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Best seed bank online

Im hunting for genetics in our Washington greenhouse this winter and I was wondering where to find the most reputable company for seeds online. I searched and couldn’t find a definitive list.

any help is appreciated. apologies if this topic has been posed numerous times.

we’ve been using ILGM, always great quality seeds, ships anywhere in USA, and a lot of strains to choose from. If you are new there i think they have a buy 10 get 10 deal.

Too bad you need to make huge orders.. like you have to spend 100$ to get 1 strain so if you want 3 strains you need 300$

Hey question I have used ilgm and I have received awesome help with customer service and always got my seeds but the seeds are so small and dinky they look like they won’t grow. They do grow fine but was wondering if everyone is getting small seeds or just me

True north is 50% off right now

Side question. Who the hell has zkittlez

Zkittlez is a clone, not a seed line.

The real fire is on instagram. Try @tonygreenhand or @masonic_smoker. I’m running Green hands peanut butter breath right now and it’s starting out purdy and thiccccc

Seedsherenow has been A+ service.

You can buy one seed, or in bulk, from many reputable dealers around the world. Many deals also include free seeds, as well as, guaranteed/dicrete shipping.

attitude or choice seeds.

Seedsherenow without a doubt the best

These were my favorites a couple of years back: elite hybrids for a fair price and actual bred strains, and the freebies!

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What is the safest way to buy seeds online?

Obviously I don’t want to be giving out my credit card information and address to get in trouble but I have never done this before, any tips?

I just took the plunge and assumed it was safe if everyone else is doing it. It worked out well so I guess my advice is don’t worry? Probably bad advice.

prepaid gift cards at walmart, there is like a 5 dollar charge for it. They only have like 25/50/100 cards, none of the set your amount type, at least not at my walmart. i’d use attitude seedbank if i were you, they have guaranteed shipping options.