Lemon purple kush seeds

Purple Lemon Kush Autoflower Seeds

Purple Lemon kush is a hybrid first created in Holland. The mature plant is laden with heavy buds which have a dark purple color interspersed with orange specks.

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Growers can expect a yield of around 400 grams per square meter with indoor cultivation. Outdoor growing will produce varying yields depending on the specific conditions such as temperature and soil type.

The dark buds of Purple Lemon almost resemble lumps of hashish when broken up and the smoke has an outdoorsy, grassy type of flavor.

THC levels in this plant range from 15 to 20 percent and smoking effects include an initial rush followed by visual effects. In medicinal use, this weed is said to relieve pain and stress.

This hardy strain is well suited to growing outdoors in more northerly, cooler climates. It takes around eight weeks to reach maturity if grown in good soil in a sunny spot. Outdoors, it is recommended to time the vegetation grow with the change of season so the cooler nights will induce the purple color in the flowering cycle.

Purple Lemon seeds will also produce a good crop when grown indoors using modern horticultural methods such as hydroponics and grow lights.

Because of their hardiness, Purple Lemon seeds are a good choice for novice crop growers. Get the basics of growing right and this weed should produce a decent crop every time.

Purple Lemon weed is well suited for beginners as well as experienced growers. Its THC levels guarantee a powerful high and smokers enjoy its aroma and flavor.

This strain is from Julia’s Purple Patch found in the disputed islands on the outer border of J.A.Pan and company, which has been the long standing center of tension between the Empire of the deep underwater lands of the rising sun and the other guys who love to take your land by claiming dominance by the sea. We first found the widow Julia back in late fall of 2017 and by early summer 2018 were invited to grab them goodies. This spring all the seeds were long gone well before Easter bunny week – but the 2019 stock is finally here.

Indoor and Outdoor Height: Medium
THC Level: 15 – 20%
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks
Plant Type: Sativa/Indica (80/20)
Genetics: Purple Thai x Haze
Yield: Up to 400 g/m2
Grow Difficulty: Easy
CBD Levels n/a
CBG Levels n/a
Terpenes Analysis n/a

Naturally feminized at the plantation during the plant lifecycle process.

Feminized using our unique 2 stage organic feminizing process that lets you be tomorrow’s strain hunter.

We utilize a 2 step method of feminizing, allowing our customers the joy of feminizing. Our first process is on the farm where plants are feminized prior to harvest to achieve up to 80% feminized ratio. This method of seed production offers organic grown seed batched with plants highly resistant to mold and pests and crop diseases.

Lemon Kush Feminized

There is some controversy surrounding the origins of Lemon Kush Fem. The question on everybody’s minds is which pair of strains truly gave rise to this beauty – Afghan Kush x Lemon G or Master Kush x Lemon Joy? Both pairs are upstanding strains in the cannabis world and would be more than capable of giving Lemon Kush its superior genetics. A sweet citrusy bouquet, impeccable effects and applications, and substantially high yields – these are just some of the characteristics that make it always in demand. No need to take out the paternity test kit; just take a good look at this balanced hybrid, and in no time, everyone will be claiming to be its dad.

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Beginners will do well raising Lemon Kush because it can be very easy to grow. It is a hardy plant that can withstand occasional dips in temperature. Moreover, it also has some resistance to pests, molds, and mildew, therefore requiring less maintenance and minimal care.

On the other hand, it can have a mature height of 120 to 150 cm (4 to 5 feet) that takes some managing. It also emits a strong, pungent lemon scent. These traits must be watched out for if there is a need for low-key and discreet cultivation. Outdoors, choose a secluded area away from prying eyes. For indoor growing, consider installing a proper ventilation system or carbon filter to minimize the odor.

Flowering Time

Lemon Kush Fem has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. Outdoors, the peak of blossoming will be in mid-October. After which, you will be able to harvest beautiful popcorn-like green buds with orange pistils.


When planting this zesty treasure indoors, use a low-stress training (LST) technique like the Screen of Green (SCROG) method to manage the potential height, especially if your grow room has a low ceiling. It is quite straightforward to implement; even novices can accomplish this with just a little instruction and practice. Install a screen or net 20 to 25 cm (8 to 10 inches) above the growing medium during the vegetative phase. Allow the new branches to weave through the net as they emerge. This will encourage the plant to grow laterally, making it bushier rather than tall or lanky.

Use LED or HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps to ensure that the plant gets enough light for more vigorous development. While Lemon Kush grows better with high-wattage bulbs, it is best to monitor the foliage carefully to avoid leaf burn.

The buds will mature in a relatively short 8 to 10 weeks, and the expected yield is 450 to 550 grams (16 to 19 ounces) per square meter of growing space. Although this could be significantly lower than outdoor growing results, it is still quite substantial.


This balanced hybrid loves warm, dry, and Mediterranean-like climate. It is a robust plant that thrives under full sunlight. Using organic soil that is rich in nutrients like nitrogen and calcium will enhance its terpene profile. Not only will it give the final product a brighter, stronger lemon flavor and aroma, but it will also boost the overall effects. Come harvest time, and you can expect yields to go as high as 1000 grams (35 ounces) per plant. That is an awe-inspiring return that will make all your efforts worthwhile.

