Exotic Weed Seeds

Exotic Seed is a seedbank that combines decades of breeding knowledge to create superb cannabis seeds. Available at Zamnesia. Exotic Seeds combines the qualities of Dutch and Spanish genetics, creating unique and innovative cannabis seeds.

Exotic Seed

Exotic Seed is a seedbank that stands for quality and innovation, and is in no way a newcomer to the game. The breeding team at Exotic Seed boasts over 20 years of experience, and is the driving force behind the organisation, contributing with their creativity and mastery. Unparalleled motivation is combined with knowledge and skill to bring about the best cannabis seeds possible.

Herz OG Auto (Exotic Seed) feminized

Herz OG Auto is Exotic Seed’s autoflowering variant of the super potent Herz OG. Still quite strong in effect and with the same great aroma, it may be difficult to believe that she’s really an autoflower. Add to this her very good yields, and you have a winning strain!

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD (Exotic Seed) feminized

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD by Exotic Seed is an ideal strain for those seeking a quality source of CBD—up to 12% of it. As her THC level won’t ever exceed 1%, users can enjoy this strain without getting high. This uncomplicated CBD-rich cultivar grows fast, so you won’t have to wait long to harvest a delicious bounty of buds.

Herz OG (Exotic Seed) feminized

Herz OG by Exotic Seed is the first-ever strain collaboration between a seedbank and a German rapper. Herzog and Exotic Seed worked together closely to create this ultra-strong cross of Larry OG and Kosher Kush. This already award-winning combination excites smokers with a hard-hitting effect accompanied by tasty aromas.

Strawberry Cola Auto (Exotic Seed) feminized

Strawberry Cola Auto’s mouth-watering fruity and cola flavour notes, alongside a very relaxing effect, make for a highly enjoyable smoke. This autoflowering indica hybrid maintains a manageable size and grows easy and fast. Sweet-toothed growers of all levels need to crop this effervescent specimen post-haste!

Sir Jack Auto Pure CBD (Exotic Seed) feminized

Sir Jack Auto Pure CBD features THC levels of less than 1%. As she doesn’t get users high, she is a great strain for those who love Haze flavours but don’t really care about the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Malasana Cookies (Exotic Seed) feminized

Malasana Cookies by Exotic Seed is a very special hybrid. Combining Thin Mint GSC and Herz OG, this high-yielding and extremely resinous strain features a lot of THC, thus making you extremely baked. Her signature trait is definitely her outstanding aroma. She can’t really decide if she’s more on the lemon cookies or fresh lime side, but one thing is for sure — your palate will scream for.

Purple Shot (Exotic Seed) feminized

Breeders designed Purple Shot for one purpose: to bring peace and serenity to the mind. A few tokes of this indica cultivar and you’ll be craving some solitude and good music.

Sir Jack Auto (Exotic Seed) feminized

Sir Jack Auto is an autoflowering sativa/indica hybrid that can go toe-to-toe with the non-autoflowering Sir Jack in terms of resin production and yielding power, growing to a height of 120cm and yielding 500g/m2 on average. It retains the lemon zestiness of Sir Jack and packs a powerful punch with that relaxing, cerebral high.

Z & Z (Exotic Seed) feminized

Exotic Seed managed to improve upon the already stunning Zkittlez strain by crossing two phenomenal phenotypes of this cultivar. This way, they created the fruitiest variant of Zkittlez to date. Not only have the aroma and taste been refined, Z & Z is also a much more robust plant that churns out flowers in abundance.

Exotic Thai (Exotic Seed) feminized

Exotic Thai is a superb strain by Exotic Seed. A masterfully bred strain made to harness the full power and the experience of sativa strains while still keeping desirable growing traits associated with indicas. The parent strains of Exotic Thai are the potent Thai Sativa landrace and the famous NYC Diesel.

Mango Cream (Exotic Seed) feminized

Mango Cream is an indica-dominant hybrid strain by Exotic Seed. It’s bursting with flavour, sporting a citrusy aroma with fruity undertones, with some phenotypes even exuding a slight skunky smell. It is a robust plant with obvious Indica-style growing traits. The buds grow in a Christmas-tree-like structure, and are dense and resinous, inducing a very relaxing high when smoked.

Sir Jack (Exotic Seed) feminized

Sir Jack shows us once again why Jack Herer genetics are among the best cannabis genetics in the world. Exotic Seed breeders worked tirelessly for over 15 years to carefully improve their “S1” version of Sir Jack, a super-potent strain to begin with – thanks to her famed parent. However, Sir Jack has more to offer than her high potency. Her aroma and yields are also top-class!

