Top 5 best cannabis seeds 2022

5 Great Cannabis Strains to Grow in 2022

With thousands of strains available and consumer preferences constantly changing, it can be tough to choose which strain to put your blood, sweat, and tears into in your growroom. Dan Vaillancourt does the research for you and pinpoints some beauties worth growing.

Aside from alcohol, cannabis is the most used recreational substance in the world.

According to a 2019 study done by the World Health Organization more than 200 million people are enjoying this beautiful plant worldwide.

With regularly changing taste preferences and thousands of strains to choose from it can be difficult to decide which strain your customers will like best.

So many taste palates to please and constantly evolving cannabis genetics can easily overwhelm growers. This will cause many old-school growers to retrogress and new growers to try and re-invent the wheel.

Although Acapulco Gold could make a comeback, or the thought of smoking some Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien sounds intoxicating, there are many different factors that should go into picking a great strain to produce first.

The Cannabis Market

Like any good business, the cannabis industry is driven by its consumers. The potency, look, aromas, and taste of your cannabis will determine the end-market goal. Preference changes regularly as developments in genetics occur, but one thing always remains the same: the desire for high-potency, aromatic cannabis.

The types of aromas and flavors that are popular have shifted throughout the years much like fashion. Things that were hot decades ago will generally make a comeback. Right now, we are leaving a “gassy” trend and entering the “sweet and skunky” phase once again. These terms refer to the distinct tastes and smells that the different genetics provide.

Jungle Cake is a cross of Wedding Cake (above) and White Fire #43.

Growth Factors

Aside from what is popular on the market, it is necessary to consider other important factors such as growth characteristics, bug and mold resistance, growing periods, space limitations, harvesting, and storing before picking your strain.

Not all genetics take the same time to grow and mature in the same environment. Sativa varieties tend to be much taller, less bushy with longer flowering times (9-16 weeks). Although a good sativa may take longer to mature, you can be rewarded with high yields of unique flower that has uplifting effects. Keep in mind, the larger the plant, the more root room it will require.

Indica-dominant strains tend to be lower in height, bushier with a shorter flowering time (7-9 weeks) and offer a more relaxing high. Autoflower, or ruderalis, is a third type of cannabis that genetically is lying somewhere in between indica and sativa. Ruderalis strains can generally be quite unique in their terpene profiles and produce large flowers due to their photosynthesis periods. They will grow short and flower very quickly under vegetative conditions (18+ hours daylight). Of course, hybrids are a mix of any two of the above varieties, but most commonly indica/sativa.

If you have high ceilings in your growroom, spaced-apart plants, and can house a large root base in your growing system then you can safely think about growing a sativa-dominant strain. However, if you have shorter distance between your grow lights or closely spaced plants, then it would be best to go with an indica or autoflower variety. Also, a bug- and mold-resistant strain is always a plus.

Autoflowering strains are generally reserved for the craft, home grower interested in unique lineages as they are harder to reproduce with traditional mothering and cloning techniques due to their flowering photoperiod.

Close up of Exodus Cheese cannabis strain.

Top 5 Cannabis Strains of 2022

With the aforementioned points in mind and compiling decades of research, up-to-date market analytics, and good growth characteristics, here are the top 5 strains to grow in 2022.

No. 5 — Jungle Cake

Jungle Cake from Seed Junky Genetics is as delicious and exotic as it sounds. They crossed Wedding Cake with White Fire #43 to bring this deliciously sweet and spicy cake collaboration to the table. The effects are relaxing and engaging; excellent for a movie night.

No. 4 — Exodus Cheese

This is for all the skunk lovers! Also known as “Cheese” or “UK Cheese,” Exodus Cheese by Greenhouse Seeds is the original gangster, originating in Southern England during the late 1980s. Even though many breeders use it to cross with other varieties, we believe crossing this strain with anything only diminishes an already winning strain. Living up to its name, this is a very piney, earthy smelling strain that tastes strongly of cheese.

No. 3 — The Soap

Seed Junky Genetics teamed up with Cookies to create The Soap. Don’t be fooled by the name — this strain has huge floral and vanilla notes. It is a delicious cross of Animal Mints and Kush Mints that was named The Soap for the distinct vanilla smell the cannabis gives across. This is a strong sativa-leaning hybrid that regularly tests higher than 25 percent THC. The flowers are very dense, with amber trichomes and deep red pistils.

No. 2 — 91 Krypt

DNA Genetics brings yet another winner with 91 Krypt. This extremely potent, high-THC hybrid is renowned around the world for its medicinal properties and incredibly unique flavor. Some of its intense aromas are exotic wood, citrus, diesel fuel, and mango. 91 Krypt grows short plants with very fat buds and is best grown in tightly spaced systems like drain-to-waste hydroponics.

