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Purple Thai Feminized

The absolute most established sativa landraces on the planet can be found in Thailand and Purple Thai Fem is a stunner. Her lively purple hues are a feast for the eyes and her euphoric buzz is more than enough to knock out beginner herbivores. This sativa predominant strain is a relative of Highland Oaxacan Gold and Chocolate Thai.

Back in the day, this dank weed was referred to as Chocolate Thai. Sixty years ago it found its way into the United States when marines going through Thailand from Vietnam brought back Thai sticks. During the 1970s, the American cannabis scene was buzzing over Thai sticks and their psychedelic properties. The exotic foot-long marijuana kabobs were made with a thin bamboo cane and covered in high-quality pressed buds. Rumour has it that Thai sticks were soaked in opium while others claim cannabis oil was used to increase their potency. What isn’t up for dispute is that their potent properties were unparalleled to any other ganja out there. It is presumed that one of the phenotypes of this intense strain served as the hereditary base for Purple Thai Fem.

The other strain used to create this hybrid was Highland Oaxacan Gold from Mexico. From numerous points of view, this high-flying Mexican strain has traits similar to Colombian Gold.

Developing this plant is no simple undertaking for a tenderfoot. It requires some level of understanding and aptitude. It will require a lot of vertical space inside as this plant is a giant that ranges from 5-8 feet. Outside, it could even stretch to 13 feet.


When growing this weed seed in your home, the first thing you should consider is how tall your plants can get. This strain could reach up to 8 feet inside. For producers who do have space for the plants inside the house, they will also need to be prepared for 11-13 weeks of blossoming. Toward the end, the reward for your efforts is a bountiful collection of 2.13 ounces per square foot.

When your parents hail from the hot and humid areas of Thailand and Mexico, it is no surprise their offspring will also want a tropical climate. This strong strain is more appropriate for planting in heat and humidity. It cherishes heat and flourishes with a lot of daylight. Developed inside, it has the potential for incredible yields given there is plentiful vertical space and amazing HID lights.

If you are prepared to challenge your green thumb, buy Purple Thai Fem strain seeds, but be prepared with the best hardware and developing conditions to enable this dazzling strain to flourish.

Flowering Time

Flowering time for this strain is around 11-13 weeks. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in potency and yield and as a result, it is a landmark strain to have in every veteran’s growing arsenal.


When growing this solid strain inside probably the best arrangement is, to begin with, the Screen of Green (SCROG) technique. This method involves creating a work screen on the upper shelter or highest points of the plant and afterward controlling the branches to shape equally spread out bud destinations. It is a prudent set up in that it doesn’t need extra lights other than the essential HID light. The pros of using this system are plenty of first quality buds, that are homogeneous and almost identical.


If you decide to develop outside, the yield per plant is as much as 35 ounces as long as the conditions are ideal and you aren’t running into significant wet weather. For the most part, the reaping period is late October or early November. Starting your cultivation journey is as basic as acquiring the feminized seeds from I49. Growing your garden with cannabis seeds that have stellar hereditary qualities will result in a homegrown stash you can be proud of.

Medical Application

This strain has the goods to mitigate whatever is hurting from head to toe. A few people experiencing joint inflammation, fibromyalgia, and numerous chronic ailments have discovered relief and solace using this strain. A favorite bud for treating chronic conditions such as fatigue, depression, and stress, this healing herb is a go-to for stress relief.

Expect an attack of the munchies after a session with this purple princess. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy will find this strain makes food smell better and taste more delicious. It’s been used to help settle upset bellies and queasiness as well.

Adverse Reactions

Despite some remedial advantages, this striking strain can also incite some undesirable responses. A few people talk about cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dizziness being among the most well-known. Because of these powerful effects, Purple Thai Fem should not be used if you are less experienced or have tendencies towards anxiety.


