How Long After Scotts Weed And Feed Can I Seed

Scotts 4 Step Lawn Care – Step 2: Turf Builder Weed & Feed Turf Builder Weed & Feed kills weeds that already exist in your lawn and feeds the lawn for up to 2 months. A new and improved formula Do not apply to newly seeded or sodded areas until after the 4th mowing. Do not seed, sod, rake, or… Even if you are a beginner or expert gardener, one aspect that you will want to achieve is to have a magnificent weed-free lawn.

Scotts 4 Step Lawn Care – Step 2: Turf Builder Weed & Feed

Turf Builder Weed & Feed kills weeds that already exist in your lawn and feeds the lawn for up to 2 months. A new and improved formula means that you’ll get up to 2X more powerful dandelion and clover control!

How to use?

1) Check the Weather: If rain is in the forecast in the next 24 hours, apply another day. Rain can wash the particles off of weed leaves before it has a chance to work properly.

2) Fill and Set Spreader: Applying Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed & Feed requires a lawn spreader. If you need a new spreader, visit your local Valu today! Click here or reference the back of the product for spreader settings and full instructions.

3) Apply to Wet Lawn: Make sure the grass is wet from dew or sprinkling before applying. This helps particles adhere to weed leaves to produce best results. For even application walk at a steady pace slightly overlapping each pass. After applying this product you don’t water your lawn for at least 24 hours. Just like rain, watering your lawn after applying Weed & Feed washes the weed control particles off of weed leaves before they can fully work.

4) Clean-Up: Sweep product from hard surfaces onto the lawn to keep valuable feeding nutrients on the grass and out of storm drains.

When to apply?

Apply when weeds are most active, usually April-September. It’ll be effective as long as weeds are actively growing and daytime temperatures are between 60°F and 90°F.

If you have recently applied another fertilizer (e.g. Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food or Scotts® Turf Builder® Halts® Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food) wait at least 30 days to apply Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed & Feed.

How often?

Apply up to twice a year, but wait at least 30 days between applications.

What exactly does it control?

Short answer: pretty much everything. Weed & Feed kills dandelions, clover, and other major lawn weeds.

Long answer: Aster, Bindweed, Bittercress, Black Medic, Buckhorn, Bull Thistle, Burclover, Buttonweed, Canada Thistle, Carpetweed, Catsear (Coast Dandelion), Chickweed, Chicory, Cinquefoil, Clover (Hop), Clover (Red), Clover (White), Cudweed, Curly Dock, Dandelion, Dichondra, Dollarweed, English Daisy, Evening primrose, Filaree, Fleabane, Ground Ivy, Hawkweed, Healall, Henbit, Horseweed, Knotweed, Lambsquarters, Lespedeza (Seedling), Lippia (Matchweed), Mallow, Moneywort, Morning Glory, Pepperweed, Pigweed, Plantain, Pursiane, Pusley, Ragweed, Red Sorrel (Sheep Sorrel), Scarlet Pimpernel, Shepherd’s-purse, Smartweed, Sowthistle, Spurweed, Vetch, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Yellow rocket

Kids and Pets?

Keep people and pets off lawn during application. Do not allow people or pets to enter treated areas until dusts have settled. Particles should stick to weed leaves for at least 24 hours after application, so it is best to limit activity from kids and pets for 24 hours after application.

Have more questions? Come on in to Valu!

Stop by your local Valu Home Centers, and one of our knowledgeable associates will get you the right product and information for the job!

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How soon after Scotts triple action can I seed?

Good Answer! Do not apply to newly seeded or sodded areas until after the 4th mowing. Do not seed, sod, rake, or aerate for 4 months after application. Wait 5 months before applying the product on newly sprigged areas.

Can I seed after using Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action?

Can i sow grass seeds right after i apply triple action on the lawn? Answer: If applying Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action first, wait four months before applying seed or sod. If applying seed or sod first, wait until the new grass has been mowed four times before applying Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action.

How long after applying Turf Builder Can I plant grass seed?

While the company’s website recommends waiting four weeks to put down grass seed after applying the weed and feed, seeding first means waiting a different length of time before you use the product.

What do I use after Scotts triple action?

Then, 6 to 8 weeks after using Triple Action, apply Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food according to label directions to continue giving your lawn the nutrition it needs to keep growing strong. If you live in the South: Southerners have particular challenges with lawn management.

How long do you wait to seed after pre emergent?

7 to 10 daysFollow these instructions: After your 1st application of the year wait at least 7 to 10 days before doing any renovation of the lawn or seeding. Rake through those bare spots and turn over the dirt to break up the pre-emergent compounds.

Can I fertilize and seed at the same time?

When seeding a lawn, you should never apply the fertilizer and seed together. This can cause an uneven distribution of the materials resulting in patchy areas or seedlings burned by excess fertilizer. It is best to spread the fertilizer just prior to planting the seed.

What month is best to put grass seed down?

Plant cool-season grass seed in late summer or early fall (when daytime temperatures lower to about 60 to 75 degrees) for best success. September is typically the best month, although you might be able to get away with seeding as early as mid-August or as late as mid-October; it all depends on the forecast.

Will Scotts Triple Action grow new grass?

Scotts® Turf Builder® Triple Action Built For Seeding is formulated to help grow new grass and control against weeds while feeding and strengthening grass. Now you don’t have to choose how to best care for your lawn—you can maximize growth with one application.

Can you overseed with Scotts Turf Builder?

If you’re using grass seed to overseed your lawn instead of Scotts® Turf Builder® Thick’R Lawn™, it’s a good idea to rake in a thin, 0.25-inch layer of enriched soil over your lawn to help the seed settle in. Scotts® Turf Builder® LawnSoil™ works well for this purpose.

Can you seed with Scotts Turf Builder?

