Weed Plant Time Lapse From Seed

This relaxing timelapse shows a weed plant from seed to harvest. This video, "YouTuber Captures Weed From Seedling To Harvest", first appeared on nowthisnews.com. Auto Orange Bud combines ease-of-growth with extreme potency, heavy yields and a deliciously indulgent skunky citrus taste. Here is the time lapse video

YouTuber Captures Weed From Seedling To Harvest

This relaxing timelapse shows a weed plant from seed to harvest. This video, “YouTuber Captures Weed From Seedling To Harvest”, first appeared on nowthisnews.com.

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Auto Orange Bud time lapse video

Auto Orange Bud is one of the most potent and delicious autoflower strains ever created by Dutch Passion. She is one of a just handful of autoflowers ever to have made it into the exclusive Extremely High THC cannabis seed collection, with THC levels that can range from 20-25%.

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If you want to grow autoflower seeds with genuine mind numbing potency, a delicious sweet taste of freshly picked oranges and sky-high yields then Auto Orange Bud needs to be in your cannabis seed collection!

Auto Orange Bud cannabis strain info

Indoor / Outdoor difficulty

Indoors, Auto Orange Bud thrives under 20 hours of daily light, ready for harvest after around 11 weeks. Her skunk heritage assures that Auto Orange Bud seeds are easy and uncomplicated to grow.

Due to her broad and bushy structure, she is a perfect autoflower to grow naturally without grow techniques such as SCROG, SOG etc. The only thing that can be done during / at the end of the stretching phase is to remove the lowest branches and possibly remove excess leaves.

Some phenotypes produce large fan leaves. Often these obscure light over lower branches/buds and are best removed during the stretching phase. This allows the underlying bud sites to develop better, ultimately improving the yield. Outdoors, she can grow in temperate climates and does well in the sunniest and warmest 3-months of summer.

Flowering / harvest

Auto Orange Bud typically takes an average of 11 weeks from seed to harvest indoors, some phenotypes take about a week longer. These Sativa-leaning phenotypes tend to be the larger plants, often with the highest yields. On average, Auto Orange Bud takes from 77-90 days to complete bloom. Alowing her an extra week provides more amber trichomes and an even stronger narcotic high.

Outdoors, Auto Orange Bud needs about 12-15 weeks to fully finish flowering. It should be noted that ripening will be faster when conditions are optimised.

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Plenty of sunlight and a dry climate ensure faster ripening. This also helps deliver the densest and whitest buds. So preferably put her in a sunny place and avoid excessively damp ground.

Aroma / flavour

Auto Orange Bud is a seriously strong/potent sativa autoflower strain with a deliciously fruity terpene profile. Careful breeding over several generations has preserved the sweet citrus taste of our photoperiod original Orange Bud variety. You will love the unmistakable, pungent citrus aroma of Orange, Tangerine and Lemon.

Auto Orange Bud can taste fruity, fresh and sweet at the same time. She is somewhat tart, pungent and sticky at all times. All in all, this is a rare treat for any serious autoflower seed grower.

Auto Orange Bud is part of the Dutch Passion Orange family of cannabis seeds. This is a collection of some of the world’s best citrus scented cannabis strains.

THC levels / effects

One of the best features of Auto Orange Bud is the insane potency. She takes THC levels to the max and then nudges them up a little further. Anyone used to enjoying ‘average’ autoflower strains with lesser THC levels needs to re-adjust to the 20-25% extreme THC levels from these top-shelf cannabis genetics. Anxiety and stress don’t survive long in the presence of such a powerful THC content.

If anything, the THC levels in Auto Orange Bud may be slightly higher than the photoperiod feminised seed version. As well as the blissfully pleasurable recreational effects, many medical growers find the extreme THC levels produce a powerful medical effect. Whether grown for medical or recreational effects, growers should note that the ‘Extreme THC’ rating is there for a reason. Use with caution!