No. 1 — Jealousy

You must be creators of something special to make it on to this list three times. Jealousy is exactly that, and Seed Junky Genetics knocks it out of the park with this one. Jealousy is an extremely potent indica-leaning hybrid combining Cookies’ Gelato 41 and a winning Sherbet cross. With aromas of sweet candy and creamy vanilla, this strain is sure to get 2022 on track.

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Its important to always start from seed rather than someone’s clones. This will ensure you not only get the strongest guaranteed genetics, but also that you don’t bring molds or bugs into your growroom. There is nothing wrong with cloning for yourself down the road but bringing clones in is not recommended.

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Also, remember that not all genetics are the same. Out of 10 feminized seeds of the same variety, seven may be very close to the desired variety, where three can take on traits from either the mother or father that you may have not expected. It’s always best to get more seeds than you need and plan for some mistakes.

Regular seeds will be an excellent option for strong genetics but comes with a bit more work involved. You will need to grow them and determine the sex on your own, pulling the males out when you see signs of them. Most growers do not like to throw plants out and opt for feminized seeds because of this.

The breeders that have created these amazing strains have done most of the hard work for us, however, to really be rewarded with top-quality craft cannabis it will take some selecting and fine tuning of the exact phenotypes you want within those varieties. Take your time, treat your mother plants as good as your flowering plants and you will be rewarded with some of the best cannabis in the world.

5 Marijuana Strains You Have to Try in 2022

What are the best marijuana strains for the new year? Perennial favorite marijuana strains like Acapulco Gold, White Widow, Green Crack, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, and Wedding Cake look to continue their popularity in 2022. Plus, there are new indica- and Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strains that are emerging all the time.

Learn more about the botanical science behind the cannabis plant as you discover the best strains for 2022.

What is a Cannabis Strain?

The term “strains” is a bit of a misnomer in this day and age, and it would be more accurate to call strains “cultivars” or “chemovars” (or “varietals”). Basically, marijuana plants are grown for a specific characteristic, in particular therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes . Some therapeutic compounds are ideal for chronic pain, while others may have more energizing effects or help improve conditions like depression and insomnia.

Regardless of the terms used, we can all agree that the concept people are trying to convey is this: even though most cannabis strains are more similar than different, there are some varieties that have been curated and maintained for their unique cannabinoid, terpene , and growth profiles.

Once a person (grower) has released a cannabis strain with a unique profile, someone else picks up on it, and creates new twists on yesterday’s varieties by hybridizing it. Nature also likes variety, so even though cultivars breed for specific characteristics, there will always be variations in the gene pool. When people grow cannabis plants in the hundreds, you can find unique characteristics in some of them (e.g. unique growth patterns, different terpenes), and these can be used to create new strains as well.

We’ve rounded up the best weed strains for you to explore in the new year. Whether you’re a medical marijuana user seeking a mellow high or an energetic blast, here are five of the best cannabis strains to try in 2022.

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Pink Rozay

Pink Rozay is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that has been reported as having relaxed, sleepy effects and a flavor profile similar to the fruitiness you’d expect from a glass of rosé wine. Pink Rozay was developed by Cookies founder Berner and rapper Rick Ross and has been well-received by patients throughout 2020 and 2021 thanks to its unique flavor profile and high THC content.

Apples and Bananas

Apples and Bananas is a strain developed in a collaboration with the aforementioned Cookies. The developers worked on several different cannabis varieties and crossed them together to create a new strain with a complex terpene profile that actually tastes like apples and bananas. This sweet strain is sure to be one of the most popular choices in any dispensary in 2022.

Peanut Butter Breath

We’ve had strains that taste like cherry pies, cakes, chocolate, and coffee, but what about that other favorite, protein-packed spread, peanut butter? Well, ThugPug Genetics has delivered, and this strain has been a favorite among patients since 2020 thanks to its peanutty flavor and relaxing, uplifting and euphoric effects.


Next Generation Seed’s Bonkers is a hardy variety that is great for growing either indoors or outdoors, and its quick flowering time is an added bonus for those seeking a plant that provides a powerful body stone in a relatively short amount of time. The fast flowering time makes Bonkers a good choice for beginner cannabis growers seeking to hone their skills.

Just to note that there is another strain called “Bonkers” by Exotic Genetix , which crosses Cookies & Cream with Lemon Tree. It is also a worthwhile strain worth trying.

