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Very Low THC (- 0.3%) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Excellent excellent excellent fast shipping very discreet they give you freebies to try and that’s why I will love coffeeshopseeds.com I have given my friends The full Dutch Passion feminised seed collection categorised according to the typical THC levels found in the buds.

Very Low THC (- 0.3%)


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Feminised cannabis seeds THC levels

Feminised cannabis seeds can give rise to plants with anything from below 1% THC to around 30%. Most growers tend to prefer something somewhere in the middle, with enjoyable rather than overwhelming effects. There are also feminised seeds capable of producing cannabinoids other than THC (such as CBD, CBG, THCV, CBDV in the Dutch Passion Special Cannabinoid Seed Collection).

Average THC levels in feminised cannabis seeds

Average THC levels in Dutch coffee shop cannabis is around 15-16%. Many expect it to be higher, but these THC levels are confirmed in Dutch Government surveys. If you grow your own cannabis you can match the choice of cannabis seeds to your desired potency targets. The most potent cannabis strains with THC levels around 30% actually tend not to suit everyone. For some people they may be simply a little too strong. But if you dig high THC levels then there are some great feminised seed choices.

What is a high amount of THC for cannabis?

All Dutch Passion feminised strains THC levels

THC levels tend to suffer a great deal of hype. Many amateur cannabis seed suppliers fabricate THC levels and never conduct any independent lab testing. Most of the street weed and home grown is usually around 15% THC. Dutch Passion use independent lab testing as well as getting feedback from legal growers that cultivate Dutch Passion strains commercially.

The data gathered over many years has allowed Dutch Passion to categorise their cannabis seeds into different collections according to the typical THC levels found in the buds from that particular strain.

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Feminised cannabis seeds with extreme THC levels (20%+)

If you want to grow feminised seeds which produce the most potent buds, enjoy browsing the strains below. Expect THC levels of over 20% and quite probably over 25% when grown in optimised conditions.

Warning: These strains are notoriously strong and not necessarily suited to everyone.

Hifi 4G®
Kerosene Krash®
Orange Hill Special®
Sugar Bomb Punch®

If you’re keen to read more about all of Dutch Passion’s very highest THC seeds (including autoflower seeds), please take a quick look at the High THC seed collection.

Dutch Passion High THC cannabis seed collection

Feminised cannabis seeds with very high THC levels (15-20%)

With THC levels typically in the 15-20% range, these (often heavy yielding) feminised seeds are easy to grow with great taste/aroma. The effects are powerful and may well be too strong for less experienced tokers. Fully dial in your conditions and you may see the occasional plant exceed 20% THC.

Amsterdam Amnesia®
Bubba Island Kush®
Californian Orange
Forest Dream®
Glueberry O.G.®
Jorge’s Diamonds #1®
Master Kush
Mokum’s Tulip®
Orange Bud
Passion #1
Passion Fruit®
Skywalker Haze
The Ultimate®
White Widow

Feminised cannabis seeds with high THC levels (10-15%)

Although some may feel that 10-15% THC doesn’t sound high, the average THC levels in Dutch Coffee Shop weed are actually 15%, so these strains will feel every bit as powerful as the typical cannabis smoked most of the time. These feminised seeds are easy to grow in a range of conditions and includes many specialist outdoor cannabis seeds.

Banana Blaze®
Critical Orange Punch®
Durban Poison®
Frisian Dew®
Hollands Hope®
Pamir Gold®
Power Plant®
Skunk #11®
Snow Bud®
Strawberry Cough®
Think Fast®

Feminised cannabis seeds with medium THC levels (5-10%)

THC levels of 5-10% will feel a little milder than the average strain. For some people this is perfect, allowing them to think and function reasonably well after enjoying a light hit. Medical cannabis users often appreciate the option to have a lower THC strain for certain situations. A sizeable number of cannabis users actually dislike the very high THC strains and much prefer the more manageable, soothing effects from a medium 5-10% THC strain:

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CBD Kush®
CBD Skunk Haze®
Frisian Duck®

Feminised cannabis seeds with low THC levels (0-5%)

With low THC levels below 5% these cannabis strains are often used by people who don’t necessarily want to get high at all. Low THC, High CBD strains like CBD Charlotte’s Angel have less than 1% THC. That means you can’t get high from them, there is simply insufficient THC to be psychoactive.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel®
CBD Compassion®
CBD Mazar
CBG Force®

Highest feminised photoperiod THC levels

If you’re serious about increasing THC levels to the max, the following expert tips may prove useful.

Upgrade to LED. If you haven’t already done so, an upgrade from HPS to a quality LED will improve THC levels as well as the terpene profile. LED uses an optimised blend of wavelengths to produce optimised growth and cannabinoid production. HPS emits a lot of less useful orange/yellow wavelengths in addition to inherently high levels of stress-inducing infra red heat. Cannabis clones which might produce 17% THC levels with HPS will often produce THC levels in the 20-25% range when grown with LED. That’s a significant increase and is the reason why upgrading to LED could be the single best grow room upgrade you can make!

Use UVA/UVB supplemental light in bloom. Running specialist UVA/UVB fluorescent light fixtures in your grow room is a great way to nudge THC levels up as far as they can go. Supplemental UVA & UVB mimic that from the sun. Cannabis, and other crops, benefit from this and evolved to take advantage of the suns natural UVA & UVB.

Avoid the yoyo effect of underfeeding and overfeeding, try slow release organic nutrients. Over feeding your cannabis plants results in stunted growth, damaged roots and reduced yields/quality. One external sign of overfeeding is the dry, brown scorched leaf tips. It’s a sure sign that your plant has been struggling. Underfeeding your plants will also reduce yield and quality. If you have struggled from time to time with traditional bottled nutrients it could be time to try a different approach.

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Slow release organic nutrients such as those from BioTabs release you from the burden of understanding, preparing and using bottled nutrients. Instead you just need to add water…and perhaps a touch of general purpose bloom nutrients at the very end if the plants have fully consumed the natural reserves. By keeping your plants in the nutrient sweet spot from cannabis seed to harvest you are significantly increasing your chances of an optimised grow with maximised THC levels.

Consider upgrading to an aerated grow container. Many growers get improved results when switching to air-pots or fabric grow sacks. Both options allow higher levels of root aeration/oxygenation than is possible from traditional grow containers. With a healthy root mass in an aerated environment, you are optimising your plant health. All the best growers know the value of healthy cannabis roots when it comes to high THC levels and high-quality results.

Buy the best cannabis seeds from a company you can trust. The top seed suppliers take their work seriously, but they are heavily outnumbered by amateur seed suppliers who buy and sell cannabis seeds on the wholesale market with little idea how good/bad they are. Even the world’s best growers can’t produce high THC buds from poor quality cannabis seeds. Research your seedbank carefully, a few cannabis cups are a sign that your seed company takes their profession seriously and really do care about genetic excellence.

Dutch Passion 70+ cannabis cups since the 1980’s

Autoflower seeds really are just as good as photoperiod feminised seeds for high THC results. Traditionally many would have preferred feminised cannabis seeds over autoflower seeds, feeling that they might just have the edge when it comes to THC. Not anymore. Dutch Passion regularly see 25%+ THC levels in their autoflowers, measured by independent labs.

Licensed professional growers have recently seen 29% THC levels in Auto Skywalker Haze. If anything, THC levels in the best autoflowers can sometimes be slightly higher than their photoperiod sister strain. The best autoflowers really are on the same quality levels as top-quality feminised strains. But, as always, choose your autoflower seeds carefully.