Starmalade seeds

2019 Oklahoma Cannabis Cup

Best Indica Flower
1st place: Orange Cheddar – The Pound
2nd place: Orange Apricot – Emerald Wholesale
3rd place: Forbidden Fruit – Stability Grows
Best Sativa Flower
1st place: GG4 – Full Moon Pharm
2nd place:Tropicana Cookies – New Leaf Medicinals
3rd place: Truffle Butter – Exotic Genetix
Best Hybrid Flower
1st place: Chem D x I-95 – Emerald Wholesale
2nd place: Gelato Cake – Green Rush Gardens
3rd place: G.A.S. – Korova/Sublime Brands Products/Connoisseur Cannabis
Best Sungrown Flower
1st place: Snowland – Helix Extract
2nd place: Starmalade – Green N’ Pink
Best CBD Flower
1st place: HGDP CBD – Craft Cannabis
2nd place: Bronx Goo – Sticky Tree Farms
3rd place: CBDutch Treat – Cloudi Mornings
Best Pre-Roll
1st place: Kief Infused Funk Indica Pre-Roll – Gorilla Gardens
2nd place: Holy Roller – Tb4u Farms & Rt.66 Xtracts
3rd place: Jeffrey Infused Pre-Roll – Fire Leaf
Best Edible
1st place: Strawberry Fruit Bar – OK Nice Cream
2nd place: Maple Bacon Krispi Barz – Fire Leaf x Outlaw Edibles
3rd place: Caramel Pot Pops – Mr.Mack’s
Best CBD Edible
1st place: Honey Almond Protein Bar – Too Sticky
2nd place: Helpful Mango Sativa Tincture – Simple Cure
3rd place: Raspberry Lemonade Gummies – Edipure
Best Vape Pen Cartridge
1st place: Grandaddy Purp Cart – Korova / Sublime Brands Products / Connoisseur Cannabis
2nd place: Wedding Cake Cart – Electraleaf
3rd place: White Pineapple – Fire Leaf x Oklahoma Dab Lab
Best Indica Concentrate
1st place: Grape Ape Full Spectrum – White Mousse Oklahoma x Red River Pharms
2nd place: Wright White Live Sugar – Tb4u Farms & Rt.66 Xtracts
3rd place: Member Berry Live Diamonds – Head of Honey x Diamond Labs
Best Sativa Concentrate
1st place: Lemon Cheese Quake – Fire Leaf x Oklahoma Dab Lab
2nd place: Oklahoma Mimosa Full Spectrum – White Mousse x Rock Top Wellness
3rd place: Blue Cookies Live Resin Sugar-Terpenetics
Best Hybrid Concentrate
1st place: Fruity Pebbles OG – Fire Leaf x Oklahoma Dab Lab
2nd place: Canuck Cookies Diamonds – SoloS Extracts
3rd place: Kief Chief Full Spectrum – White Mousse x Rock Top Wellness
Best Non-Solvent
1st place: Purple Punch Live Rosin – Helix Extract
2nd place: KS Blend Live Rosin – Kiamichi Skies
3rd place: Forbidden Fruit Live Rosin – Stability Grows x Country Hash
Best Topical
1st place: Colorado Cures Pain Cream – Lotus Gold Dispensaries
2nd place: R.L Remedy Healing Lotion – Redbud Elixirs
3rd place: THC Infused Lotion – Mr.Mack’s
Best Hemp Derived CBD Product
1st place: CBD BHO Badder – White Mousse Oklahoma x CBD Plus USA
2nd place: Holos Botanica Eye Cream – Terpenetics
Best Infused Product
1st place: Moon Rock – New Leaf Medicinals
2nd place: ALTRD Moon Rock – Releaf Labs/ ALTRD
3rd place: Infused Grape Moonrock – Xen Xtracts
Best Product
1st place: Mandarin Cookies – Ethos
2nd place: Seeds – Mystic Magic
3rd place: Cup Tee – Helix Extracts x High Times Cannabis Cup Shirt

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The Cannabis Culture Awards, previously known as the ‘Cannabis Cultuur Prijs’, were initiated in 2004 by philanthropist Ben Dronkers in order to honor and reward people who have made outstanding contributions to the world of hemp and cannabis. Read More.


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