pollinated to make that work, though: be sure to do it in an isolated room, sealed off from any of your harvestable plants.

Regular Critical Mass Regular Amnesia Haze

So, Feminized Or Regular ?

So there you have it. You probably get it by now. If you know what distinguishes feminized plants from regular ones, you expand your options for future grow projects. Both varieties have their own distinct pros and cons, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

Personally, I have become a big fan of regular seeds over my years spent growing weed. I frequently use regular seeds to grow strong, healthy mother plants. I take new cuttings, or spruces, from those mother plants to fill my grow room with 100% female plants that yield staggering results.

If you’ve grown curious about the regular seeds in the Amsterdam Genetics range, then go right ahead: check our sensational Critical Mass Regular and Amnesia Haze Regular seeds and start growing yours today!

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The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds are exclusively sold as collectable souvenirs to customers living in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to incentivize people to engage in illegal activities.

The difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds – Which should you grow?

With the general hype surrounding the relatively recent developments of feminized and autoflowering seeds, you’d be forgiven for maybe thinking that regular cannabis seeds are somehow less exciting. You’d also be wrong. Regular seeds contain endless possibilities for growers to experiment with.

In the beginning of Sensi Seeds, and therefore the European cannabis seed industry, a seed was a seed. Now, we use the name ‘regular cannabis seeds’ to distinguish the originals from feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Both of these types are relatively recent developments when you consider that cannabis has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years.

Regular cannabis seeds are produced when a male cannabis plant pollinates a female cannabis plant. Male pollen is released from ripe pollen sacs and blown by the wind (or carried by the careful hand of a breeder) until it finds the receptive stigmas in female flowers. Pollination results in hundreds, if not thousands, more regular cannabis seeds which will all in turn produce either male or female cannabis plants.

Can you see the difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds look exactly the same as regular cannabis seeds, whether male or female. But inside their modest brown husks there’s a crucial difference. Feminized cannabis seeds lack male chromosomes, whereas regular cannabis seeds contain the full complement of genetics that enable them to be either male or female.

This is also why feminized seeds must always be referred to by that name – they aren’t truly female, and therefore cannot be sold as such. Watch out for seeds described as ‘100% female’, as this is nothing more than a marketing ploy!

The main advantage for growers who choose feminized cannabis seeds is that they don’t have to identify or remove male plants which would cause pollination. Unless the gardener desires more seeds, rather than buds, this is an essential part of the cultivation process.

Automatic, or autoflowering, cannabis seeds are even easier. Not only are they feminized, they do not rely on a change in lighting cycles to trigger flowering. So what are the advantages of regular cannabis seeds?

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What are regular cannabis seeds used for?

There are two main purposes for regular cannabis seeds, aside from the usual and most common one of simply growing buds.

  1. The first is breeding. Selective crossings of one cultivar with another has been taking place since the earliest days of agriculture, with all types of plant life. Sometimes this is to maximise the yield of whatever crop the plant produces which is desired by the people growing it; sometimes it’s just for fun and experimentation.

Whatever the intention of the breeding is, it’s best to begin with all the genetic material in order to give the new cross the best possible chance of success, rather than missing the chromosomes that are absent in feminized cannabis seeds.

  1. The second use for regular cannabis seeds is the one that was, before the advent of feminized seeds, most commonly used to produce crops of uniform cannabis plants without any males among them. This technique is called cloning. Just as with breeding, it’s best done with plants that have their full set of chromosomes, and all the robust qualities that go with that.

From a crop grown from regular cannabis seeds, the best female plants are selected to become ‘mothers’ – so called because with loving care, they can produce potentially hundreds of ‘children’ over the space of several years. The clones that are taken from these mother plants are tiny replicas down to the last scrap of genetic material – including their female sex.

Why do Sensi Seeds still produce regular cannabis seeds?

There are many seedbanks which only carry feminized cannabis seeds. This has become more common as seedbanks themselves have become more common. With the growing awareness (pun intended) of the advantages of feminized seeds, the question of why Sensi Seeds still carries regular cannabis seeds is quite a reasonable one!

The overall answer is simple, and one which anyone familiar with Sensi Seeds will probably have heard before: we want to bring the joy of cannabis to as many people as possible. That’s not limited to simply selling seeds.

We’re confident in our genetics, we’re confident in our service, and we’re confident in our customers. That means giving everyone the broadest range of options possible. This could be taking the simplest route to a crop of buds, which for most people is automatic seeds. But it could be experimenting with creating a unique cross of their very own, using our genetics as the building blocks.

We have quite often been asked if it’s possible to do all the things that can be done with regular cannabis seeds using feminized seeds.

The short answer is, you can try. There’s no reason you shouldn’t attempt to breed, or create a mother plant, using feminized cannabis seeds. However, it’s our firm belief that these practices are more likely to succeed using plants grown from regular cannabis seeds.

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Tell us what you think

Have you experimented with regular cannabis seeds? Do you think feminized cannabis seeds are a boon to the grower? Would you be sad to see regular cannabis seeds leave our selection, or do you think they are a thing of the past? Let us know in the comments!

Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


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I’m a newbie at this – and I’m growing a few different plants.
I am having a blast with all of this fun stuff –
I didn’t know anything about seeds females/ males or feminized and auto flowering until this year.
But I am really enjoying this adventure.
I really like and appreciate your posts and blog for learning new things about all of the different seeds and processing/ cultivation. You have given me some good info and great explanations on the differences between regular and all other seeds – which is definitely good info for a newbie thank you

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Thanks for your comment and your feedback.

I’m so pleased you are finding the blog educational, and having a blast learning!

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Good day hooter heads from around the world from Australia,due to the economic climate from covd & most govt recognising the money in pot,we won’t have to go to such length,s sneaking about like outcasts,the med uses for this versatile plant have saved the day,the war on drugs is a hoax,if it wasn’t the hard drug crops Afghan, Thailand opium would of been eradicated,like south America,s coke industry..I think govt,big corp are scammers.

I like feminized seeds but I have used regular seeds and they both grow just as well and have the same potency. Some people like feminized over regular seeds but it doesn’t make a difference except that you might get a male instead of a female but you can use that male to get hundreds more seeds and cross breed them with other plants and get different types of plants. Thank You.

For breeding for the rare Cannabinoids you really need to use selfing like is used for feminized seed production. I speak from experience being the very first to commercialize using STS, I did not make and sell feminized seeds I bred varieties that had a single Cannabinoid, for each of the less common Cannabinoids, like CBC, CBG, THCV, CBDV, CBCV, CBGV each in very high amounts and with close to zero other Cannabinoids. This can not be done with regular seed breeding. And male genes as found in regular seeds do not produce better plants for growing or breeding, I think maybe you do not understand plant genetics for Cannabis which is a Dioecious obligate outcrosser.

Why no mention of hermaphroditism? That is not only How you breed then but ultimately also the biggest flaw and why producing fems is really polluting the gene pool.

Hermaphroditism should be a recissive gene, but your breeding requires it to be a dominant trait. It’s like finding people with dodgy heart conditions or baldness (typical recessive traits that can skip generations) breeding them so everyone goes bald and has a bad heart.

But hey the market wants what the market so u gotta sell what people buy.

This article is intended for our readers who are new to cannabis seeds and, as the title says, focuses on the difference in results rather than the difference in the techniques that produce the seeds. In previous decades, creating feminized seeds was indeed reliant on finding lines with pronounced hermaphroditic tendencies, but thanks to improvements in breeding technology this is no longer the case.

With best wishes,

Improvements? like what? using silverfiosulphate instead of gibberalic acid?

Im not familiar with this “new” technique that does not require one parent to be hermaphrodite….I read arjens blog but that explains even less.

what exactly is this new technique? how does one create fem seeds without hermies?

FYI selecting strains more resistant to hermie, that require excessive amounts of stress to turn, is not new.

No. the disparition of regular seeds would be a disaster and I don’t understand the Auto flowering for me it’s a non sense, it is my personal opinion.

Fear not, we have no intention of removing regular seeds from our catalogue; they are the backbone of our gene library! Regarding our autoflowering strains, they are of great benefit to people who have limited resources in terms of time, energy, experience, and / or space, for whom cultivating regular or even feminized seeds would be out of reach.

With best wishes,

why dont you sell seeds in Canada.

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, legal restrictions on exporting cannabis seeds mean that they cannot be sent to Canada; we wish it wasn’t so, but it is!

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I believe regular seeds Are The seeds. Feminidad and autoflowering Are productos Or decides to Get Buds.
My blessings to tour effort and hope one Day I Will ser My seed baño with My full range Of seeds. We need The cannacopea.

I to agree with the good parts of regular seeds. Also your buds are generally bigger too. Once you have a selection of females it’s time to CLONE!! More fun !
Then one more fun thing is to develop your own breed! Cross your favorite.
I’m just sad you don’t sell to the U.S.. If you change your mind if like to show you some of my cross breeding. And to acquire more seed stocks. Having fun is most important.

Thank you for your comment We wish that our seeds could be sent to the US, but legal restrictions prevent this – as soon as this situation changes, our policies will change too! In the meantime, I hope that you continue to enjoy the blog.

With best wishes,

Long Live Regular Photo Period Seeds.

Did I catch a recommendation to use only reg seeds for a Mother? Please explain. Ive been growing out a FPOG Mother from fem seeds. Will she clone out ok?

Thanks Y’all. 1LUV

Unfortunately, legal restrictions mean we can’t answer grow related questions or give grow advice on this blog. However, we do have the Sensi Seeds Forum where you can ask questions and share your experiences with a thriving community of cannabis and gardening enthusiasts, so please don’t hesitate to join the community!

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I can’t comment as I’m new to all this but just wanted to say I’m really enjoying reading the e mails that come through to me to help me learn in my journey so they aren’t a waste off time, keep them coming ❤️

Thanks for your comment, I hope you continue to enjoy the newsletter emails and the blog! If you haven’t yet discovered the Sensi Seeds Forum , you can visit it to ask questions and share your experiences with a thriving community of cannabis and gardening enthusiasts, so please don’t hesitate to join the community!