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Jaws Genetics got its start in early 2003 and has been in business and breeding amazing cannabis strains for over 19 years. The love of making new creations is at the heart of the company’s drive and passion. Sometimes just loving what you do and enjoying life are simple but rewarding gifts.

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Jaws Genetics – Alien Cherry OGEE F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Alien Cookies F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Alien Cookies F4 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Big Chocolate F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Blackberry Med’s F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Chem Soda F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Chem Soda OGEE F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Cherry AK-47 F3 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Cherry Chocolate Meds F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Chocolate Meds F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Chocolate Meds F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Cookie Affair F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Cookie Cargo F1 V2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Cookie Pebble OGEE F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Cookies Med’s F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Forum Meds F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Grape Med’s F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Heavenly Bud F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – LA Deesel F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Legion Cookies F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Legion Dawg F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Lime OGEE F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Memory Loss BC1 F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Rail Line Stench F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Raspberry Diesel F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Raspberry Meds F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Sour OGEE F3 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Stoney-When-Lit F1 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Strawberry OGEE F2 (12 seeds)

Jaws Genetics – Triple Nova Meds F1 (12 seeds)

Make sure to click View Cart before checking out to choose any freebies your purchase qualifies for.

Make sure to click View Cart before checking out to choose any freebies your purchase qualifies for.

Premium Dutch Genetic
Cannabis L. Sativa Seeds

Dutch breeders have been perfecting the science behind cannabis l. sativa cultivars for over a century.

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Authorized Distributor


Why Green Nexus

Green Nexus is the first authorized United States distributor of the world’s most recognized, awarded and reputable seed banks in the world. With over 100 years of combined breeding experience Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion and Green House Seeds define the standard for premium cultivars by which all other breeders are measured.

Green Nexus provides the US-based home cultivator access to their most trusted European breeders with rapid 3-day free shipping from our warehouse located in Memphis,TN.

All Green Nexus inventory is packaged and priced directly from the breeders located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Best Sellers

Jack Herer

Lemon Skunk

Blue Sunset Sherbert

Super Silver Haze

Purple Punch

Biscotti Mintz

Mimosa x Orange Punch

White Widow Auto

Jack Herer Auto

This is such a great idea. Well thought out and managed. I’m looking forward to getting my first order.

great place for all your growing needs , quality products and excellent service hands down best place all around.

they cover you from top to bottom.. they constantly replied to me.. never left me guessing. and super nice. very personal people..

You guy are great!! Carrying the classic strains from the original Seed companies sticking to your roots with the likes of Barneys Farm & Dutch Passion & Now Green House Seed Co I can’t wait to get some Green House Seeds running soon

These guys aren’t playing when it comes exclusive brand seeds. I’ve been looking for a trustworthy place to buy my favorite Barney’s Farm merchandise.

The variety is incredibly diverse night queen was a moderate different grow but nice sweet cola passion fruit nice kills decent yield pistols chunk my favorite I’m ever grew its so cutie plant excellent resistance to pest and adverse conditon

These guys have great with my shipping of orders they come super-fast and now they even started a mailers box similar to the custom build ones i seen on Facebook

These guys have it going ON. Great selection. Prices are very reasonable and the customer service is top notch. You can’t go wrong on this site.Thank you Green Nexus. You do amazing work

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Very good strong genetics , very helpful , fast delivery, with tracking along with follow up making sure you are satisfied. Stand behind their word .

Fast shipping and easy card payment setup that is safe and secure. Setup and designed by a Navy veteran the card processing was a breeze. Very professional customer service when prompted. Will definitely by from here again.

Working with Green Nexus Us has been a wonderful experience, very curious, assisting you and answer questions you might have , easy transaction, fast delivery, package arrived excellent Condition , excellent genetics , awesome return qualities, 5 star treatment

They have a great selection of beans and their prices are very reasonable! Can’t wait to start growing mine this Spring in my outdoor grow!

I highly recommend Green Nexus they have amazing genetics and fire gear. you’re definitely missing out if you don’t get some

I love their service and the way they package the beans,very professional,and a nice website with great products,
i love them and Highly Recommend.

excellent product . fash and discreet shipping. outstanding costumer service. just great all around people

My first review. I am going to have to say that at green nexus the people are giving.
Meaning kind helpful and very resourceful.
I haven’t bought from green nexus yet I do want to try some strains.
I am starting a medical cannabis company and would love to have a few ,yes a few companies I can rely on for feminized seeds.
I see what you do for the community and I hope to have a different review for any or all of the future grows.
I want to also specialize in certain strains. I have heard that the educational information is in fact very profound and upstanding to the name green nexus.

thank you for taking time and care of this community of growers for medicine.
electronically signed by Jay Lawrence

very easy site to navigate. card purchases were a plus. fast amd friendly customer support when prompted.

Love the customer service, they are knowledgeable about the products and friendly. Can’t wait to purchase again.

Great products and fast delivery. What else can be said. Thanks to High side-N Terps for letting me know about this site.

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Absolutely love this site, the admin that runs this site definitely knows what he’s doing, very informative on upcoming articles of interest in the Green sector of life, has many visions for the future and with help he’ll accomplish them. recommended for adults with smoking pleasures in mind.

Green Nexus cares about home cultivation rights for medical marijuana patients. They also have terrific customer service.

Wedding Cake is 1 of my favorite Strain I’ve grown so far from Barneys Farms seeds. I will continue to purchase all future Seeds from you guys only

Well informed and personal service, helped to rethink how I intended to grow on my land. Quick friends with this company.

Great company to work with. Definitely the elite of seed banks/Distributors without question. Easy REAL payment options and super fast shipping. With the wide varieties they carry, they will definitely be my go to moving forward.


All seeds are legally considered HEMP seeds by law

Green Nexus LLC Policies

All seeds sold are strictly considered for NOVELTY, SOUVENIR and/or PRESERVATION PURPOSES ONLY!

Green Nexus LLC encourages all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province, and local municipalities.

Green Nexus LLC is unable to answer any legal questions and/or make any legal determinations. Green Nexus llc takes no responsibility for any items that are used in an illicit or illegal fashion.

Green Nexus LLC reserves the right to terminate any purchase(s) made with the intentions to be used in an illicit or illegal fashion and/or any other purpose other than those previously stated.

Green Nexus LLC reserves the right to permanently ban anyone from using the site, for any reason, at any time.

Section 297A of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, Subtitle G, clearly states that “the term ‘hemp’ means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.”