For best results, add a thin layer of Scotts® Turf Builder® LawnSoil™ before applying seed. Apply using a Scotts® spreader. Lightly rake the seed into the soil. For best results, apply Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food for New Grass.

Can I fertilize my lawn every 2 weeks?

Can I fertilize my lawn every 2 weeks? To avoid over-fertilizing, applying a fertilizer every two weeks is not recommended. Fertilizing as often as every two weeks will likely lead to problems such as lawn burn, excessive grass growth, as well as polluted water that can lead to toxic algae growth.

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How often apply Scotts triple action?

Do not apply this product more than twice a year. Allow at least a 4-month interval between applications of this product. A fall application may be made to control fall-germinating winter weeds and cool season perennial weeds such as dandelion and clover.

Is Scotts Turf Builder triple action safe for dogs?

Answer: Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed 3 is safe for pets when it is used according to the product label. Once the treated areas dry completely, chewing or eating grass will not be harmful and your pet can resume normal activity within the area.

How Long Does Scotts Weed and Feed Take to Work?

Even if you are a beginner or expert gardener, one aspect that you will want to achieve is to have a magnificent weed-free lawn.

However, you might realize that you need to get high-quality lawn fertilizer to get such a lawn.

That is where the Scott Weed and Feed play a role in feeding your lawn and handling all weeds.

By reading this guide, you can know how long the Scotts weed and feed takes to work.

Table of Contents

How long does Scott’s Weed and Feed take to work?

If you choose the appropriate product based on your week and grass type, it can take between four days to one month to notice full results, especially if you apply it in the growing season.

However, the fertilizer components will start to start between one to five days.

When to apply the Scott Weed and Feed?

Scott has two week and feed products, including the Scotts Super Bonus S Weed and Feed and Scotts Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder.

You can only use the Scotts Plus 2 twice during the growing season, especially when the dandelions and other weeds grow.

However, you can apply for the Super Bonus at any time when the weeds are growing.

Ensure you read the instructions on the packaging label because the products can be detrimental to certain types of grass, and you should not use them often.

Timing is important when it comes to eliminating weeds.

In particular, you can have the appropriate tools and product, but if you apply the Scott weed and feed at the wrong time, it might not have any effect or can result in a limited effect.

For instance, the weekly killer cannot be effective, especially during extremely hot or excessive cold conditions.

The labels on the product indicate that it can be more effective when you apply the weed and feed in late fall, early fall, late, and early spring.

Further, if you want to achieve the desired result, you need to follow these tips when spraying the Scott weed and feeding it in your garden or lawn.

  • Ensure you spray the weekly killer when the temperatures range between 60°and 85° Fahrenheit to optimal effectiveness.
  • Do not apply the weed and feed on days with excessive winds because wind can make the weed killer dry quickly, hindering it from being absorbed.
  • Mowing is discouraged for appropriately 48 hours after application. In other words, you need to wait between 2 to 4 days after applying the product to protect your grass.
  • Do not apply the product if it has been predicted to rain within the next 24 hours. In particular, rain can wash away the active ingredients in the products before they are completely infiltrated into the plant system.
  • Ensure your lawn has a normal height of an appropriate 3 to 5 inches.
  • Do not try to water your grass, lawn, or garden for around 24 hours after the application.
  • Ensure you apply the product early in the morning for easy absorption when photosynthesis occurs during the day.
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How do you know that the Scotts Weed and Feed is working?

After applying your weed and feed, the following signs can help you know that it is working as intended.

  • Your grass is supposed to appear to grow faster and thicker between the first day of the application and after around six days.
  • After one week, the weeds are supposed to start wilting and yellowing
  • After two weeks, most weeds in your garden or lawn are expected to have turned brown, died, or you can easily remove them using your hand.
  • After one month, most weeds will have died, and your grass will become more lush and green.

Where you should use the Scotts Weed and Feed

The Scott weed and feed is appropriate to almost all kinds of lawn grass species.

The product is not appropriate for plants that produce food or ornamental plants, including vines, fruit trees, and vegetable plants.

Also, the labels claim that the fertilizer cannot burn your grass, provided you apply it according to the instructions.

If your grass is dry, you can water the lawn one day before applying the weed and feed it to prevent it from burning grass.

How does the Scotts Weed and Feed work?

As the name indicates, the Scott Weed and Feed comprises two major ingredients, including fertilizer and weed killer.

The granules of weed killers will be absorbed after they have settled on weed leaves but slide from the grass blades.

In particular, the weed and feed product work by inflicting root damage resulting from weeding dying or preventing the production of protein by limiting photosynthesis.

At the same time, the fertilizer element of the product increases healthy grass blade growth, resulting in a more dense lawn.

Therefore, your grass will be left nourished by fertilizer when the weed killer eliminates the weeds.

What the Scotts Weed and Feed kills

The weeds and feed work best on broadleaf weeds, including spurge, henbit, plantains, knotweed, chickweed, and dandelion.

However, you might be required to use another product to eliminate crabgrass and weeds that have narrow leaves, making it challenging for the weed and feed granules to settle.

How often should you apply it?

You should not apply the Scotts Weed and Feed product more than twice per year.

For instance, if you applied the product in spring but did produce the desired results, it could be safe to undertake another application in the fall season.

Most importantly, ensure your applications are at least two months apart to prevent the build-up of chemicals to detrimental levels because they can kill your yard vegetation.

Although you can apply the Scott feed and weed at any time because it is a pure fertilizer without added pesticide, weed killers, and other chemicals, it is best to follow the instructions indicated on the label.

The Scotts weed and feed is designed to feel different kinds of lawns to boost the healthy growth of grass and quick greening.

Thick and healthy grass might need limited additional watering to kill several weed species.

By reading this guide, you can know how long the product takes to see the results.