Apple Fritter

There’s been a spate of apple- and dessert-tasting strains over the last few years, and Apple Fritter is another example of this trend. Cherry Pie is a popular strain, but some of us want something that tastes more like Apple Pie. Well, Apple Fritter by Lumpy Flowers is it and has a sweet and earthy profile with a taste of pastry (and even a hint of sweet and savory cheese). Apple Fritter has been reported as having a balanced, relaxed-uplifting effect.

These are just some of the strains to try in 2022. Also, be on the lookout for these hot cannabis strains:

  • Couch Lock: Highly sedating strain as the name implies.
  • Durban Poison: One of the strongest strains available.
  • Super Silver Haze : Known for its trippy euphoria effects.
  • Super Lemon Haze: Refreshing with a tart citrus aroma.
  • Strawberry Cough: Expansive with the taste of fresh strawberries picked from the patch.
  • Purple Punch : Sweet and sedating at the same time.
  • Lemon Skunk : Intensely potent with a hint of skunky aroma.
  • Gelato : Tasty hybrid of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Clementine : For orange lovers, a flavorful cross between Tangie and Lemon Skunk .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best marijuana strain for 2022?

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) has been popular for a few years now, and it is likely that this interest will continue as people want to explore its terpene profile and ability to produce sweet, dessert-tasting strains. Ruderalis varieties are also likely to improve with regards to the varieties available, strength, quality, and yield over the course of the year, as more people are looking to grow outdoors, and/or beginners look to start growing their own cannabis .

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Are there new marijuana strains for 2022?

Some new marijuana strains to look out for in 2022 include Strawberry Cookies, Glueberry and Orangeade. All of these are hybrid strains and many more are likely to emerge as the year progresses.

What’s the best strain for beginners to use in 2022?

Northern Lights has long been a popular strain for beginners and the trend will continue in 2022. Rich in therapeutic CBD and often a pleasant Christmas tree shape when grown, this indica strain is known to produce a calm high that won’t leave beginner users feeling wired. Low THC levels are generally recommended for novice cannabis users. Blue Dream and OG Kush are two other classic cannabis strains that look to remain popular in 2022 and beyond.

Explore the world of cannabis strains in 2022 with a medical marijuana card. Consult with the doctors in Leafwell’s online clinic and start your application today.

The world’s best cannabis seeds and clones to grow in ‘22

Good news, America: The nation’s army of weed growers in 2022 is going to fire up hundreds of metric tons of the most explosively tasty, time-stoppingly beautiful bud ever conceived on planet Earth.

Pot law liberalization has triggered a Golden Age of cannabis genetics—putting the loudest, most diverse ganja aromas and effects at the fingertips of gardeners big and small.

Major nurseries like Dark Heart Nursery in Oakland, CA, hold strain openings like fashion shows for the $18.3 billion legal industry. Los Angeles’ Seed Junky Genetics sold $1,000 clones of Super Runtz at The Emerald Cup on Dec. 11—200 of them. Champion breeders like Exotic Genetix have released $900 seed packs with NFT art direct to a rabid fanbase. It all sells out—powering more than 2,278 metric tons of legal US pot production annually.

Leafly’s annual “Best cannabis seeds to grow” synthesizes the quantitative with the qualitative: We pair strain search and menu trend data with breeder interviews, and event and store reporting; plus, we smoke hundreds of flavors, and grow a few pounds.

Go ahead and bury us. We’re seeds. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)

Leafly News’ product picks are independent, and cannot be influenced by advertising. We’d love to fill our garden with these cultivars—the newest of the new and those re-mixed from the best of the present and past.

Get ready for all the Cakes, Mints, Cookies, Zkittlez, GMOs, and sativas you could spend a lifetime trimming. Whatever you smoke, now is the time to score some awesome seeds so you can pop them by spring, and have a pound laying around by Thanksgiving. This is Leafly’s Best cannabis seeds and clones to grow in ‘22.

Cake and Mints varietals for ‘22

Poddy Mouth

Best-selling Wedding Cake and Kush Mints cannabis families combine in Humboldt Seed Company’s filthy new Poddy Mouth, which is Humboldt Pound Cake x Mtn Top Mint.

Emerald Cup-winning Ridgeline Farms named and endorsed this outdoor-optimized exotic. It can test beyond 30% THC while looking bonkers and smelling like soft, sweet, minty fuel. Sheesh!

For ’22, Humboldt Seed Co. has 85 regular, feminized, autoflower, or combo seed products, from 45 strains, in six states. They’re emblematic of how West Coast breeders own the strain game, thanks to decades of experience, plus baseball field-sized farms to test out thousands of new varieties at once.

There are so many tasty mint and cake strains out there this year.

