Dutch cannabis seed starter kit

Growing Marijuana: Cannabis Starter Kit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

As part of a Rail Europe Trip, I decided to check out Amsterdam in the Netherlands for a while because Amsterdam was always a place that I wanted to visit – as I wanted to see an example of Dutch Liberalism that is world famous.

As part of that liberal free thinking, I spotted some Cannabis Starter Kits for Growing Marijuana at the very touristy but interesting Amsterdam Flower Market!

Here is a photo I took of some starter seed kits when I was walking around Amsterdam! Out there for the world to see!

Growing Marijuana: Easy With a Cannabis Starter Kit!

Ironically, weed isn’t technically legal in the Netherlands. However, it is decriminalised, meaning that you can’t be thrown in jail for smoking or ingesting the stuff (unlike it just being tolerated in Nimbin, Australia). The punishment is like the equivalent of a parking fine, so owning, growing and smoking marijuana is technically a civil offence (and not a criminal one).

However, marijuana is highly tolerated in the Netherlands, and is freely available in one of the many “Coffee Shops” that are littered around Amsterdam.

When I was walking around this great city, I don’t think I have ever smelt so much weed in my entire life. At first, I wondered if the liberal weed laws had anything to do with the prominence of the very unhealthy fast food called Febo, as this type of ‘nutrition’ is easily accessible for anyone with a severe attack of the munchies!

Oh well. Obviously, this liberal acceptance of marijuana is not found in most other countries – so you can’t exactly bring this stuff back home in you backpack and expect to get away with it!

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Dutch Cannabis seed starter kit for sale at Flower Market in Amsterdam, Holland

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