Shaman�s dream seeds

Shaman�s dream seeds

This pendant necklace is called Peacemaker and combines five different stones.

Selenite, or the Beam of Light Stone, opens the pathway to connect to the highest realms; opening all our chakras. It is a powerful tool to connect with teachers, angels and guides by opening our higher self. The soothing properties of Selenite allow one to become calm, centered and filled with divine light. Selenite constantly cleanses and recharges itself.

Pink Tourmaline aids in finding inner courage and strength. It has the potential to open one to love on many levels; it heals and protects one from any form of abuse.

Tourmalinated Quartz facilitates communication with guides and teachers while protecting the wearer from negativity.

The Black Tourmaline is amplified by the surrounding Quartz thus removing fear and implementing tranquility for a smooth transition on this physical plane.

Sugalite opens the crown chakra and assists in filtering the violet ray into being. It enhances your personal growth while helping you recognize your life purpose. Deep spiritual love and wisdom are associated with this stone. Selenite is a very soft crystal it should be handled with utmost care. It should never be washed or placed in water because this can erode or damage its surface.

Use Sage or moonlight if you wish to cleanse your amulet. Comes with black satin cord and information card. Handmade in USA.

Shamanic Plant Seeds

Shamanism has a very close relationship with plants and shamanic herbs, and with nature in general, trying to connect humans – holistically, with body, mind, and spirit – with the cosmos to establish harmony.

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Yauhtli, Mexican Tarragon (Tagetes lucida)
Kougoed, Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum)
White sage (Salvia apiana)
Syrian Rue, Esfand (Peganum harmala)
Wild aztec tobacco (Nicotiana rustica)
Lion’s tail (Leonotis leonurus)
Morning glory ‘Heavenly Blue’ (Ipomoea tricolor)
Hawkweed (Hieracium pilosella)
Desert Thorn-Apple (Datura discolor)
Jimson weed (Datura stramonium)
Devil’s trumpet (Datura metel)
Toloache, White Moonflower (Datura inoxia)
Royal Purple Brunfelsia, Manaka Root (Brunfelsia grandiflora)
White sagebrush (Artemisia ludoviciana)
Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
Angel’s trumpet tree (Brugmansia arborea)
Native American Tobacco – Seed kit
Magical & Shamanic Plants – Seed Kit
Ololiuqui (Rivea corymbosa)
Tree Tobacco (Nicotiana glauca)

This is done with the help of the shaman, who is able to move between this world and the world beyond in order to cure diseases and to communicate with “spiritual beings”. Many shamanic rituals require special medicinal herbs and plants whose seeds are collected here.

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Shaman Feminised Seeds

Shaman is an F1 hybrid cannabis strain created in the 1980s by crossing a Purple #1 with an Early Skunk. It is an 87.5% sativa plant half of which will turn purple during the flowering phase.

Shaman was developed for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. It is a fast-flowering strain with above average yields. She is a robust, hardy plant with great resistance to mould and rot, a quality that is of the utmost importance when growing outdoors in northern Europe. It has the elegant, slender profile of a sativa plant with quite long inter-nodal spacing. Flowering is a short 7 – 8 weeks in a greenhouse and where left exposed to the elements full maturity will be reached by the end of September or early October at the very latest in northern latitudes.

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Over a period of more than three decades Shaman has performed again and again and growers looking for a reliable outdoor sativa plant for cooler climates can rely on it. The aroma and taste are smooth, sweet and somewhat woody and the effect is rather sensual and uplifting.