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I49 Seed Bank Review – Does It Deserve The Hype?

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Are you finding it challenging to pick one of the plenty of cannabis seed banks in the market? Well, it can be overwhelming to make a good decision in this matter. Unfortunately, a lack of honest reviews and information can misguide consumers. But do not worry! We are here to relieve your stress.

Cannabis seeds are in demand among consumers worldwide. The nutritional value and flavor say it all. With their gaining popularity, we observe the expansion of the seed bank industry. However, multiple factors count when choosing a bank as your regular cannabis seed vendor.

Apart from cost, buyers consider seed quality and the reputation of a brand. And it is often not easy to find all these qualities in one brand. Are you also tired of searching for a reliable source of cannabis seeds? This article will lead you to the best seed bank with years of experience in the cannabis industry. Yes, we are talking about the I49 Seed Bank!

The founders of I49 Seed Bank initiated the company in Los Angeles. Their mission was to facilitate consumers with high-quality seeds at their doorstep. So you can avail your favorite strains and grow them in the comfort of your house.

We understand that many questions might be popping up in your mind. This article will answer all of them. Figure out whether I49 Seed Bank is for you or not. Let’s dive into the following unbiased I49 Seed Bank review:

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How Does I49 Seed Bank Stack Up To Others?:

There are hundreds of seed banks online that focus on delivering high quality seeds straight to your door, so how does I49 stack up compared to other seed banks?: Also check out our seed bank reviews page for more in-depth

Seed Bank

Rating and Review

Pros and Cons of I49

The most important factors to consider before judging a seed bank are its pros and cons. So here is a detailed account of I49 Seed Bank pros and cons:

  • I49 Seed Bank offers a diverse variety of cannabis strains. You will find over 400 strains available on their website.
  • You might want a strain that is unavailable at their online store. However, consumers can reach out to their team to request that particular strain.
  • I49 Seed Bank has an easy-to-navigate website. They continue to work on enhancing the user experience.
  • They offer an 80% germination guarantee. It means if less than 80% of your shipped seeds do not germinate, the bank will deliver free seeds to you. I49 Seed bank provides this facility to compensate for your loss.
  • The bank has flexible payment options. They will be discussed in detail further in the article. Moreover, you can pay using the Mastercard and cash app by reaching out to their customer support team. Unfortunately, these two methods are not available on the website.
  • Buyers can buy wholesale cannabis seeds with special discounts. Moreover, there are no delivery charges and sales tax in this option.
  • I49 Seed Bank not only claims to deliver seeds on time but also proves it. Positive customer feedback highlights that they are fast shippers.
  • Buyers from the U.S. do not need to worry about their seeds being seized by the police.
  • There is no return policy. The I49 Seed bank does not want to resale returned seeds to other customers.
  • Unfortunately, I49 Seed bank sells cannabis seeds at pretty high costs. Consequently, this bank is not budget-friendly.
  • Unlike other seed banks in the market, I49 Seed Bank rarely offers any discounts and coupons.
  • Some buyers report that they were annoyed by the late shipments. Moreover, a few complained about crushed seeds or damaged packaging when they received their order.
  • The bank claims a germination guarantee, but a few customer reviews say the opposite. Some buyers experienced low or no germination at all.

We summarized these pros and cons after analyzing customer reviews. The majority of the feedback was positive. Only a few ones experienced a delay in shipment and response from the team. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. And we think that I49 Seed Bank is an excellent choice for you!

History of I49:

A group of cannabis lovers founded I49 Seed Bank in Los Angeles, California. They observed that there was a lack of reliable resources for high-quality seeds. The bank has a professional team that selects the best cannabis seeds. The bank has a good reputation among cannabis consumers as they have seeds for both beginners and experienced cultivators. Moreover, they offer seeds for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Seed Selection:

I49 Seed Bank has managed to maintain its reputation among consumers with great seed selection. Its team manually picks the seeds and avoids interference of machinery. With I49 Seed Bank, you do not need to worry about gender segregation. The team ensures that you get feminized seeds to make your gardening effortless.

As mentioned earlier, you will find more than 400 strains on their website. So it is rare that buyers do not find their required seeds. Moreover, the cooperative team of the bank can manage to get you the seeds missing on their website.

You will find Indica, Sativa, and hybrid seeds. Moreover, you can filter out the seeds with your preferred THC and CBD levels.

Are you a beginner with zero experience in growing cannabis? Well, the I49 Seed Bank offers a solution to your problem. Their website has a Beginners Seeds section. In addition, they have selected and displayed 75 seeds that are easy to grow.

Seed Quality:

After testifying their seeds and assessing reviews, we have an honest conclusion. The majority of the seeds have fine quality. However, many consumers, especially the new growers, do not complain about it.

The primary issue is the lack of a germination guarantee, although the bank claims an 80% germination guarantee. As a result, buyers complain about low germination and growth rates. Here is when it falls behind its competitors.

The plants do grow, but the total yield comes out to be below expectations. It might not seem to be a problem for you if you are new to raising cannabis plants. However, it may frustrate experienced growers.

