Importing cannabis seeds to nz

Medicinal Cannabis Agency – Cultivation

If you hold a medicinal cannabis licence with a ‘cultivation’ activity you may import cannabis seeds for the purposes of cultivation from a country that allows export. You will also need to apply for a controlled drug import licence for each consignment of seed.

The imported seeds must also meet the specifications of MPI Import Health Standard IHS 155.02.05.

Cannabis plants or tissue may not be imported for cultivation at this time due to biosecurity restrictions.

Illicit seeds and plants

If you hold a medicinal cannabis licence with a ‘cultivation’ activity you may bring varieties of cannabis already established in New Zealand into the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme by making a declaration and paying the fee of $747.50 (including GST).

You may declare up to 20 plants AND 50 seeds on a single declaration. There is no limit to the number of declarations that can be made, provided the fee is paid for each declaration.

Supplying seeds or plant material to another cultivator or manufacturer

A licence with a ‘cultivation’ activity allows you to supply cannabis seeds (act as a seed merchant) or clones for cultivation by another licence holder if their licence also allows a ‘cultivation’ activity.

You may also supply seeds or plant material to another licence holder for the manufacture of medicinal cannabis products if their licence allows a ‘possess for manufacture’ activity. You will need to retain evidence of the agreement between you and the manufacturer.

Cultivating cannabis and manufacturing medicinal cannabis products

If you wish to both cultivate cannabis and manufacture a medicinal cannabis product, you will need to apply for both the ‘cultivation’ and ‘possess for manufacture’ activities.

Undertaking research involving cultivation

A licence with a ‘cultivation’ activity allows you to cultivate cannabis for breeding research.

However, the ‘cultivation’ activity does not allow you to supply cannabis to a person who is a research subject in a clinical trial. This is covered by the research activity.

Importing cannabis seeds to nz

Marijuana legalization is a hot topic throughout the world right now, and it’s no different in New Zealand. While many places have legalized medical or recreational use for residents, New Zealand still has strict laws regarding possession and cultivation. However, a new referendum is in place that could change these laws and allow residents to enjoy medical or recreational marijuana throughout the country. As of right now, since the laws have not passed or been enacted, it is still illegal to possess or cultivate marijuana. Still, residents in New Zealand do have the option of purchasing cannabis seeds for their personal collection. If you’re in New Zealand and looking for marijuana seeds, check out our large selection now to find the best ones to add to your collection.

Marijuana Laws and Legislation in New Zealand

Right now, it is not legal to possess or consume marijuana for recreational or medical purposes in New Zealand. However, there is a referendum that is up to vote on regarding the legalization of marijuana. This is still in the very early stages, but it does provide hope that legalization is just a short while away. This referendum would set a minimum age for the possession of marijuana as well as restrict where it can be consumed and create a license for businesses. It would also limit advertisements and promote public health education in all of the states of New Zealand.

New Zealand states, including Auckland, Waikato, Northland, and Taranaki, do not have individual laws right now allowing for the possession of marijuana. Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, and residents of Manawatu-Wanganui, as well as Wellington and the remaining states, do, however, have the option of voting on the referendum and have a say in what could happen in the future.

One state, Northland, has been pushing for legalization for some time now. Known unofficially as the “marijuana capital of New Zealand,” Northland has made headlines in the past with major grow operations being busted. The area is known for its weather and would be a perfect environment to grow marijuana if it were legal to do so. Northland has been trying to trial marijuana legalization as far back as 2012. As of the time writing this article it is still illegal to cultivate marijuana in Northland and other states, though changes may be coming to New Zealand as a whole.

Right now, the referendum in New Zealand does not quite have the support needed to pass. As of December 2019, there were around 45% of voters who were for passing the referendum. If it does pass, it will take some time for everything to get sorted out and for laws to change before marijuana will become legal.

