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Thailand's health minister touted growing marijuana as a way to increase the income of thousands of rural farmers. Free marijuana seeds with every order plus win free seeds at giveaways. Buy marijuana seeds online USA fast delivery. Weed seed shop. Legit breeder strains with over 2,000 feminized, regular and autoflower seeds for sale. Hundreds of people lined up outside the store in a Short Pump strip mall to get the seeds on what was the first day that growing and possessing small amounts of marijuana was legal in Virginia.

‘Free weed’: Thailand gives away marijuana seeds to low-income farmers

Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, center, takes selfies with people holding their marijuana plants during the distribution of 1 million free marijuana seedlings in the northeastern province of Buriram, Thailand, Friday, June 10, 2022. The government distribution plan of the recently legalized crop is an efforts to jumpstart the country’s medical marijuana industry, expected to create an economic windfall.

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s health minister kicked off a marijuana giveaway Friday, handing out the first 100 seedlings of a planned distribution of 1 million plants a day after the country legalized cultivation and possession of the drug.

Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, who has been the driving force behind legalization, presided over the giveaway at a fair and exhibition held in the northeastern province of Buriram, a stronghold of his Bhumjai Thai party.

Anutin has touted growing marijuana, also called cannabis, as a way to increase farmers’ incomes.

His party draws heavily on the support of low-income farmers in the largely agricultural northeast. He was cheered by a crowd of thousands as he gave a speech taking credit for legalizing marijuana, which he said would bring financial benefits to “individual growers, community farmers (and) entrepreneurs.”

His party said more than 350,000 households have already registered as cannabis growers.

Officials said the 1 million plants will be distributed nationwide through the Agriculture Department’s regional offices over the next six months to promote marijuana cultivation.

The government insists that officially, only medical marijuana has been legalized. Despite that, there are no plans for serious monitoring of small-scale cultivation and sales, so at least in the privacy of one’s home, there appears to be no reason to believe a person can get into trouble for recreational smoking.

Officials have warned, however, that smoking in public will be frowned upon and subject to possible fines. Regulations are expected to be issued for marijuana similar to those for cigarettes and alcohol, such as minimum age requirements for purchasing and restricting driving under the influence.

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Free Marijuana Seeds, Giveaways

How to get free marijuana seeds at seed banks. Get free cannabis seeds with every and each order at top seed banks. Free seed giveaways and standard freebies. The variety of seeds you get depends on day and quantity of your order (if making a purchase).

1.1 What Free Marijuana Seeds?

Free seeds are given the nickname ‘freebies’. Small orders lower than a hundred dollars can typically get a minimum of three free seeds. These seeds are commonly feminized or auto fem seeds, but sometimes you’ll get regular seeds.

The particular strain of your free seeds ought to be unconcealed to you at each the seedbank homepage and through checkout. Medium orders from a hundred bucks up typically get around 5-7 free seeds, principally feminized in seed sex.

1.2 Free Seeds For Life Dawg

This will be an excellent perk, as every free seed will be cloned to create numerous propagation of plants, growing it again and again. Large orders with prodigious affordable prices could also be eligible for an over-sized quantity of free seeds. This after all relies upon the seed bank firms free seed deals, however some customers notice that they find yourself obtaining a lot of free seeds by making one massive order into 2 medium-sized orders – one legit thing to believe.

1.3 Tips for Winning Free Seeds, Marijuana Seed Giveaways

Also, make certain to follow your favorite seed bank for free marijuana seed giveaways through their profiles on social media for the latest free seed contests. Pay attention for pretend giveaways, though. Most respectable seed bank businesses would never contemplate a fake free seed giveaway or contest, and a quick look at reading reviews and instructions can tell you what individuals think about a given seed bank.

Every seed bank web site provides different free seed varieties aka strains, therefore you will contemplate looking around to find the strains that you just like, whether or not they’re sativa, indica, hybrid, cannabis cup winners, landrace, IBL, autoflowering, feminized, regular, etc.

1.4 Marijuana Seed Banks in the US

Reference the best marijuana seed banks USA for a list of trusted marijuana seed bank (weed seed shops) to buy cannabis seeds at affordable prices. The greatest and most respected companies display their TrustPilot reviews to assure trust in consumers.

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The seed banks referenced currently all deliver seeds to the United States of America in quick time. Always opt for discreet delivery of cannabis seeds within the checkout page. This can insure your order, just in case that it gets lost in cargo, while also adding a layer of hiding and security for your precious cannabis seeds.

When you receive your package of cannabis seeds, you will have to be compelled to do some excavation to search out them. Most cannabis seed banks provide the choice of keeping your seeds in their original breeder’s pack, or repackaging them in their own devices. If you selected the latter when you bought seeds, your seeds could also be a touch tougher to find, which may be an honest issue. Your free seeds can presumably be found packaged in a plastic baggie. There ought to be a written label on every free seed strain, or in some cases it’s written by hand.

Bear in mind to make clones of the plants before they’re going into flowering whether indoors or outdoors, and you’ll be ready to grow that strain over-and-over once more, all from one initial free seed offering.

Free marijuana seed giveaway temporarily shutdown in Henrico due to overwhelming response

As of July 1 in Virginia, along with a slew of other new laws, adults who are 21 or older can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana in public and grow up to four plants per household.

SHORT PUMP, Va. — A free marijuana seed giveaway at a CBD Store on Lauderdale Drive in western Henrico County was temporarily shut down early Thursday due to the large crowds in line for a free marijuana plant seed giveaway.

CBS 6 reported hundreds of people lined up outside the Your CBD Store – RVA in a Short Pump strip mall on the first day that growing and possessing certain amount of marijuana became legal in Virginia.

“I think the issue was that way more people showed up than we thought and it’s causing some traffic issues,” said store owner Jennifer Elliott.

She said people in line were blocking access to other businesses in the mall, so store employees took contact information for those in line and let them know when it was their turn to come into the store to collect their seeds.

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“Our goal here is to make sure people that are able to receive access to it, it’s legal. And people need it. And so we want to be able to help them get access to it,” added Elliott.

As of July 1 in Virginia, along with a slew of other new laws, adults who are 21 or older can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana in public and grow up to four plants per household.

However, people cannot consume it in public and the cannot purchase or sell marijuana or the plant seeds. The latter issue is not expected to be allowed until 2024 — so in the meantime, adults are allowed to gift the seeds or up to an ounce of cannabis to other adults in private.

Elliott’s store partnered with Virginia Marijuana Justice, which she said provided 500 packets of six seeds each, to gift them to those who were eligible. When asked about the requirement that gifting occur in a private setting — Elliott said the store was closed for the day and it was a private event.

Thursday’s giveaway attracted people like James Vigeant who said that he has regularly used marijuana for the past 50 years, doing so under what he called an ill-conceived drug war.

“All they did was create laws to put drug users in prison instead of giving assistance,” Vigeant said.

Others, like Jordan Brown, say that they haven’t used it in decades but now plan to. He hopes that lawmakers will continue to improve the laws surrounding marijuana use to avoid disproportionate impacts on Black and brown communities.

“It’s a good first step,” Brown said.

“It’s much needed. I’m proud of Virginia for taking this step,” added Elliott.

Elliott said her store is there to help educate people about the ins and outs of the new laws and people can call the store to ask questions. She said they are also hosting an in-person/Facebook Live event about the new law.

“Our goal is to just make sure that everybody is educated on what’s going on,” said Elliott.

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