Maui seeds

Maui True Blood

Sticky Finger Seeds and the breeders at House of Orange collaborated and produced this incredible bleeding strain with a combo of Royal Blood, Hawaiian Dream plus a family secret.

The Breeders at House of Orange took Bodhi’s Dragon’s Blood Hash plant and crossed it to ((Sunset Sherb x Cherry Pie) x Royal Kush 8)) creating Royal Blood.

The Dragons Blood Hash plant is an indica-sativa hybrid cross of an heirloom Hawaiian sativa and a 1988 G13 x Hash plant a.k.a. 88G13HP. 88G13 is renowned for adding increased vigour, trichome production and potency to just about any cross it has contributed to. Dragons Blood Hash plant has an immensely complex scent and flavour which is also reflected in its effect which is almost white-knuckle in character combined with deep bodily relaxation. The Blood possesses the remarkable trait of producing red sap, due to its high sugar content as measured by the Brix scale, whence its name.

Tori:“We have a variety of colourful bleeding phenos with hints of the sunset sherb colours and the royals smell profiles and the dragon’s blood bleeding trait. We will be diligently hunting through hundreds of seeds to stabilise our favourite attributes within this strain we created to keep our favourite phenos coming through in our next f3 and f4 projects! So much love for Sticky Finger Seeds for crossing our royal blood to his own Hawaiian genetics. He’s a true OG and amazing breeder. Give thanks to all these beautiful upcoming projects.”

Will: “We are stoked that our Hawaiian Dream isn’t overbred and able to translate and carry the bleeding trait. Other crosses I have tried with more modern and over crossed strains, have not shown any red sap or bleeding of any sort. That’s the only reason that I think this cross is worth talking about as it is truly a Hawaiian lineage family reunion.”

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We would encourage you to grow this in your garden and have the opportunity to work with this incredible plant.

Hawaii Maui Waui Feminised Seeds – 5

Hawaii Maui Waui has been bred from selected Hawaiian genetics. Maui Waui has a long-established reputation as a top-quality weed strain and is very old-school with a complex effect that is not as overpowering as many modern hybrid strains.

How Hawaii Maui Waui Grows

Hawaii Maui Waui is a rather tall and lanky plant and, being an inbred line, has predominantly sativa genetics. It can be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors where it will do much better in regions with a warm climate such as the Mediterranean. It is perfectly suited to SCRoG indoors which tames its tendency to grow very tall. Yields are good at 350 – 450 gr/m2.

Hawaii Maui Waui Taste, Smell, and Effect

THC and CBD production are both at medium levels and the taste is of a very old-school Sativa with sweet, tropical citrus notes. The effect is uplifting, happy and even euphoric but not so intense as to be uncomfortable in any way.

hawaii maui waui

A full blooded sativa from the beautiful island of Hawaii that will keep you passionately creative, energized and rejuvenated for hours on end. This tall, fast growing girl is a true expression of an old school equatorial landrace with intense tropical flavours. A must have for purveyors of the world’s finest sativa Cannabis!

Genetics: Hawaii Maui Waui Feminized is an interbred line, meaning that she is the 6th generation of breeding lines. A sativa that will require 10-12 weeks to flower before harvesting and can grow very tall, so we recommend this strain to those with previous experience with aggressive fast growing sativas, or with unlimited plant height indoors and outdoors. Due to her long flowering period, we advise this strain to those who experience long summers living in a hot climate.

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Strain Characteristics: Expect this lady to grow with thin woody branches, large internodal spacing, and long side branching. The appearance of the leaves will be thin fingered and long and serrated, where they can grow as big as your hand, meaning she is one of our more difficult strains to grow.

Training Hawaii Maui Waui Feminized is recommended and a great way to control the final height of the plants, once flowering has commenced. Yields can reach 350 – 450 g/m², and the buds will grow with a tall and thin, with an abundance of sugar leaf and pistils. Trimming the buds may take longer than other strains, however hash makers and extractors will have plenty of trim after growing this tropical, citrus Hawainn delicacy.

Experiencing this strain: Smokers who love a cerebral boost that fires up creativity, energy and a sense of motivation, will love this strain. Her effects are fast acting and will send the mind into an electric high that boosts clarity and focus. Perfect for morning times, and busy individuals who wish to stay focused throughout a long work day.

Quote from a customer: “ WOW is all I can say this strain was like auto pilot l mean just set back and let her go. She was bigger than a Christmas tree and the same shape until I put her under my 4×8 Scrog net and then she filled it in like a champ. Switched it to flower and she went nuts trying to reach the lights. Flowered just as easy as it veg and huge yield. I got 2.5 pounds out of her yea just one plant. And some old school taste that I haven’t seen around since the 80’s brought me back to the old day’s. Will be growing this out again very soon. AA+++” – Charles W.

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