Can You Still Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Those in New Zealand may not be able to purchase marijuana seeds locally because of little availability, but that doesn’t mean they cannot start a collection of marijuana seeds. Instead, they’ll want to purchase souvenir cannabis seeds. These are the same as those intended for germination, but they’re bought with the idea of starting a collection instead of germination. They are still viable seeds and can be germinated in the future. The idea behind this is mainly to start collecting seeds now, so when the laws do change, the buyer will already have a number of strains to pick from and can start growing their own plants right away.

A seed collection can be as small or as large as the collector would like. It’s just important to ensure the seeds are high-quality seeds and to make sure they are the strains the collector finds interesting or that they might like to grow if the laws change. Cannabis seeds can be collected and saved for the future, though seeds that are known as being more difficult to germinate may not be as good as an option for souvenir marijuana seeds compared to ones that are easier to germinate.

Buying Seeds to Use as Souvenir Seeds

Any marijuana seeds can count as souvenir cannabis seeds, as long as they’re not germinated. The intention is what matters here as seeds can be collected but cultivation is still illegal. Buyers can pick out the strains they prefer and order the seeds online through a reputable seed bank like i49. This gives them the opportunity to purchase different strains as well as different types so they can have a large collection ready once laws do change.

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It is not yet known if the new laws that could come into play are going to allow for cultivation. However, if marijuana is legalized, cultivation could be allowed from the beginning or may be legalized later on. Those who collect seeds will be able to use their seeds as soon as cultivation is legal, especially if they have stored them properly. Those who are starting a collection with the intention of cultivating marijuana once it becomes legal can buy as many seeds as they would like, pre-legalization.

Marijuana seeds need to be stored in air-tight jars to prevent moisture from getting to them. They also need to be stored somewhere that is cool, and that is dark all of the time. This helps prevent light and warmth from reaching the seeds. As long as the seeds are stored properly, they will continue to be viable for at least three years. This way, if the laws do take some time to change, the collectors won’t have to worry about whether they will be able to germinate the seeds once cultivation becomes legal.

After cultivation becomes legal, some collectors may have older seeds that they will want to try to germinate. As long as they’ve purchased high-quality cannabis seeds from the beginning and made sure they stored them properly, this shouldn’t be an issue. Seeds can be tested to see if they are still viable, a process that can happen just before planting. Once the collector is ready to grow a plant, they can germinate the seed to produce a taproot that will be planted into soil.

What Type of Marijuana Seeds to Buy?

Marijuana seeds come with different labels, depending on the type of seed they are and what is needed to grow them. This includes regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds, all of which will be a great option depending on what the person wants when they grow the plants.

  • Regular Marijuana Seeds – Regular marijuana seeds produce both male and female plants. This is great for the grower who wants to breed new strains, as the male plants will pollinate the female ones. This is not so good for those who are just looking to harvest marijuana for personal consumption. This means growers will need to watch the plants carefully during the vegetative phase so male plants can be removed and used for something else before pollination can occur.
  • Feminized Marijuana Seeds – Feminized marijuana seeds remove the worry about male plants growing for those who just want to grow marijuana and not worry about saving seeds or breeding new strains. Those growing feminized seeds, especially indoors, will need to pay attention to the lighting schedule for the plants as they near the end of the vegetative stage. Marijuana plants are photo-dependent, so the number of daylight hours will need to be adjusted to enable them to begin flowering.
  • Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds – The last type of cannabis seeds is auto-flowering. These produce plants that are not photo-dependent, which means they will start to flower at the right point in their growth cycle, even if the lighting schedule isn’t changed. Often, auto-flowering seeds are also feminized, so they only produce female plants. This makes them an excellent option for beginners, as they are relatively easy to grow and don’t require as much care compared to photoperiod plants.

Try Out These Cannabis Seeds

When you want to purchase cannabis seeds, whether they’re for a collection or for growing, it’s important to choose the right ones to buy. There are a number of different ways to sort through the hundreds of seeds available on our website to make sure you find the perfect one. We offer a number of different categories, so you can find what you’re looking for and browse through everything that might be available to find new strains you might not have tried before.