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Black Haze (Exotic Seed) feminized

Black Haze by Exotic Seed is an autoflower with awesome looks, a great aroma and a very pleasant high. The easy to grow plant grows almost everywhere. With a distinct aroma that blends sweet, sour and exotic notes and an uplifting effect that doesn’t knock you out, she is an all-around superb plant that you will fall in love with!

Hippie Therapy CBD (Exotic Seed) feminized

Hippie Therapy CBD offers rich concentrations of THC and CBD, making her the ideal strain for medicinal and recreational users looking to benefit from both cannabinoids. With a fruity flavour that just won’t quit, you’ll immediately feel the therapeutic vibes of this sativa-dominant hybrid.

Tropical Fuel (Exotic Seed) feminized

Tropical Fuel is a unique blend of two phenotypes of Tropicanna, and the result is nothing short of stunning. As the name suggests, you can look forward to a strong orange-diesel flavour that is satisfying but not overpowering. The subsequent cerebral high she offers is stunning, and certainly directed at creative types.

Hippieberry (Exotic Seed) Feminized

Whether you’re new to cultivating cannabis or believe yourself to be a bit of an expert, Hippieberry from Exotic Seed offers up an excellent, easygoing, and, most of all, fruitful growing experience suitable for all. Her yields are plentiful, with buds that are intensely fruity, sweet, and boast uplifting, euphoric effects to fall in love with.

Exotic Animal (Exotic Seed) Feminized

Exotic Animal isn’t just exotic by title, but by nature too. Her unusually aromatic buds ooze with resin, giving off a complex blend of sweet and fresh aromas. Although the exact scent is difficult to pinpoint, it doesn’t detract from the abundant yields (up to 500g/m² indoors) and respectable nine-week flowering time. Take a chance with Exotic Animal, and we promise you won’t regret it.

Malasaña Gelato (Exotic Seed) feminized

Malasaña Gelato ticks all of the boxes for indica lovers with a sweet tooth. This strain descends from world-class Cookies genetics that are packed with candy-sweet terpenes and high quantities of THC. You’ll feel these terps light up your taste buds during inhalation. Soon after, her soothing high will relax your body and open your mind. She’s the perfect strain for cosy nights in.

Exotic Pure CBG (Exotic Seed) Feminized

Not everyone wants to experience a potent high every time they use cannabis. Exotic Pure CBG contains almost no THC at all. Instead, it offers CBG levels of 5%. This non-psychotropic cannabinoid clears the head and allows users to remain functional and motivated. Enjoy these flowers at any time of day for a relaxing experience.

Purple Monkey Auto (Exotic Seed) Feminized

Purple Monkey Auto by Exotic Seed is truly a jack of all trades. Combining an effortless yet rewarding growing experience with awesome flavours and effects is something that all seedbanks strive for. However, not many pull it off as well as Exotic Seed did. This autoflowering strain is beautiful to look at, and with its generous harvests your stash jars will be full for a long time to come.

Banana Mash Auto (Exotic Seed) Feminized

If you’re after a rapid harvest, you’ve just found it! Banana Mash Auto provides a canopy loaded with buds only 10 weeks after germination. The best part? These flowers are packed with fruity terpenes that make every hit a sweet, decadent delight. Her stoning and euphoric high augments these flavours and makes her a top pick for evening blazing.

White Banana Auto (Exotic Seed) Feminized

From the team at Exotic Seed comes White Banana Auto. This finely-tuned strain has some impressive parentage but can stand on her own two feet. She offers a unique and easygoing cultivation project that responds well to LST and SOG growing techniques. But the proof is in her indica-dominant buds as she offers up great, rich flavours coupled with a deeply relaxing high.

Zkittalicious Auto (Exotic Seed) feminized

Looking for a sweet, fruity auto to add to your garden? Look no further; Zkittalicious Auto produces dense buds with a candy-fruit aroma in just 8 weeks. Plus, her effects perfectly balance physical relaxation and a strong mental euphoria.

Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized

Zamnesia and Exotic Seed joined forces to create Black ZZ, an early finishing hybrid with an indica lean. This unique take on a popular US strain smells fresh with strong ribbons of tropical fruit and Kush running through the silken smoke.

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About Exotic Seed

As a multi-award-winning seed bank, Exotic Seed has certainly made its mark on the world of cannabis and home cultivation. Launched in 2015, and boasting a staff with over 20 years of experience, Exotic Seed produces high-quality seeds by combining the rich attributes of Dutch, American, and Spanish genetics. Those on the lookout for highly refined, stable, and, above all, potent home growing projects will want to read on to see exactly what Exotic Seed has to offer.

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Who Are Exotic Seed?