See also: Mint a pound with Tiki Madman’s mints crosses like Apple Fritter Bx or Gelatti Mints, available online; in California, get clones of Purple City Genetics’ Gush Mints crosses, or Hendrx Nursery’s Candy Chrome No. 5 (Runtz x The Menthol).

Contemporary GSC and Gelato strains

Cherry Cosmo

Strawberry, fuel, and cookies terpenes with a new level of exotic bling make Cherry Cosmo an early star of 2022. Highly regarded breeder Exotic Genetix has folded Cookies upon Cookies in his Baker’s Dozen strain (Milk & Cookies x Rainbow Chip). His Jan. 25 release of Baker’s Dozen crosses includes Cherry Cosmo (Red Pop x Baker’s Dozen), which promises an explosive, cosmic, indica-hybrid space trip.

Exotic Genetix’s breeder Mike (aka “Mr. Stimmy”) has a massive series of indoor grow rooms to experiment—constantly ratcheting up the definition of “Zaza.”

  • Stank House
  • Gas Basket
  • Purple Pineapple

“He throws away plants that other breeders would kill to have in their garden,” said seed seller Luscious Genetics, in a Leafly interview. “That level of discernment is superhuman. He just knows his shit.”

There’s so many phenomenal GSC genetics out there.

See also: Compound Genetics Exotic² (Red Pop x Apples & Bananas); Ethos Genetics’ End Game R2; Seed Junky Genetics’ Jealousy crosses, like Zealousy; or Cookies+Compound Genetics Lemonchello 28 x Jet Fuel Gelato seeds; Wyeast Farms’ line of creamy, sweet, spicy, cinnamon-tinged Horchata crosses; Capulator’s Booty Clapper; and Lovin In Her Eyes’ Spanish Moon S1.

Cookies+Compound Genetics serves piping hot seed packs in ’22. (Courtesy Cookies)

Zkittlez’s hottest progeny

Rainbow Belts 3.0

Grab some Cup-winning, hyper-giddy, candy-aisle terpenes for ‘22. Breeder Archive Seedbank has mastered the genetics of Rainbow Belts and Moonbow, and thus the future of Zkittlez flavors.

The smell? “Zkittlez plus limey, candied, petroleum-fumed dank,” Archive Seedbank stated in an email announcement.

The effect? Bright, neon flavor meets intense, face-melting, OG power.

“I’m always looking for that sweetness in the strains that I love to smoke,” said Ellen Holland, author of 2021 book “WEED: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cannabis.” “I really like the zkittlez and that uplifting, bright, bergamot, fruity flavor that it brings to the crosses of zkittlez.”

Archive Seeds breeder Fletch knows the hash heads need resin, too. Rainbow Belts 3.0 seed packs contain “Dry, sandy resin phenotypes that are packed with Gobstopper, Blue Sour Patch, tropical Zkittlez overtones.”

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Get your debit card ready. Rainbow Belts 3.0 (Rainbow Belts #20 x Moonbow 112 F2 #60) 12-packs of regular seeds go on sale Feb. 1 at Archive Seedbank and select sellers.


Tropical candy terps get even louder with Terphogz Geneticz cross of Z3 and Papaya—Zazaya. Lip-smacking, Hi-Chew flavor meets high-key glee in this next-level flower designed for hashmakers. Keep a close eye on these influential hash strain designers, as the broader market coasts on their wake, said Luscious Genetics co-owner David.

“Growers are looking at a plant and taking into consideration trichome head size and gland size because extraction is such a large portion of revenue,” he said. “The bigger the trichome, the thicker the stalks—they know it’s going to yield more extract.”

I mean, you stick with the Terphogz when you can. I do, anyways.

Ellen Holland, author, ‘WEED: A Connoisseur’s Guide’

“It’s going to be super-tasty—the smells going to be really intense on those ones—because they have so much more resin,” said Holland. “I mean, you stick with the Terphogz when you can. I do, anyways.”

The Terphogz team backcrossed the original Zkittlez with Hindu Kush to start their Z3 line—which includes Cakez (Z3 x Ice Cream Cake) and Grapefruit Zruntz (Zruntz x Grapefruitz). We’re hearing about feminized Terp Hogz seeds for spring ‘22.

See also: Masonic Seed Company’s Wilmint; Bloom Seeds’ Rainbow Guava; Clearwater Genetics + Tiki Madman project’s Devil Driver; and Swamp Boys Seeds’ Guava Now N Later (Now N Later x White91 x Guava Jelly).

Savory terps of today

Meat Breath crosses

Savory terps have gotten more acrid, funky, weird, and potent in 2022 to counterbalance all the sweet dessert strains. We’re here for it.

