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True Canna Genetics

True Canna Genetics is a boutique cannabis seed company that’s “”new”” but definitely not lacking in marijuana breeding experience. Having done work for cannabis companies such as Reservoir Seeds, H3ad Seeds and the more recent Connoisseur Genetics, True Canna Genetics Marijuana Seedbank has now been launched as an outlet for great cannabis breeding projects! True Canna Genetics is driven by a passion for the cannabis plant, and by collaborating with other marijuana seedbanks to acquire cannabis cuts and genetics, True Canna create great marijuana by breeding it with their own go-to strains. Their Terperella is a fantastic cross of the Legendary Chocolope from DNA Genetics cut with the vintage Super Silver Haze from Greenhouse Seeds!

Other varieties available at Seed City’s fantastic low prices include Tip Top Magoo, Broad Leaf Black, The Truth, Sagans Star, and Chocolate Thainapple. Don’t forget, you’ll also get secure descreet delivery, worldwide!

True Canna Genetics Seedbank

True Canna Genetics history begins at the birth of the online forum scene around 2000. After many years searching out genetics and information the passion for growing evolved into breeding and eventually resulted in the birth of True Canna Genetics.

A multiple cup winning company (ICmag, HTCC Amsterdam, Spannabis etc.) providing unique strains with a wide spectrum of terpene and cannabinoid profiles for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

True Canna Genetics is a boutique company driven by passion and love for the plant, we like to build a relationship with our customers and ensure we are always bringing new and exciting genetics into the stable for everyone to enjoy.

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Real breeding with aims and goals not just another bandwagon jumper cashing in on the latest hype, we aim to make waves by bringing our own elite genetics to the public and not cash in on other peoples work.

Grow trees, chase dreams and spread love.

PureSativa – Official UK and Europe Cannabis Seed Wholesale Distributor for True Canna Genetics.

  1. £20.00 – £29.99 2 items
  2. £50.00 – £59.99 18 items
  3. £80.00 and above 2 items
  1. 8-9 Weeks 9 items
  2. 8-11 Weeks 2 items
  3. 9-10 Weeks 6 items
  4. 11-12 Weeks 1 item
  1. Indica 4 items
  2. Sativa 2 items
  3. Hybrid 12 items

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