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A rice antisense SPK transformant that lacks the accumulation of seed storage substances shows no correlation between sucrose concentration in phloem sap and demand for carbon sources in the sink organs

Rice SPK is a calmodulin-like domain protein kinase specific to immature seeds and promotes the degradation of sucrose. Therefore, antisense SPK transformants showed a defective production of storage starch, but accumulated sucrose in watery seeds. Despite a reduced sink strength, no difference was found in the sucrose concentration in phloem sap of the transformants and wild-type plants, which increased after floral organ induction to levels greater than 500 mM. However, sucrose was detected at relatively lower levels in the watery seed sap. These results suggest that sucrose content in the phloem is regulated independently from the demand for carbon sources in the sink organs.

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Sour Patch Kiss Feminised Seeds – 6

Sour Patch Kiss Feminised is a 60% sativa cross between Kimbo Kush and Sour Kush which nevertheless has a more indica-dominant effect. It is a highly-potent, heavy-yielding F2 cannabis strain which develops trichomes even on fan leaves and stems.

Sour Patch Kiss fuses the qualities of its parents; the euphoria and resin production of Kimbo Kush with the sour aroma/taste, potency and high yields of Sour Kush. Indoors flowering will take approximately 8 – 9 weeks resulting in very high yields of buds that look as though they literally ooze resin whilst still growing giving a white appearance to the whole plant.

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The taste is lemon/citrus, sweet ‘n’ sour and will almost certainly lead to the “cotton mouth” effect. THC production has been measured at 25.1% with very low CBD of 0.1%. The effect is supremely potent, very uplifting, creative and focused while also being quite a relaxing experience.

N.B. The image displayed was taken at 6 weeks, at least 2 – 3 weeks before harvest.

Sour Patch Kiss

This strain has it all – good yield, insane amounts of gooey stickiness and a delicious, loud smell of sour candy. Every grower that we have shown the dried flowers to immediately said they had to have the strain ASAP. Our goal with this strain was to create bag appeal that was second to none that gave an experience to match.

The parents we chose for this are Kimbo Kush and Sour Kush. When I first tried Kimbo Kush, I knew I wanted to work on a project with Kimbo as one of the ingredients. Not only was it incredibly frosty and potent with an amazing smell/taste of Blackberry scones, it created a very distinguishable euphoric, indica-dominant high. I chose Sour Kush as the other parent because it was a strain that would totally stink up a room with a sour funk, was a great yielder and super frosty/potent.

Sour Patch Kiss grows extremely impressive flowers. The buds look like they are dripping in resin. With the proper environment, trichomes will coat even the fan leaves and stems.

The above picture was taken at 6 weeks into flower. It continued to pack on resin all the way up to harvest until the top colas looked like they were wearing a white fur coat.

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The looks, smell and taste of Sour Patch Kiss are at a level very few strains can come close to achieving.