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Sour Face Regular Cannabis Seeds by Archive Seedbank -DISCONTINUED

Sour Face cannabis seeds by Archive Seed bank extend their remarkable line of strains crossed with the legendary Face Off OG strain that has birthed many hard-hitting strains such as the Z Face.
The Sour Diesel is an infamous strain that has become more desirable due to its rarity in modern genetics; this cut was first received by the Archive team back in 2004/ 2005 way before the branded cuts came out such as the Rezdog pheno. There was only the original sour, as was the same with the OG & whilst the OG became synonymous with California whilst the Sour lent its spiritual home to New York.

Legal growers can expect to shave some time off that 11 week flower time that the Sour Diesel is known for, shaving up to 2 weeks flowering time with some phenotypes. The Terpene Profile is made up of the tangy sugary sweet diesel fuel-like funk that is reminiscent of playdough but providing an extra depth of kushy gas and lip-smacking terpenes that has made the Face Off OG such an important strain. The marriage of 2 of the GOAT cannabis strains means this is not one to miss; with it’s long-lasting flavour and effects.

Strength is assured from anything with an Archive Seeds label, but this new launch based around their impressive strain Face-Off has surpassed even their own lofty standards. The resin production is extensive enough to intrigue legal extraction artists and being regular cannabis seeds you will get a high likelihood of a male plant meaning legal breeders can look forward to using these genetics for exciting new projects.

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Sour Face Cannabis Seeds

The Original Sour Diesel Archive Seeds received for the first time in 2004/5. At the time, there were no “named” cuts of Sour. Just one, the original. As was the same case with OG. For all the New Yorkers out there that love Sour Diesel, but hate the 11 week flower time, these seeds for you. As the flower time can be reduced up to and over 2 weeks in some phenotypes! The Face off complements the classic fuel playdoh sugary diesel fuel funk the Sour is renowned for, but adds an extra layer of depth to the after flavor that has made the Face Off a household name. The best of both worlds, Dank sour on the intake, long lasting Kush on the after flavor, what’s not to love, eh?