For beginners, it’s helpful to look for seeds that are easier to grow. This enables them to get started with a smaller time commitment and have a much higher chance of getting a good harvest out of the plants they grow. Auto-flowering seeds like our Auto Moby Dick feminized seeds, as well as our Auto Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds, are some of the easiest to grow. Feminized seeds like our LA Confidential feminized seeds and Trainwreck feminized seeds are very easy to grow as well.

New collectors may want to go with what’s the least expensive to ensure they don’t spend a lot of money in case they find they don’t like growing their own marijuana once it does become legal. We offer a number of cheap seeds. Though regular seeds are often the least expensive, we do have some inexpensive auto-flowering seeds like Auto Gelato feminized seeds and Auto OG Kush feminized seeds. We also offer inexpensive feminized seeds like our Purple Kush feminized seeds and Blue Haze feminized seeds. Any of these are likely a good option for a beginner.

Most people will want to get as much as possible out of each plant. If the number of plants is limited per household once cultivation is legalized, this can be crucial since there can’t be a lot of plants grown at one time. Auto-flowering options that tend to have higher yields include our Auto Critical 2.0 feminized seeds and Auto Devil XXL feminized seeds. We also offer feminized seeds that are high-yield, including Grape Ape feminized seeds and Lemon OG feminized seeds.

Why Should You Purchase Marijuana Seeds from i49?

Marijuana seeds can be difficult to come by in New Zealand since cultivation and possession is illegal. For this reason, most collectors will purchase their seeds online. It can be risky to do this since there are many websites that will claim to offer marijuana seeds but will send out low-quality seeds, if they send any seeds at all. Instead, it’s always a better idea to look for a reputable seed bank to ensure the seeds are high-quality.

Our seed bank offers hundreds of different strains, making it easy for you to find the perfect ones to add to your collection. We only store high-quality marijuana seeds and hand-select all seeds before shipping them to your door. We also have a customer support team available if you have any questions before or after purchasing your seeds. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find marijuana seeds to add to your collection and to offer as many strains as possible so you can find what you’re looking for.

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Marijuana may not yet be legal in New Zealand, but the laws are changing, and it is possible that cultivation will become legal in the near future. For now, it’s possible to purchase marijuana seeds and begin a seed collection. If you’d like to buy cannabis seeds in New Zealand, browse our store now and take a look at the hundreds of strains we have available or contact the i49 support team.

Buying cannabis seeds in New Zealand

In New Zealand, marijuana may be illegal, but that doesn’t stop many people from using it for recreational and medicinal purposes. Although there are no cannabis seeds for sale in NZ, importing seeds using discreet methods proves to be the best bet for anyone looking to use marijuana recreationally or medicinally. If you’re looking to buy weed seeds in New Zealand, you’ll need to directly import using safe methods and also through a trusted channel. Here are some tips on how to buy cannabis seeds in New Zealand.

What to Consider Before Buying Weed Seeds in New Zealand

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds in New Zealand, there are a few things you need to take into account before making your purchase. Here are some tips to help you buy cannabis seeds in New Zealand safely and successfully.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in New Zealand?

While cannabis seeds are not currently legal to purchase or possess in New Zealand, there is still hope that legislation pushed by independents will slowly break the ice and allow for the legalization of marijuana. In the meantime, those interested in buying cannabis seeds in New Zealand should consider a few things before purchasing.

First, it’s crucial to ensure that the seller is reputable and that the seeds are of high quality. There are many scams out there, so it’s best to do your research before buying any seeds online to avoid them. Because of the legal nature of purchasing these seeds online, it’s pretty easy for scam companies to mislead those looking to buy.

This can damage the reputation of legitimate seed banks that provide valuable services to their customers. Additionally, it’s essential to buy from a company that ships to New Zealand (and does so discreetly) to avoid any legal issues.