Exotic Seed comprises a Spanish and Dutch team that has but one objective; to deliver the highest-quality cannabis seeds. Harnessing their vast experience, they carry out this objective with ease. Featuring a huge and extensive range, with over 40 unique varieties under their belt, there’s truly something for everyone. Each strain undergoes vigorous fine-tuning to achieve the best flavours and effects. Some strains produced by Exotic Seed have been around for a long time, but it’s not unusual to see the occasional limited-edition collaboration between them and other companies.

Exotic Seed is a multi-award-winning seed bank launched in 2015. Exotic Seed comprises a Spanish and Dutch team that has but one objective; to deliver the highest-quality cannabis seeds.

Award-Winning Cannabis Strains by Exotic Seed

The hard work put in by the team at Exotic Seed has truly paid off, as one can see from their numerous awards and titles. This has only bolstered an already exceptional reputation among cannabis connoisseurs. Shortly after their inception, around 2016, Exotic Seed began entering cannabis competitions. Since that time, they’ve scooped up countless 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes at some of the most prestigious events. In every contest they’ve entered, they’ve won a prize, placing in events such as Expogrow Irun Spain, Cannaval Tenerife Spain, and Spannabis Champions Cup. Without further ado, here are some of the prize-winning genetics available from Exotic Seed.

Judging by their collection of awards and prizes, we would have to say “YES!”. Many Exotic Seed strains have one or more accolades.

Monster Mash

This autoflower is the result of a potent pairing of American Kush and Black Domina. High-yielding and lightning-fast to cultivate, Monster Mash is a multi-award-winning strain that provides relaxing and soothing effects.

  • 2018 – Expogrow Irun Spain 2nd Autoflower
  • 2017 – Expogrow Irun Spain 1st Autoflower
  • 2016 – Expogrow Irun Spain 1st Autoflower

Monster Mash (Exotic Seed) feminized

Exotic Thai

Combining Thai Sativa and New York City Diesel, Exotic Thai is a fragrant strain that produces some huge yields. Aromatic and full of citrus flavour, she culminates in an uplifting and euphoric high that is easy to enjoy at any time.

  • 2016 – Expogrow Irun Spain 1st Sativa

Exotic Thai (Exotic Seed) feminized

Spicy Bitch

This sativa-dominant strain offers up spicy and peppery aromas as your reward for a breezy growing cycle. She’s a bushy plant that provides extremely hefty yields, courtesy of her Queen Mother and AK-47 parentage.

  • 2018 – Expogrow Irun Spain 2nd Sativa
  • 2017 – Cannaval Tenerife Spain 2nd Professional
  • 2016 – Vina Grow Spain 3rd Outdoor
  • 2016 – Chile Primera Cata TuWeed.com 3rd Prize Outdoor
Sir Jack

Derived from famous Jack Herer genetics, Sir Jack is an uber-productive sativa-dominant feminized strain. Expect yields in the region of 550–600g/m² and some uplifting, blissful effects.

  • 2016 – Vina Grow Spain 1st Outdoor
  • 2016 – Alacannabis Spain 1st Outdoor

Sir Jack (Exotic Seed) feminized

Gypsy Widow

This 50/50 sativa/indica feminized strain derives from the crossing of two different White Widow genetics. The result is a citrus-flavoured strain with a powerful high defined by cerebral, euphoric effects. Coupled with an easy-going growing cycle, there are plenty of reasons this strain has picked up so many awards.

  • 2016 – Cannaval Tenerife Spain 2nd Professional
  • 2016 – THC Valencia Spain 3rd Indoor
  • 2016 – Expo Canamo Spain 2nd Outdoor
  • 2016 – Biocup Spain 3rd Outdoor
Mango Cream

Mango Cream is a sticky-sweet indica-dominant cross between Somango, Blueberry, and New York City Diesel. With yields in the region of 480–550g/m², her dense and resinous buds deliver a soothing and relaxing high that will ease you into a peaceful state.

  • 2018 – Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 1st Outdoor
  • 2016 – Vina Grow Spain 1st Indoor

Mango Cream (Exotic Seed) feminized

Exotic Colours

This strain is named after the dark red, purple, and blue colouring on its leaves. While looks are one thing, this strain is also highly productive and offers an incredible lemon aroma that precedes her sweet, citrus taste. Providing hugely relaxing effects, Exotic Colours has the accolades to back up her appeal.

  • 2017 – Expogrow Irun Spain 3rd Sativa
Russian Automatic

This autoflower is the culmination of crossing two AK-47 strains. Boasting impressive uplifting effects, you’ll only have to wait 11 short weeks from seed to harvest to sample her fruity, sweet, and powerful nugs.