This alluring strain is, beyond question, a powerhouse equipped for inciting an exceptionally fiery and euphoric cerebral high. Immediately after you take a puff the high hits almost immediately. You will experience a dizzying cerebral rush that launches you into orbit. Minutes subsequent to taking several hits, the stimulating impacts swarm into the psyche and begin to warm the body. If this strain is effectively developed the plant could have 20% THC. These levels are best dodged by beginners. Such characteristics are among the reasons that make it a magnificent wake-and-bake strain. If you use it for daytime consumption you can expect a boost in your energy and a jump-start in your creative process.

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Purple Thai Fem has a potpourri of mouth-watering aromas. It is sweet, earthy, nutty, and also has a burst of berry scent. When you break the nugs open, it has a hearty scent that brings to mind a sweet cafe mocha.


Just like a warm sip of your favorite coffee, this bold strain will linger with the taste of espresso on your taste buds each time you inhale. Some users have said they can taste a subtle nutty and earthy flavor on their tongue.

Similar Strains

There are many violet strains in the 420 community and one thing they all have in common is the ability to bring on smiles for miles. These Purple Fem strains all are fantastic backups to the one and only Purple Thai Fem strain. Not only do these strains have exceptional reputations but they each have their own effect that rings true for many of our growers and smokers.

Purple Star Killer is our strain that is pain-reducing and sleep-inducing and gives you a heavy sedative effect when smoked. With high levels of THC, this strain is a shoo-in for a sure fire psychoactive high feeling.

Are you looking to loosen up your body but keep your mind alert? Purple Gelato fem is perfect for keeping your mind awake while your body goes into full relaxation mode.

Purple Kush is voted one of the topmost powerful strains on the market. As a 100% indica strain, this hard-hitting THC lover brings an immediate euphoria to the mind and body.

Purple Punch is a sweet treat for after dinner indulging. Bringing back memories of our childhood with a grape Kool-aid taste, this strain is a wonderful reliever of stress and pain.

Purple Haze is going to keep the user talking no matter how shy they are. This strain is known as Chatty Cathy and is sativa dominant. Get lit with this purple Mary Jane strain and watch it bring you happiness and joy.

Nick Names

Known to old school growers as Chocolate Thai, it is a powerful classic, no matter what you want to call it.

Final Thoughts

Some people like to kick back and unwind in the wake of a difficult day at the workplace. Others lean toward an injection of vitality and imagination before picking up a guitar or some free weights. Whatever your jam is, discover the cannabis strain that works best for you at I49. With seeds from I49, the buds you grow have the potential to be the same quality as the expertly cultivated nugs you can buy from a cannabis retailer.

At I49, we accept and believe firmly in the clinical and recreation use of weed. That is the reason, regardless of what impact you are after, you will discover the marijuana seeds that suit your necessities at our online seed bank.

It is safe to say that you are prepared to grow some ganja? You can buy Purple Thai Fem strain seeds online but where you purchase your seeds in the USA matters. If you want your weed seeds to sprout, you should buy seeds that are stored and shipped in temperature-controlled environments from a trusted online seed bank like I49. If you don’t pick a legitimate seed bank you may wind up with cannabis seeds that aren’t what they are guaranteed to be. That is the reason I49 is the best spot to purchase feminized and autoflower seeds.

Not only do we stand behind our germination guarantee, but we also offer top-notch customer service that will support you every step of the way. Read through the many 5-star reviews left by veteran growers and see for yourself why people rave about our premium genetics and attention to customer care. We look forward to being a part of your growing adventure!

Purple Thai, Landraces

Purple Thai comes from Thailand and is one of the oldest native breeds. In its region of origin it grows up to 4m, has slender leaves and long conic flowers with very long hairs. One phenotype have a purple shimmer on the leaves and flowers, the other phenotype gets dark green leaves covered in trichomes. In Thailand the hours of sunshine between summer and winter are not very different, so that in this region partly 2 harvests per year are possible. However, the extremely strong monsoon rains often pervents this, so that these pure sativas are cultivated mainly during the summer.

