Do birds eat cannabis seeds

How cannabis seeds in bird feed may threaten growers’ crops

Have you ever considered what seeds you are feeding the birds in your beautiful bird feeder that hangs at the end of your garden? Some of those seeds could be compromising the four plants that you can grow legally for yourself, and here we’re going to help you out by explaining why.

What seeds are you feeding the birds?

Next time you buy your birdseed, check on the types of ingredients that make up that premium bag of feed. A favourite seed of many birds is the hemp seed. Although not a seed, it is a nut. It’s high in fat content, which is why this seed is extremely attractive to the bird’s taste palate. Birdseed producers add to the seed mix. Non-viable heat-treated hemp seed is inserted into the birdseed mix. The issue is that not all of the seeds get the full treatment to deactivate them.

So although your intentions were good in filling that bird seeder for the different birds in your neighbourhood, your carefully planted cannabis plants have perhaps been compromised by the cannabis seeds in the bird food. The cannabis seeds are not the only seeds that will sprout from the birds discarded the seeds while eating. Some of the seeds that grow from the wild bird seed can produce a hemp plant.

Male plants will adversely affect the four female plants you have carefully grown. The male plant pollinates the female plant and thus results in the abundance of seeds, which turns your plant into a hermaphrodite. Your wild bird food is perhaps not a good thing for the cannabis farmer.

All growers look for the best and high THC content from their plants, so planting the female is of utter importance. The plants that have grown from the bird food sprouting will not be an enjoyable smoking experience. THC levels will be too low.

How to prevent your bird seed from sprouting

There is not much you can do about your neighbor’s bird feeders. However, there are means to help stop the bird feeders that you have around your yard from contributing to stray males in the neighbourhood. To prevent sprouting of the birdseed, you need to sterilize the birdseed. You can microwave or bake the seeds to help achieve this.

Sterilizing wild bird seed

  • Oven
  • Cookie sheet
  • Airtight glass storage jar

Place the evenly spread birdseed on the cookie sheet.

Put the seed in an oven that’s been preheated to 140 F for 9 minutes.

Remove the seed from the oven, and then let them cool before you store in a dry airtight glass jar.

The microwave method

  • Paper bag
  • Microwave
  • Airtight glass jar

Place the birdseed in a paper bag and in a microwave on high for 6 minutes.

Remove from bag allow the seed to cool and then store it in an airtight glass jar.

Sprouting is not the only means that male cannabis plants can be in your neighbourhood. Bird planters throughout the neighbourhood feed the birds, and the birds will do as they wish as they dispel the seeds. These plants germinate, and soon you could be contributing to the abundance of male plants that are now doing the same thing, by sprouting and affecting your female plants.

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So, although everything in nature deserves to grow just like the weed plant, perhaps providing food for the birds needs to be done with sterilized bird food.

Growing Marijuana- Tips and tricks to maintain a healthy plant

Growing marijuana can be a rewarding experience for both beginner and experienced cultivators but knowing some of the basics can help with success.

How To Stop Birds From Hanging Around Your Cannabis Plants

Birds hanging around your cannabis plants are not necessarily a bad thing. They help get rid of pests such as bugs, worms, and caterpillars. But if you’re growing to preserve seeds, birds can become a major threat as they love nothing more than cannabis seeds. Find out how to prevent the plight of stolen seeds.

If you’re spotting birds around your cannabis plants, you don’t need to panic. They may even be helping to keep your plants healthy. Birds are natural predators who love eating common cannabis pests such as caterpillars, bugs, worms, and snails. On the other hand, you do need to worry about birds if you’re growing cannabis and you’re planning to preserve seeds.

This is because, aside from taking a liking to worms and other bugs, birds unfortunately love nothing more than eating seeds. What’s worse, some birds absolutely love cannabis seeds and prefer them over any other kind. So, if you want to keep your seeds but birds are becoming a problem, you need to take appropriate action. Here is how you can stop birds from hanging around your cannabis plants!


Birdfeed almost always contains hemp seeds. Why? Because most birds you can spot in the wild really love them. Among the list of cannabis-loving birds are pigeons, doves, magpies, tree sparrows or starlings, and many other game birds. But your seeds are also a favourite among woodpeckers, nuthatches, English sparrows, and others still. Now, unless you’re an experienced bird watcher, you may not be able to identify birds when you see them. If you’re unsure, you can just assume that the birds you’re seeing are likely also very interested in your cannabis seeds.


Again, for most home-growers, birds shouldn’t be a huge problem. But for breeders, birds are a threat to precious seeds.

There are a few ways you will be able to tell that you have a bird problem. Some birds will boldy pluck the seeds from your plants before your very eyes. Other times, you may notice a seed shortage, but no sight of the culprit. Even without the visual clarification, it’s still likely that birds are pillaging your plants.

