Mango ice seeds

Mango Ice Cream Pops with Sesame Seeds

For the sesame crust 150 grams sugar 150 grams butter 150 grams hulled Sesame seeds 150 grams honey For the mango cream 1 l Mango juice 5 egg yolks 150 grams sugar 600 milliliters Whipped cream For the sauce 3 ripe Mangoes 3 Tbsps powdered sugar For decorating 300 grams Marzipan 100 grams powdered sugar yellow Food coloring 50 grams dark Couverture

Preparation steps

For the sesame crust, bring the sugar and the butter to a boil in a saucepan while stirring until the sugar has melted. Add sesame seeds and honey, remove from heat and allow to cool a little while stirring. Spread the mixture on an oiled baking sheet and allow to set.

For the mango cream, bring the mango juice to a boil in a pot. Stir together the egg yolks and sugar until fluffy and whisk over a hot water bath until the mixture thickens. Remove the bowl from the water bath and slowly pour in the mango juice while whisking. Beat cream until stiff and carefully fold into the mango mixture.

Loosen the half of the sesame crust from the sheet, place in a baking dish and pour the mango cream over the crust. Top with the second half of sesame crust about it place baking dish in the freezer. For the sauce, peel mango, cut the flesh from the pit, puree with powdered sugar and strain through a sieve.

For decorating, knead marzipan with powdered sugar, tint with food coloring and cut into cubes. Melt couverture over a hot water bath, pour into a small piping bag, cut a small tip and pipe ribbons onto the marzipan cubes.

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Remove the ice cream from the freezer, cut into squares and halve diagonally. Divide among plates with some mango sauce and garnish plates with the decorated with marzipan cubes. Serve immediately.

Mango Falooda

Mango falooda is a delicious multi-layered dessert with full-on mango flavor and many different textures in one. Actually this is a cross between drink and dessert. A must-make when mangoes are in season for mango lovers like me!

❤️About This Recipe

This is the variation of traditional rose-flavored falooda for mango lovers.

Easy to make: It looks like there are so many components for each and every layer. But trust me it is super easy to make and anyone can prepare this mango falooda with some prep work.

Little prep work required: Follow these tips and flow to make the prep work easy and it gets done in just 30 minutes (from prep to serving)

  • First, soak the sabja seeds. It takes 20 minutes of soaking time.
  • While seeds are soaking, cook falooda sev.
  • Also, make other elements ready like chopping mango, making mango puree (if making homemade), dissolve sugar in the milk.
  • Keep the serving glass ready.
  • Once all the elements are prepped just assemble and serve.

Ingredient Notes

  • Sabja seeds: It is also known as basil seeds or tukmaria. Looks like chia seeds, but they are different. In the absence of it, you can sure use chia seeds. You can soak it a day before and store it in the refrigerator.
  • Falooda sev: It is easily available in Indian grocery stores. You can see the sev packet in the step-by-step pics below for your reference.
  • Mango pulp: I have used fresh, ripe mangoes and blended them into the blender to make a pulp. If needed, add sugar while making pulp. Instead, you can use store-bought canned mango pulp that is available in Indian stores.
  • Milk: Full-fat whole milk is a must to get a rich, creamy texture.
  • Mango ice cream: Use homemade or store-bought. Instead, you can use vanilla ice cream. But I prefer mango to get the more intense flavor.
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‍ Step By Step Photo Instructions

1) Take sabja seeds in a bowl and add ½ cup of water.

2) Let it soak for 20-30 minutes. They will get bigger and absorb most of the water. If there is any water then drain it.

3) Bring around 3 cups of water to a rolling boil in a saucepan for cooking falooda sev.

4) Add sev as soon as the water comes to a boil and cook for 4-5 minutes (or as per the package instructions). Drain the water and rinse the sev with cold water to stop the cooking process. Using kitchen scissors cut the sev into 1-inch pieces so it will be easier to eat with a spoon.

Also, do the following preps while seeds are soaking.

  • Add sugar into the milk and stir until sugar is dissolved. Instead, you can heat up the milk until sugar is dissolved. But you have do this step few hours earlier, so you can chill the milk before making mango falooda. So I prefer to add sugar (in powder form) to cold milk and mix.
  • Peel and cut the mangoes into cubes. Keep 1 cup of mango cubes and make a puree of rest.

5) Start assembling. Add a spoonful of soaked basil seeds and then a spoonful of cooked sev.

6) Add 2 tablespoons of mango pulp followed by a few mango pieces.

7) Repeat the same layers (seeds, sev, mango pulp) without mango pieces.

8) Add ½ cup of milk.

9) Top it with a scoop of ice cream.

10) Garnish with chopped nuts, some mango pieces and a mint leaf. Repeat the same for the rest 3 glasses.

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Expert Tips

  • You may need to adjust the quantity of the ingredients depending on the size of the glass.
  • If you want to make a smaller serving size then do not repeat the layers. Just do one time only.
  • Chia seeds can be used instead of basil seeds. They have the same texture.
  • Do not overcook the falooda sev. The overcooked, mushy texture is not pleasant in the mango falooda.

Storage Instructions

  • Once assembled in the glass, mango falooda should be served right away.
  • You can prepare the different elements ahead of time (a day before) and store them in the refrigerator. The next day, you just have to assemble it.

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