The modern savory terp movement has built a home base around GMO Cookies, OGKB, Mendo Breath, and their offspring.

“Anything GMO is going to get gigantic,” said Luscious Genetics.

Thug Pug Genetics breeder “Gromer” comes out of early retirement this winter with Meat Breath crosses, another successor to Peanut Butter Breath. Divisive and unforgettable, this is the modern analog to old-school Cheese or Cat Piss.

“There’s something intriguing about pungent odor, especially if it’s related to an existing bodily musk. We’re drawn to that,” said Luscious Genetics.

Humboldt Seed Co.’s Nat Pennington has come around to pungent garlic terps, he said. “It’s funny because I was resistant at first. Of course, you try GMO and you understand.”

“If you’re in that savory category, that’s gonna be probably stronger and more fuel forward and gassy,” said Holland.

Need more stank? See also: Humboldt Seed Company’s Garlic Budder (GMO x Fortune Cookies); Swamp Boy Seeds’ Maconga (White Uchem x GMO/TK Skunk); Archive Seedbank’s Show Time (NorCal Cat Piss x Dosidos); Rebel Grown’s Double OG Chem S1.

Super stellar sativas

Super Lemon Pupil

Enough with the dense, dark, sedative Cookies strains. Give us longer, lighter, brighter sativas, too, in ‘22.

Got a foggy garden? Sativas can be more mold-resistant and far more unique than the next version of Gelato, Holland said. “They don’t have as gigantic of buds and don’t get problems like mold on the inside you can’t even see, or a caterpillar crawling halfway through it.”

“If you’re going to grow it yourself it might be easier to start with something that has a more sativa-leaning profile,” Holland.

Mass Medical Strains is a proud, old-school sativa lover, and has proclaimed 2022 the #yearofthehaze. First in their string of releases: Super Lemon Pupil—a Franco Loja-selected cut of Super Lemon Haze crossed to Mass Medical’s Star Pupil.

Super Lemon Pupil buds get big but stay mold-resistant. (Courtesy Mass Medical Strains)

Lemon, lacquer, European haze, and citrus will perfume your grow room. It’s super zippy—with a very sharp and uplifting profile.

“The power of the Haze mixed with the vibe of the Pupil is simply perfection,” Mass Medical Strains wrote to Leafly. “Effects can border on psychedelic, inspiring new ways of thinking and enhanced perception and awareness.”

Ready for a spirit journey? Mass Medical also touts Thug Pug collaboration Anaphylaxis (PB Breath x Deadly Sativa). “If you are struggling with anxiety or depression this one might be best avoided, it could be tough to handle unless you feel ready for the intensity.”

Mass Medical Strains award-winning, powerful Anaphylaxis (PB Breath x Deadly Sativa) (Courtesy Mass Medical)

There’s way more landrace, or legacy, strain work out there. See also: Aww yeah, Hendrx Nursery’s Santa Cruz Blue Dream x Old Dave Skunk; Archive Seedbank’s Island Girl, combining Dosidos to a mix of Malawi, 95’ NL5, Haze F2, Sensi Star, and Molokai Frost; and Masonic Seeds’ Wilson the World landrace uses the hash-dumper strain Wilson to bulk up to Kishkak, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, or Saipan.

Raspberry Parfait

Here’s a high-yield, farming-friendly, modern sativa for the hash heads. Raspberry Parfait is raspberry and vanilla yogurt-flavored yoga fuel. Humboldt Seed Co.’s unique sativa-dominant cross of Truffula Tree x Shiska Berry bursts with long sesquiterpenes, giving it extra-robust shelf life, and making for phenomenal extracts.

Humboldt Seed Co. did a Raspberry Parfait extract collaboration that they hope will take home an Emerald Cup in 2022. You can take home Raspberry Partfait seeds from California stores.

Starberry Cough

Our ‘22 motto is: “Smoke the weed you want to see in the world,” and man, we’ve missed Strawberry Cough.

Major clone seller Dark Heart Nursery agrees. This year they’re bringing out Starberry Cough—a Kyle Kushman-selected cross of the fruity euphoria of Strawberry Cough with the energizing rush of Stardawg.

The cross gives old school Cough some modern bling, terps, and yield, marrying the sweetness of strawberries with the gasoline of Chemdog. Dark Heart Nursery clones are available at licensed California retail stores.

OK—we’re leaving out some legendary breeders and essential new crosses, but we don’t want to overwhelm anyone. Look out for more 2022 Leafly seed guides focused on autoflowers and high-CBD strains, and heck, maybe even pure throwback nostalgia strains. (Anyone got some solid Blue Dream or Urkle cuts? Asking for a friend.)