Sherb cookies wax seeds

Sherb Biker Regular Cannabis Seeds by Karma Genetics

Sherb Biker cannabis seeds from Karma Genetics is an all new strain from this elite, Dutch seed company .

As her name perhaps suggests; Sherb Biker is derived from a selected phenotype of Sherb IX (Gelato #33 x Sunset Sherbet) from Karma’s personal selection. The Sherb IX was then crossed to their ever-reliable Biker Kush to create Sherb Biker – a beautifully bred hybrid of two incredible cannabis strains.

Legally operating growers can expect prolific, well-structured plants with flowering times of between 9-11 weeks. The presence of the Gelato #33 in the genetics gives the flowers a beautiful purple-green coloration that is augmented by an astounding terpene profile layered with creamy fruits, berries and a raw funky pungency.
Sherb Biker is a potent strain with medium to high yields under legal test conditions. Her potency, flavour and aromas make her an ideal choice for legal extraction artists.

Sherb Biker is available now from PureSativa in packs of 12 regular seeds.

Sherb Tree Cannabis Seeds

Blue Sherbert (also spelled “Blue Sherbet”) is a cross of Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. It tends to produce a powerful punch with soaring cerebral effects and powerful physical relaxation bred with another classic Bay Area strain LEMON TREE makes this strain speical letting off crazy terpene profiles with a unique and powerful taste of LEMON TREE with an enhanced SHERBET exhale giving it strengh and a even better taste like LEMON SHERBET. This is one to be kept and for sure a future cup winner.

Holy Smoke Seeds

Holy Smoke breeder is known to have produced some of the finest marijuana seeds in the cannabis market. Its breeder Nick has lifelong experience with landrace cannabis seed genetics and his early years were spent working with the many different landraces, logging and quantising their potential. Holy Smoke Seeds offer both regular marijuana seeds and female marijuana seeds from a super select pool of genetics. Offering some of the finest genetics to some from a blend of Africa and European origins, Holy Smoke Seeds are fast securing their place as a very select seedbank offering only premium cannabis genetics. All of these top quality Holy Smokes seeds are available to buy at the Attitude Seedbank.

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