  • 2017 – Expogrow Irun Spain 3rd Autoflower
Sir Jack Auto

As the autoflowering variant of the already prestigious Sir Jack, this seed offers the same great quality as the original, but in an even quicker and more resilient format. Reaching heights of around 100cm, she’ll provide average returns of 500–550g/m².

  • 2018 – THC Valencia Spain 3rd Outdoor
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Sir Jack Auto (Exotic Seed) feminized

Black Lemon Auto

This autoflower results from a special combination of genetics in the form of Black Haze Auto and Skunk Auto. The impressive-looking plant emanates rich citrus scents and is ready to harvest just 8–9 weeks after germination. With a huge THC content, she provides a soothing high bolstered by moments of creativity and euphoria.

  • 2018 – Expo Canamo Sevilla 2nd Hydroponic
  • 2018 – Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 3rd Outdoor
  • 2018 – Secret Cup Napoli 3rd Professional
Herz OG

Herz OG is a collaboration between Exotic Seed and German rap artist Herzog. Providing strong effects coupled with an earthy, pine, and sweet flavour and aroma, this couch-locking powerhouse will stone even the most seasoned smokers.

  • 2018 – Spannabis Champions Cup 3rd Best Indica
  • 2018 – Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 1st Indoor

Herz OG (Exotic Seed) feminized

Blue Monkey

By crossing Gorilla Glue #4 with a hybrid of Black Domina and Blueberry, the result is Blue Monkey. This indica-dominant feminized strain is a stable and resilient grow, providing some dense flowers and crowded branches. She’s easy to manage and offers up a relaxing, fruit-flavoured high.

  • 2018 – Biomenocannabis 3rd Best Indoor

Collaborating With Exotic Seed

Not content with just producing their own high-quality strains, Exotic Seed has also branched out to form exclusive collaborations, with Zamnesia being one of their most popular. Working together, we have created fabulous limited-edition strains, often restricted to 200 packs containing 5 seeds. Perfect for those seeking exclusive strains that can’t be found anywhere else, Exotic Seed has fully embraced collaborating with other seed banks and creators to produce the best seeds around.

Exotic Seed: Exclusively feminized seeds

One thing you may have noticed is that Exotic Seed produces a lot of feminized seeds. Whether photoperiod or autoflowering, feminized seeds have a 99% chance of developing into a female plant. Regular seeds develop into both male and female plants, and it is unclear until much later on what exactly you’ll be getting. Not wanting to leave it to chance, Exotic Seed has opted to provide a huge selection of feminized seeds, meaning growers can focus on pure productivity.

You will be able to find Exotic Seed cannabis seeds in some headshops, smart shops, or souvenir shops. However, you can also find them in our online Seedshop, so why not have a look at the Exotic Seed catalogue right now!

How Are Exotic Seed Cannabis Seeds Packaged?

While some companies are satisfied with placing their seeds in cardboard sleeves and sending them out, Exotic Seed takes a different approach to packaging. Taking pride in their product, you can expect to find Exotic Seed strains in protective blister packs emblazoned with colourful artwork. This keeps them fresh and ready to germinate as soon as you receive them.

Exotic Seed: Quality Seeds Available Right Now

Now that you’ve been given a rundown on the ethos that makes Exotic Seed a unique, standout seed bank, it’s time to check out what they have to offer for yourself! If your mouth is watering at the very mention of award-winning, flavourful strains such as Black Lemon Auto and Gypsy Widow, it might be worth picking up a blister pack or two and getting your own home growing project started.

With Exotic Seed’s stellar record of high-quality seeds, you can anticipate many more great things from them as new strains continue to be released.

Exotic Seed: Questions & Answers

Who are Exotic Seed? Exotic Seed is a multi-award-winning seed bank launched in 2015. Exotic Seed comprises a Spanish and Dutch team that has but one objective; to deliver the highest-quality cannabis seeds. Is Exotic Seed any good? Judging by their collection of awards and prizes, we would have to say “YES!”. Many Exotic Seed strains have one or more accolades. Where can I buy Exotic Seed? You will be able to find Exotic Seed cannabis seeds in some headshops, smart shops, or souvenir shops. However, you can also find them in our online Seedshop, so why not have a look at the Exotic Seed catalogue right now!

Exotic Seed

Exotic Seeds combines the qualities of Dutch and Spanish genetics, creating unique and innovative cannabis seeds. The creators of their high-quality seeds have over 20 years of experience and strong roots in the international cannabis seed family.

The mother company is based in Amsterdam and has been active since 2009; they are a new brand but not a newcomer. After a long period of crossing, producing, tasting, and testing, Exotic is proud to present a one-of-a-kind, high-quality seed assortment.