Bird poop near your plants is also a sure sign that birds are behind the seed theft, and that they’ll probably come back in the near future.


Before you do anything to deter birds, make sure that birds are actually the perpetrators. After all, the less attention you attract to your plants, the better. For example, putting up a scarecrow may well be a good way to scare off birds, but it can also reveal your growing location. Think about the possible implications first before you take action.

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Ever since people started sowing and growing crops, they’ve had to deal with annoying birds eating their seeds. And just like farmers have done for millennia, you could put up a scarecrow to keep the flying pests in check. Your scarecrow doesn’t need to be too elaborate. All you need are some old clothes or rags, some wooden sticks, a hammer, and a bunch of nails. Position your scarecrow near or within your crop for an effective bird deterrent.

You can also put up a bunch of reflective objects in your growing area. Think about CDs, tin cans, and other shiny and reflective things. You can tie them to and hang them off trees or wooden stakes. The more reflective items you place in your growing area, the better. Hardware stores may also carry special reflective decoys in the shape of large owls or cats to help keep birds away.

If you can’t scare the birds off, look into bird netting. The nets will form a physical barrier so that they cannot get to your precious plants. These nets can also help keep other pests away.

Put up a birdfeeder as an attractive distraction for the birds. The idea here is that they go to the feeder instead of your plants. This can work as well, but make sure that the bird feeder isn’t too close to your cannabis plants. Otherwise, you may just attract even more birds to your growing area. Place the feeder some distance away from your crop.


No matter what you do to keep birds away from your plants, think about the potential risks for your growing location. Some methods may be better suited than others if you want to keep your grow on the down-low.

Wild Cannabis Theory. Use the Birds

So birds shit on your car right? But, when they drop it on the ground, the seeds that they eat are said to sprout. Also, some uses for hemp seeds were for bird food. Put two and two together and you could possibly get wild cannabis. If it were to work out (the birds eat your seeds, digest them,send ’em flying into the ground surrounded in bird fertilizer, and they sprout), your city could see a couple free growing marijuana, maybe it’ll even land infront of the courthouse!!

How Yall Like It?? Not a lot of us have plantations of seeded weed to get enough to feed birds, but I feel it could work.

Pipe Dream
Well-Known Member

all well and good except for the fact we don’t like males. The males would pollinate cultivated plants from other growers so I wouldn’t do it. Unless their female seeds

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Shh don’t tell the cops that growing hemp to save the worlds energy and hunger needs for ever, and fuck up all the good shit for us too.

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becides you can get hemp seed by the pound, might speed up your experiment. and i’ll stop testing my pellet rifle.


that would work and has. just like if you inject an apple with psilocibe cubensis and after it shits that shit will become colonized and grow shrooms.

i dont think birds digestive system dissolves the seed. so im sure that would work

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Try hemp seeds first. Put thousands of hemp seeds out for the birds and then in 6 months see if you get any hemp growing. It resembles marijuana.


maaaan atleast feed them some decent brickweed seeds. ;. hemp wont get you high. if you buy a few oz of some mexi brick you will have thousands of seeds forsure hundreds.

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Resin, the bird seed imported into the United States does contain hemp seed (Cannabis sativa), but federal regulations state that it must be sterilized. Of course nothing is foolproof so a few might sprout.


Resin, the bird seed imported into the United States does contain hemp seed (Cannabis sativa), but federal regulations state that it must be sterilized. Of course nothing is foolproof so a few might sprout.

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Do you ass clowns even know how a bird eats seeds? Gimme some of that smoke

Hint #1: Seed eating birds crack the shell and eat the goodies inside. Which are soft.

Hint #2: Big fruit eating birds shit out seeds. The seeds inside the fruit are hard.

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I’m glad to see everyone like’s my idea. BUt, hotwired, i see were your goin. i kinda want to try this out anyway. All the birds hang out around my house so hopefully they’d shit in my back yard. But, who wants the cops to show up for plants you didn’t know you had.

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Do you ass clowns even know how a bird eats seeds? Gimme some of that smoke

Hint #1: Seed eating birds crack the shell and eat the goodies inside. Which are soft.

Hint #2: Big fruit eating birds shit out seeds. The seeds inside the fruit are hard.

Hehe, Hotwired is right. The seeds that get carried by birds are usually from berries. If the birds are interested in the seeds themselves it is no good.
Smaller birds will crack it but larger ones will swallow it whole if the seed is in something else they want to eat. Try rolling bread tightly around hemp seeds and feed these to ducks. Maybe mix it in with some scraps and feed it to local cats or your neighbors dog.
If I wanted to propagate seeds, I would broadcast them by filling balloons with seeds and helium and taping a cigarette or slowmatch to them. Release them over parks and secluded areas so they can grow and produce more seeds which will be spread by animals and start a potentially large population if timed and placed well. Hell you could launch a payload of seeds with a cheap model rocket and accurately target the courthouse lawn.