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What’s Etsy Policy on CBD and Marijuana?

It’s no secret that the marijuana industry has well and truly boomed over recent years, with 2018 being the most significant year to date for the plant. Across America alone, there are now ten states that allow for the recreational use of cannabis, with a further 33 states allowing for cannabis use medicinally.

When it comes to CBD, the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, we have seen sales rise considerably, with the hemp CBD market looking to triple by 2022! With this rise in popularity, it is no wonder that online sales have shot up, with more people looking for ways to make money, and gain access to high-quality produce.

So what do you need to know if you are looking to sell cannabis or CBD online? Today we are going to be focusing on the popular global marketplace known as Etsy, and what you need to know if you are looking to sell or buy either cannabis or CBD on this selling platform.

Who are Etsy?

Etsy is an online selling platform driven towards community and putting personalization back into exchanges. From the weird and wonderful to vintage classics, Etsy is the online home to thousands of independent businesses, sellers and companies looking to share their passion with interested buyers.

Considered to be more of a community than a nameless selling platform, Etsy has some strong ethics that most users would appreciate when it comes to handling financial deals. It is perhaps due to Etsy’s strong reputation that many people who are looking to get access to CBD or cannabis may take to this site for high-quality and trustworthy products.

Are Cannabis and CBD Permitted for Sale on Etsy?

The short answer to this would be no. However, if you are looking to sell CBD or cannabis online, you may want to read up on why Etsy is currently not permitting the sale of these substances at this moment.

Etsy is up there as one of the most ethical with its policies and terms of use, and in this case, it is their policy on controlled substances such as narcotics, steroids and indeed cannabidiol (CBD) or marijuana.

The website states that they prohibit certain substances on their site, based on varying laws and regulations associated with them. Although this is subject to change in line with changes in law for the time being, these are the facts around the sale of CBD or marijuana on Etsy:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia and medical drugs, are prohibited on Etsy.
  • These substances face serious legal restrictions and in many cases are considered controlled substances under applicable law.
  • This policy also is applied to other substances deemed to be intoxicating or are claimed to have healing effects.
  • Legalities aside, Etsy’s ethics do not line up with these types of products being sold on their platform.
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What Does This Mean for Sellers?

Etsy makes their stance on the sale of cannabis or CBD pretty clear in their website policies; however, if you are already posting products on Etsy that are for sale, or intend to do so, this is what you need to know:

  • The sale of CBD or cannabis, along with other prohibited substances is banned and will be removed from the website by the administration. This means that although you may be able to get your product up onto the platform for sale, it will be removed. This also goes for those looking to buy cannabis or CBD on Etsy and should bear this in mind when parting with money for a product you have seen for sale.
  • Anyone selling either marijuana or CBD on Etsy will lose their listing fees, and these are non-refundable
  • Etsy has the rights to suspend or terminate your account if you are violating their policies.
  • Etsy can remove a listing at any time, regardless of where it is up to in the selling process.

Round-Up: Think Twice Before Selling CBD or Cannabis on Etsy

While many sites offer reputable CBD products online, Etsy is not currently one of them, and due to their ethical standpoint aren’t looking to become one any time soon. For those looking to sell their CBD or cannabis, we recommend looking into alternative methods and checking all laws for your state before doing so.

Hopefully this has shed some light on the CBD and cannabis policies on Etsy, however, if you have any queries, please leave them in the comments below!

What To Do With Your Spare Weed Seeds

If you find seeds in your cannabis and were wondering what to do with them, you should know that you have quite a few options.

Ever find seeds in your cannabis and find yourself wondering what to do with weed seeds? When you buy a bag of weed from a competent grower, you should be getting sinsemilla, which is seedless clusters of cannabis flowers from female plants that have been protected from being pollinated. When female plants are not pollinated, they continue to grow more and more flowers, sticky with resin and potent in cannabinoids.

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But if female plants are pollinated because there are male or hermaphrodite plants growing nearby, the flowers will contain seeds. You’ll want to separate the seeds from the herb before you smoke. The burning seeds have an unpleasant acrid taste, and won’t get you high anyway. So what can you do with marijuana seeds?

What Can You Do With Marijuana Seeds?

What to do with weed seeds depends somewhat on how many you have. If you only have a few seeds, you might consider planting them and trying your hand at growing pot. Cannabis cultivation can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Many a master grower got their start by wondering what to do with weed seeds they had laying around.

If you have a lot of heavily seeded pot or have been collecting cannabis seeds for a while, you might have a source of food for yourself, or perhaps even your furry or feathered friends. And if smoking pot gets your creative juices flowing, another answer to what to do with weed seeds is use them as a fun new artistic medium.

Weed Seeds Uses #1: New Plants

What can you do with marijuana seeds? Plant them, of course! All flora that produce seeds do so in order to create the next generation of plants, and cannabis is no exception. If you give your seeds the right environmental conditions including moisture and temperature, they will germinate, or sprout, and begin to grow. Nurturing young plants with the proper light, water, and nutrients will allow them to grow to a size suitable for flowering.

When the nighttime period of darkness gets long enough, either through the change of seasons outdoors or by adjusting the on/off light cycle in a grow room, the plants you started from seed will begin to flower. If you observe your plants closely, you’ll be able to determine which are female and which are male. Unless you want to produce seed, remove all male plants as you identify them. A couple more months of diligent care, and you will be ready to harvest your own free weed! All because you wondered what to do with weed seeds left in the bottom of a baggie.

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Weed Seeds Uses #2: A Tasty Snack

Some research suggests that humans have cultivated cannabis as a food source for millennia. Cannabis seeds are rich in healthy fats and have protein, all nine essential amino acids, potassium, iron, Vitamin A, and dietary fiber. The seeds also have zinc and magnesium and are naturally low in carbohydrates.

Whole pot seeds can be made into hemp milk by adding water and mixing well in a blender before straining. Whole seeds can also be eaten whole roasted or raw, but some find the shells unappetizing or difficult to digest.

Marijuana seeds can also be shelled and used as hemp hearts. To shell seeds, place as many as possible in one layer between two cutting boards. Tap the top board with a hammer just lightly enough to crack the shells without flattening the seeds. Place in a bucket of water and stir vigorously. The shells will float. Skim them off before straining and drying the hemp hearts.

Sprinkle hemp seeds over yogurt, salads, or oatmeal to add a mild nutty crunch that is packed with healthy nutrients.

Weed Seeds Uses #3: Animal Food

What can you do with marijuana seeds if you’re an animal lover? Share them with your bird and rodent friends! The nutrition found in weed seeds is good for more than just humans, so add some to the feed for pet birds, hamsters, mice, and rats. Or add them to an outdoor bird feeder as a treat for wild feathered friends.

Weed Seeds Uses #4: Be an Artist!

A recent visit to Etsy, the online marketplace for hand-crafted goods and art, revealed jewelry made from pot seeds suspended in acrylic for earrings, necklaces, and more. Pot seeds are also an interesting subject for photographers, particularly those who create macro images.

Marijuana seeds naturally come in a range of colors including white, cream, and green when they are immature. Fully mature seeds can be found in shades of tan, brown, and nearly black. An abundance of the full palette of colors could be the perfect medium for a 420-friendly mosaic for a patient and talented artist.

Usually, you won’t want to find yourself with a bunch of pot seeds. But if you do have a steady supply and are inclined to collect them, you can put the seeds to use in a variety of ways. Have you thought of any more?