Importing Cannabis Seeds into New Zealand

As you won’t find any physical stores with weed seeds for sale in NZ, importing cannabis seeds through an online store is your only option. However, once you’ve found a reputable seller, it’s vital that you make sure you’re discreetly importing the seeds into the country.

The best way to do this is to use a seedbank with a worldwide stealth shipping service, as these companies are experienced in shipping cannabis seeds and have the know-how to get them through customs undetected.

Plenty of seed banks and organizations offer this service, so be sure to shop around before making a purchase. Additionally, it’s important to use a service that offers some form of tracking, as this will give you peace of mind knowing that your seeds have arrived safely.

Can you Grow Cannabis in New Zealand?

For those looking to grow weed seeds in NZ, the law is currently stacked against growers, with penalties being quite severe for possession of plants. However, with the ever-changing landscape of cannabis legislation worldwide, it’s possible that this may change in the near future. For now though, growers must be content to cultivate their plants in a discreet location.

Climate in New Zealand

With a temperate climate and plenty of sunshine, New Zealand is the perfect place to grow cannabis. However, due to the current legal landscape, growers must be content to grow their plants in hidden locations and hope for the best. The best time to plant is in early spring, with the planting season running from September through to April.

The best place to grow cannabis in New Zealand is in the North Island, as the climate is a little drier here than in the South Island. However, there are many good spots on both islands, and it really depends on what you’re looking for in a growing location. If you want to be hidden away from prying eyes, you might want to head for the hidden areas with plenty of surrounding vegetation. If you want easier access to your plants, a spot near the coast might be more suitable.

Whatever your choice, make sure that you’re familiar with the local climate and know how to best take advantage of it. New Zealand is a great place to grow cannabis, so make the most of it.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in New Zealand

Now that you know what to look for when you buy cannabis seeds in New Zealand, it’s time to start shopping! Due to the laws that are in place, you’re very unlikely to find any legitimate shops with marijuana seeds for sale in NZ. Incidentally, it can be difficult if you’re trying to find a reputable seed bank when buying cannabis seeds in Australia too. However, one store has been successfully shipping to both countries for years and, in my opinion, is the best site from which to buy marijuana seeds: Herbies.

Herbies has an extensive range of high-quality cannabis seeds available for purchase, 24-hour customer support, and free seeds included in all orders. They also offer a variety of other perks, making them the perfect place to buy weed seeds in New Zealand. Out of all the stores that offer cannabis seeds for sale in NZ, Herbies provides the most detailed strain descriptions, with information about everything from potency and color to the effects and growers’ reviews, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Medical Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds come in a variety of different strains, each with its own set of effects. Some strains are more potent than others, while others are designed to be purely medicinal. These are important categories to keep in mind for your needs when looking for cannabis seeds in New Zealand.

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But what makes some strains more medicinal? The key difference is that medicinal seeds are specifically designed to have lower amounts of THC and higher amounts of CBD used for medical purposes. This is important, as THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that gets users “high,” while CBD is the medicinal component.

CBD has been shown to help with a variety of ailments such as anxiety, pain relief, seizure prevention, and inflammation. It is for this reason that many people are now turning to CBD-rich strains of cannabis as an alternative form of medication. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at getting cannabis seeds in NZ.

If you’re looking for medical cannabis seeds, Herbies is the perfect place to buy weed seeds in New Zealand. Their store has a wide selection of different CBD-rich strains available, as well as a team of customer support representatives who are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Best Strains to Grow in New Zealand

When making a decision on a strain, it’s important to pick variants that are ideal for your local climate. Here is the only list you’ll need of weed seeds for sale in New Zealand that have been hand-picked specifically for the climate of the country.