Seed Prices:

When compared to other brands, I49 Seed Bank seeds are overpriced. They do not offer any discounts. But their website has two special deals nowadays. You will find 68 seeds that are inexpensive on the “Cheap Marijuana Seeds” page. And the other deal says, “Buy One Get One Free.” You can buy more seeds at a low cost, but the deal has 21 cannabis seeds only.

Moreover, some lucky customers also receive bonus seeds even when they are not availing of any deal. But it is entirely random, and there is no guarantee that you will receive free seeds with your order.

There is good news for buyers who want to buy a bulk of cannabis seeds. You can buy the wholesale cannabis seeds with no delivery charges, no assessed sales tax. Moreover, you can avail the assistance of an account manager.

Payment Methods Accepted:

I49 Seed Bank accepts the following payment methods:

  • Money order
  • Wire transfer
  • Check
  • ACH
  • A few credit cards and prepaid cards

In the case of ACH, they charge a $9 convenience fee. However, they have not mentioned it on their website. Instead, they display this fee as a discount line item on the invoice that might annoy you, leading new buyers to more confusion.

The payment options of Mastercard and the cash app are not available at their site. However, you can take help from their customer service team. In addition, the bank will provide you payment flexibility if you cannot pay with any of the above options.

Customer Service:

Customer service is a crucial factor that matters a lot. If the team is not cooperative, buyers will not prefer the bank regardless of their seed quality. And in our opinion, I49 Seed Bank deserves a 10/10 rating for its excellent customer service.

The customer service team ensures that every buyer is delighted. For example, if less than 80% of your seeds do not germinate, the bank will ship free seeds. Moreover, when your package has some issues, they offer to send a new one with zero charges. Their efforts and friendly behavior have made them a popular choice among cannabis lovers.

You might experience delays in shipping or germination issues, but we assure you that the team will cooperate with you. In addition, cannabis consumers can reach out to them via email or their official phone number.

Shipping Policies:

If you are from the U.S., I49 Seed bank is the best option to consider. You will not face any issues like your seeds being seized by customs. However, you may experience delays depending on your location from Los Angeles, where the headquarters are based. Moreover, the shipping charges are $10.

Unfortunately, the shipment is limited to the U.S. only. There is no facility for international shipping till now. It is a significant drawback. If you’re looking for more worldwide shipping options, then check out ILoveGrowingMarijuana since they offer FREE worldwide shipping!

Final Thoughts On I49:

I49 Seed bank is a legit bank and safe to buy cannabis seeds from. The website is flooded with a wide variety of strains. Buyers can easily find their required seeds with desirable characteristics. The team is professional yet friendly with its consumers.

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But the bank needs to improve the average seed quality and should start shipping outside the U.S. Overall, we think it is a great cannabis seed bank. And you should consider it as your regular cannabis seed vendor if you live in the U.S. Your favorite cannabis strains are just a few clicks away!

i49 Genetics makes it easy to get growing with the Marijuana Grow Kit

We have some pretty great news if you’ve always wanted to grow cannabis at home but have been intimidated by the process or generally overwhelmed at the thought of getting started. Fear not—the new Marijuana Grow Kit from i49 Genetics makes it as simple as pie to grow your own.

With over 20 years of experience in cultivation, these are the homegrow experts you want in your corner. The kit comes with everything you need to pull off your first successful grow from nutrients to a step-by-step growing technique to ready-to-plant seeds of beginner-friendly strains.

From the right nutrients to a step-by-step growing technique to ready-to-plant seeds, the Marijuana Grow Kit contains everything you need to start your first homegrow.

If you’ve never even considered growing your own weed, this kit might be just the thing to pique your interest: It demystifies the process and sets you up for a fail-proof garden, so you can be smoking your own stuff in no time.

Easy does it

Forget any over-the-top homegrow setups—The Marijuana Grow Kit from i49 Genetics keeps things super simple. Included in the kit, you’ll receive one bottle of Germ Genie, which acts as a superfood, speeding up germination, boosting plant resilience, and ensuring rapid root growth.

Courtesy of i49 Genetics

You’ll also get nutrients with four stage-specific products to keep your garden well-fed at every stage, from germination to seedling, vegetative, and flowering. And to set you up for success right out of the box, the kit comes with a packet of four Auto GSC seeds, one of the easiest and most rewarding strains to grow as a newbie.

The kit comes with four ready-to-plant Auto GSC seeds, one of the easiest strains for beginners to grow.

Don’t grow in the dark

You’ve got the tools, but now what? i49 doesn’t leave you hanging to figure things out on your own. i49 offers a step-by-step growing technique for cultivating at home, using the nutrients provided in the kit along with a few simple items found around the house. For example, two plates, some paper towels, filtered water, and tweezers—plus Germ Genie—are all you need to nudge your seeds into producing a strong taproot in just two to five days.

From there, you can plant seedlings in repurposed containers—like yogurt jugs—and use the Seedling Booster to strengthen your young plants. Growtime Fertilizer strengthens roots and increases nutrient uptake during the vegetative stage. And finally, applications of Flowertime Fertilizer and Plant Booster help fatten up buds and keep plants healthy right up until harvest. The guide walks you through every step of the process, straight through harvest, trimming, drying, and curing. It couldn’t be simpler.