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Purple Thai is a powerful variety with strong sativa effects. The high is a powerful psychedelic rush of happiness. This landrace strain pays off with some highly introspective headstash. It will satisfy those who like marijuana for its mind-opening qualities. It is ideal for meditation, yoga or any creative moment.

The dark buds of Purple Thai have a amazing exotic, fruity, berry flavor and taste. The average THC content was measured at 24%. By selecting the strongest thai mother plant of all and using different specialized breeding methods Anesia could stabilize this high THC value.

Growing Purple Thai

Purple Thai has a flowering period of 11-13 weeks and can be harvested at the end of October / beginning of November when grown outdoors. Therefore, the outdoor-cultivation is recommended in Northern Europe only in greenhouses, so that the autumn storms and the lower temperatures can not harm the plants. The flowering phase should be initiated after 3-4 weeks of the vegetative growth. Purple Thai performs well in SCROG and SOG.Growing in a screen of green system offers enough space for the plants to spread out to full potential. This variety can be grown in either hydro or soil. if you leave Purple Thai in lower temperatures toward the end of the grow cycle the colors often begin to turn much more violet in shade, sometimes even blue.

Mature plants grow indoors up to 80-90 cm, are full with heavy buds with a dark purple color and orange hairs. Growers can expect a yield of more than 500g per square meter with indoor cultivation. Outdoor growing will produce yields up to 1kg per plant depending on the specific conditions such as temperature and soil type.

Medical Use

It is well suited for use in the morning. It is great for dealing with numerous ailments such as stress, depression, and loss of appetite.

Purple Thai Strain Review | Marijuana Guide

Purple Thai is a sativa-dominant strain that is widely known for its deep purple hues and unique flavor profile. It has notes of chocolate and citrus, with nutty undertones to bring it all together. Purple Thai does come with a high THC content and potential psychoactive properties, so it’s not for the faint of heart!

Purple Thai was bred by the company Anesia Seeds, and it is thought to be the inspiration behind a range of top-quality strains, ranging from the euphoric high of Purple Haze to the pungent, earthy smell of Chemdawg 91. While this hybrid is not as popular as some of the modern classic strains like Skunk, it comes close in quality and reputation.

One of the many things that draws smokers to this strain is its tasty chocolate scent and, of course, its interesting purple color.

However, the main appeal tends to be its extensive psychoactive properties, making it quite a potent strain even for some experienced smokers. Throughout this article, we will be exploring why Purple Thai is renowned for its delicious taste, how to produce top quality buds, and why it creates those prominent cerebral highs.

What Is the Purple Thai Cannabis Strain?

Purple Thai is a sativa-dominant strain boasting 80% sativa and 20% indica. Its heritage is thought to be a mix of Highland Oaxacan Gold and Chocolate Thai; both of these strains are landraces, which is a term used to describe a strain that is native to one particular geographical location.

Oaxacan Gold is native to the Mexican region for which it is named, and gives its smoker a potent yet surprisingly clear-headed high that became popular in America during the 1970s. Another strain from around the same time period was Chocolate Thai which, as you can imagine has a delicious chocolate and coffee flavor combination, which I am happy to announce it has passed on to Purple Thai.

However, while the strain peaked in the 1970s and 1980s, it became less trendy to smoke because it was particularly difficult to grow and didn’t produce many effects. Its low THC levels helped it fade from popularity, shadowed by more potent modern strains.

Luckily Purple Thai has been adapted to inherit Oaxacan Gold’s THC levels and has an impressive percentage range from 20% to 24%. This makes it a great strain for intermediate users, who feel comfortable with the effects of a strong high.

Purple Thai Cannabis Strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Like its name describes, Purple Thai’s appearance is largely dominated by its deep purple buds. These occur due to secondary pigments called anthocyanins, and they make a beautiful addition to the loose, almost rectangular shape of the buds.

These buds are hidden between the long, bright green leaves of the plant and, because there isn’t a huge presence of trichomes, the plant can look quite furry in texture.