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Medical Application

Lemon Kush’s THC range of 17 to 26% makes its psychoactive effects more pronounced. Because of this, it is a popular choice for addressing depression, stress, and anxiety. The benefits of this strain include easing tension and promoting positive thoughts and feelings, which in turn are helpful for those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and general anxiety disorder (GAD).

This hybrid is also useful for pain relief and reducing inflammation. With the right dosage, it can be highly effective for arthritis, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, migraines, and even dysmenorrhea.

Adverse Reactions

Consuming marijuana causes cotton mouth, also known as dry mouth. This is a condition wherein the salivary glands have slowed down saliva production. Not to worry – it is easy to head this off by keeping yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids at regular intervals both during and after your pot session.

Another common side effect of smoking joints would be dry, bloodshot eyes. Just make sure to have some over-the-counter eye drops or artificial tears on hand to lubricate the eyes as needed. With these simple remedies, these conditions will not cause any major inconveniences.

It is best to be cautious when dosing this weed. With THC levels ranging anywhere from medium to very high depending on the phenotype, overindulgence may cause dizziness and headaches. First-timers, casual users, and those with THC sensitivity may also experience paranoia and mild anxiety.


As expected of this zingy baby, just a couple of puffs plus a few minutes and voila, your senses will be fully awakened. It will revitalize you, boosting creativity and creating focus. This cerebral high is especially effective if you are at the eleventh hour for a brilliant lightbulb moment and want to think up new ideas and artistic concepts.

You will also experience a mild calming and relaxing effect. You will feel the tensions slowly ebbing away, and positive thoughts will flow freely. However, your body will still feel light. You will continue to be productive and be able to perform chores and tasks as needed. Furthermore, there will be no body-melt or stoniness.

Because of this, Lemon Kush may be consumed in the morning as a wake ‘n bake. But many users also recommend taking it in the afternoon when you still need to get things done but are already nearing the end of the day. That way, when you get off work or finish your chores, you can let the relaxing effects take over and just rest and chill.


Lemon Kush has a refreshing freshly-squeezed aroma that invigorates the senses. It has a sweet lemony fragrance that is balanced by the earthy and musky Kush scent.


The citrusy zing pops in the mouth with the first breath. The mix of sweet and tangy swirls around the palate until a hint of spiciness surfaces. The delicious blend of flavors will leave you wanting for more.

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Similar Strains

Another balanced hybrid with magnificent THC levels isGorilla Glue #4 Fem. This heavy hitter packs THC levels at 26 to 28%. After waiting 8 to 9 weeks for it to flower, it will produce extremely sticky trichomes that can glue your fingers and scissors together when harvesting. It has hefty yields at about 600 grams per plant.

Get more citrusy zing with Original Lemon Pie Fem. This sweet and lemony Sativa-dom will energize and uplift you enough to keep you focused and productive for hours. It is easy to grow in warm and sunny weather. It flowers in 9 to 11 weeks and yields up to 500 grams (18 ounces) per square meter.

Have you had enough of lemons? Try a different fruit-inspired selection,Pineapple Haze Fem. This strain gives off a more tropical flavor, with a hint of earthy pine. It is great for warding off fatigue and stress. The fluffy, green flowers with orange pistils can grow within 10 to 12 weeks and yield anywhere from 250 to 500 grams (9 to 18 ounces) per square meter.

Play detective and see if Afghan Kush Fem is really Lemon Kush’s parent. Check out the similarities and differences of the two strains and be judge them for yourself. This landrace strain is 100% pure Indica and has a sour, earthy smell with a strong hash taste. Grown outdoors, you can harvest the resin-rich buds from late September to early October. It can yield as much as 500 to 600 grams (18 to 21 ounces) per plant.

If you prefer to get results faster, then Critical + Fem is a good strain to add to your collection. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that induces deep relaxation and lifts the mood. It is relatively low maintenance and can grow as tall as 2.5 meters (8 feet) high. While it is still a photoperiod strain, it has a fast flowering time of 6 to 8 weeks. Most importantly, it can yield up to 1300 grams (46 ounces) per plant when grown outdoors. That is a fantastic harvest for a relatively short time.

To try these varietals and more, get them here at i49. We offer a wide variety of high-potency, super flavorful strains that will satisfy your cannabis appetite.

Nick Names

Lemon Kush Fem is sometimes referred to in its abbreviated form, LK. It is also sometimes called the Cali Lemon Kush. However, it should not be confused with Lemon OG Kush, also known as Lemon OG.

Final Thoughts

Lemon Kush Fem is a strain that cannot be ignored or sidelined. Just try it once, and you will readily fall in love with this zesty pick. Purchase it here at i49.net and be assured of top-quality seeds, prompt shipping, and discreet packaging. In addition, we value your privacy and will safeguard your personal information. Order authentic, guaranteed-to-germinate seeds from us today and join our legions of satisfied customers.