Grandmommy Purple

Grandmommy Purple is a new strain of Indica that’s quickly gaining popularity for its high THC content of up to 33%. This potent strain provides users with deep relaxation and euphoria, as well as helps with sleep problems. The strain’s fruity and pungent notes are bound to complement its visual beauty, adding to the relaxation. The chemical compounds present in the plant give Grandmommy Purple its distinctive violet hues and also provide some anti-stress health benefits.

Runtz Muffin

Runtz Muffin is a hybrid marijuana strain that has a fruity, creamy bouquet of complex aromas and flavors. The THC percentage of this strain is 29%, which makes it very potent even for seasoned tokers. Runtz Muffin grows great in New Zealand due to its preference for the sunny outdoors. It can produce up to 1kg of highly potent buds each harvest. This strain is perfect for those who are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Runtz Muffin is definitely a strain that you won’t want to miss out on!

The Incredible Bulk

The Incredible Bulk is a strain that’s sure to impress with its yields. When cultivated in ideal conditions, this strain can produce a fantastic amount of bud (1000g/m² indoors or 1500g/plant outdoors) with a potency of 20-25% THC. A combination of this potency and the high yield makes this strain a great choice for those who use large amounts or would like to build up a decent supply. The beautiful earthy aroma produced by this plant is pleasant to the senses and makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a strain that’s both potent and flavorful.

Purple Lemonade

With a height of 70-110cm, the Purple Lemonade strain is an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors. This feminized autoflower will produce exceptional results with large harvests even without heavy feeding, all achieved without compromising quality! The average THC percentage tests at 22% with sweet lemony notes. This strain is used both recreationally for uplifting, giggly effects and medicinally to treat glaucoma, anxiety, and migraines. New Zealand’s climate makes this strain sing happily, showering it in the perfect amount of sunlight, and blessing it with soil that promotes quick growth even without lots of fertilizer.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 will melt your negative energies and stress away, leaving you with a tingly full-body relaxation. With notes of citrus for a tangy-sweet taste on the inhale, followed by chocolate-pine notes at the end, this savory-scented strain is sure to bring pleasant times while providing THC levels higher than 28%. It’s also really easy to grow and forgiving of beginner mistakes – a win-win!

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple, with its THC rating in the high 20s and some trace CBD percentage included, provides relief for medicinal purposes and euphoria for recreational use. The plant delivers aromas of berry and grape – a sweet bouquet that will relax you after a hard day. The lovely color of this strain will make it a beautiful plant to grow as well as provide the health benefits that come with it.

Strawberry Pie Auto

Strawberry Pie Auto is a strain with an outstanding 26% THC content that’s perfect for those looking to get their mind blown from just a couple of puffs! This powerful plant produces some of the most eye-catching displays of color, along with a strong aroma and fruity flavor. It has beginner-friendly growing potential, which makes it easy enough to cultivate even if you’re just starting out in cannabis cultivation.

Wedding Glue Auto

The Wedding Glue Auto strain’s sparkling trichomes cover every inch of this beautiful plant, giving it an interesting visual display that will be sure to catch your eye. With 26% THC content and a small percentage of CBD, this strain can provide strong medical benefits, such as relief from chronic pain or anxiety disorders. On top of these great benefits, it’s also very easy to grow in sunny locations around New Zealand – if you plant in early spring, you can even get two harvests in one season.

Northern Lights Autoflower

With its pleasant yet intense highs, Northern Lights Auto isn’t just a winning combo of Afghani and Thai landraces but also one that will have you reaching for more as soon as the pleasure of the first hit rolls in. Northern Lights Auto’s powerful 22% THC level makes this strain perfect if you’re looking to get high quickly without sacrificing taste or risking the side effects of more potent strains!

AK420 Autoflower

AK420 Autoflower is the descendant of the world-famous variety AK47. It offers an intense Sativa high powered by 22% THC and complex aromas that will happily accompany you on your journey through a beautiful experience. The smell includes notes related to diesel and fruity goodness, making it perfect for those looking for an escape and something enjoyable!