Its aroma isn’t a show stopper, but what can you smell tends to be very pleasant. You’ll enjoy the warm earthy notes that translate into a chalky chocolate smell. Its nutty coffee undertones soon turn sweet once the nuggets begin to be ground up.

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It doesn’t boast the high-terpene levels as its predecessor Chocolate Thai, but much of its smell indicates how tasty this strain can be. Its creamy and nutty taste is undone by flowery and citrus undertones throughout the smoke. The lemon flavor gives it a refreshing quality that cuts through the other heavy chocolatey flavors.

Purple Thai Strain Grow Info

With heritage from Mexico and Thailand, this plant thrives in a tropical climate. Plenty of moisture and heat is the best way to produce these juicy purple buds, and because of this, it is much easier to grow in a controlled environment. Unless it is being grown in a geographical location similar to its heritage, growers will struggle to produce a good quality plant outside.

This strain type has a flowering time of 11 to 13 weeks when grown indoors, which is considered relatively long. If you do decide to grow outdoors, you can expect to harvest in October. A great benefit to growing this plant is that it produces a very high yield. So, if you don’t want to spend too much time growing or you don’t have adequate space for many plants, this strain could be a great choice.

Typically, this is a strain for intermediate growers because of its climate requirements. However, if you are a beginner in a country with a similar climate or are comfortable with controlling the environment in your growing space, it’s a strain definitely worth growing.

Purple Thai Effects

The most prominent effect from smoking Purple Thai tends to be its ability to energize. It has some pretty high THC levels which can cause great mental stimulation – it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. Most smokers feel intensely uplifted and positive in the moment. Because of this, it can be a great way to deal with a stressful day at work or home.

Purple Thai is a strain that is great for any social event or gathering, as many smokers claim it makes them very chatty and creative, causing many to sprout new ideas. It’s not uncommon for conversations to spiral into interesting and imaginative veins. A great strain to make you feel happier whether you smoke alone or with others.

Medical Cannabis Benefits of Purple Thai

While Purple Thai has very low CBD levels – typically 0.01% to 0.50% – it’s a great strain to use for a variety of ailments. It’s renowned for promoting the munchies, so if you suffer from lack of appetite or have recently lost your appetite as a side-effect of another issue, you may find this strain particularly helpful.

Its best to be prepared and stock up on healthy and nutritious snacks, so as not to make you feel extra groggy after the high.

If you suffer from extreme fatigue, whether that be physical or mental, a few puffs of this strain can make you feel much more energetic and you will find your spirit lifted – this is why it can be extremely effective against stress and depression. You can get lost in an interesting thought for a few hours, making you feel happier and content. If you are suffering from any of these issues, always make sure to visit your doctor first so they can give you medical advice.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Purple Thai

This is not a strain to choose when you need to focus on a particular task or work load. Because it is so stimulating, it often makes it difficult for smokers to concentrate on one particular thing. Many people experience intense distraction, whether that be from people or jobs they should be completing. It can also cause an extremely dry mouth, which is never pleasant after a smoke. It’s important to remember to stay hydrated and try to keep lots of water within reach when you are smoking this strain.

Purple Thai does have very high THC levels, especially for novice smokers. Like we have mentioned earlier, it’s extremely stimulating, and it can cause anxiety in smokers not accustomed to similar highs. We suggest trying a strain like Harlequin first, which doesn’t have such a strong psychoactive quality.

Final Thoughts About Purple Thai

This strain has such an interesting parentage of two landraces, both of which made their mark as prominent strains of the 1970s. This heritage makes Purple Thai feel very nostalgic, and we hope that, unlike Chocolate Thai, it stays in the limelight for as long as possible.

This is a great strain for those looking to escape reality for a few hours, whether that be out of boredom or as a way ease the heavy burden of depression. It’s important to remember that this strain has strong psychoactive effects, so please use with caution in a safe environment.