Want to get an idea of how simple your first grow will be with some help from i49? Check out these 12 easy steps for a successful harvest:

The i49 growing technique, simplified
Step one Gather your supplies! (Seeds, soil, grow pots, nutrients, light, tent, fans, a humidifier or dehumidifier, PH readers).
Step two Begin germinating your seedlings by soaking your seeds on a paper towel with a water to hydrogen peroxide mixture (⅔ distilled water to ⅓ 3% hydrogen peroxide). Place your seeds folded in their paper towels in a dark and warm location for 24-48 hours.
Step three Plant your seedlings in soil under 24 hours of light. You’re now in the seedling stage: For the first 14 days of life, you do not need to feed your cannabis plants any nutrients as they will have enough to survive and thrive by themselves.
Step four After 14 days, you have entered the vegetative stage, and it’s time to feed your plants ¼ the recommended dose of the first stage of nutrients. Feed your cannabis plants every other watering and water your plants every three to five days or once the soil is dry about an inch down from the top layer.
Step five Veg your plants for a minimum of 30 to 60 days or longer & complete any necessary transplanting as your plants grow.
Step six Once your plants reach half the height you have available for grow space, you’ll want to flip your plants to 12/12 when they reach 18 to 24” in height. Use the 12/12 light cycle to shift your plants to flower, and after five to seven days your plants should show their sex underneath that light cycle.
Step seven Begin to feed your plants heavier PK feeds and shift your PH range from 5.8 to 6.1 to 6.1 to 6.3 PH, aiming at 6.3 PH. You’ll want to do bare minimum training and defoliation after week 3 of flowering or day 21—prior to this day, you can do defoliation and different low-stress training methods.
Step eight Prepare your plants for heavy yields and a frosty harvest by lollipopping your plants or skirting them so that all of the weight remains up top in the canopy.
Step nine Once your plant is past week six of flowering, you’ll be using a magnification lens or jeweler’s loupe to check trichome age. Once you’re within two weeks of harvest, generally 3% to 5% away from your ideal trichome range, you should begin feeding much less and potentially flushing your plants the last two weeks to one week of life.
Step ten Once you’re ready to harvest your plants, it’s time to chop them down as whole plants and hang dry for 7 to 14 days. Generally speaking, most growers aim for about 10 days of drying time.
Step eleven Curing your cannabis comes after your buds are dried. For curing you’ll need mason jars, 62% two-way humidity packs, and some humidity and temperature gauges. Once you have your bud trimmed and jarred, place a 62% two-way pack inside your jar with your temperature and humidity reader. You’ll burp your jars three times a day the first week, two times a day the second week, one time a day the third week, and once every other day the fourth week.
Step twelve After two weeks of curing at minimum, your bud is ready to be consumed! It’s time to start enjoying the fruits of your labor. All that’s left is to start the process all over again. Happy growing!

Find these steps and even more detail on nailing your first harvest in i49’s step-by-step growing technique included with the Marijuana Grow Kit.

It all starts with a seed

The kit gets you started with four Auto GSC seeds. One of the easiest strains to grow and content in nearly any environment, Auto GSC is a fantastic starter strain to include. Packed with ~22% THC and delicious flavors, we’re pretty sure you’ll like more than just growing it.

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Buy the kit and you get all the components for $99, including shipping ($138 value). Growing your own cannabis certainly costs less than buying it at the dispensary, and this kit unlocks even more of a discount. This is a fantastic option for people looking to save money by growing their own.

White Widow during flowering. Courtesy of i49 Genetics.

Once you’re hooked, you’ll want to check out other beginner strains that might suit your tastes and be a cinch to grow. i49 offers several starter strains, including the ever-popular White Widow Fem seeds, one of the most famous strains in the world and one of the most highly rated strains in i49’s huge library.

So if you’re remotely curious to try your hand at cultivation, i49 makes it easy to try the kit, dive in, and join the growing community.

I49 USA Reviews

I am having a hard time believing that people are having troubles germinating i49 seeds! I would consider the fault of the grower and not the seed bank on that one! I been pushing i49 seeds for two years with a 98.9% germination rate! Last years Photos seeds gave me 100% and they have blessed my community with some of the best edibles and product to date! I switch to autos this year and they are more than impressive! I will write a review of my auto harvest in a few weeks! I have invested time and money in this seed company, so when and if they disappoint me I will let you know! As in for the people that are complaining about shipping times! Don’t depend on Amazon or the post office to be there for when you want to start a garden! If your in a hurry then pay the extra money on shipping it’s an option they offer! These complaints seems like they are bots from different seed companies! I don’t think half of growers commenting know what a gorilla grow is or what it’s like to be a green ninja!

I was pleased with my first order BUT.

I was pleased with my first order. When I ordered my second order. Somehow I had left (I guess) a duplicate of my first order in cart. No way to correct this easily. And contact you in a reasonable timeframe to ensure my order was corrected and on the way. Canceled order and bought elsewhere.