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Westland's range of lawn feed, weed and moss control includes products such as Resolva Lawn Weedkiller which kills the weeds and not your lawn. Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer is a premium grade herbicide and lawn fertilizer combo. Controls over 250 broadleaf weeds while feeding the lawn.

Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Control

Westland’s range of lawn feed, weed and moss control includes products such as Resolva Lawn Weedkiller which kills the weeds and not your lawn. Our Aftercut All In One Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer will keep lawns green but kills weeds and roots plus moss effectively.

  • Westland SafeLawn Liquid Lawn Feed
  • Westland SafeLawn
  • Aftercut All In One Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer
  • Aftercut Triple Care
  • Aftercut Ultra Green Plus
  • Aftercut All In One Autumn
  • Aftercut Patch Fix
  • Resolva Lawn WeedKiller Extra Ready To Use
  • Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra Concentrate
  • Moss Master
  • Westland Lawn Sand

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Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer

Jonathan Greens Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer is a premium grade herbicide and lawn fertilizer combination which controls weeds while feeding the lawn. Weed & Feed is designed to promote lush green growth in lawns and control over 250 broadleaf weeds including dandelions, chickweed, clover, wild onions, thistle, and poison ivy.

When to Apply:

  • Apply when dandelions, clover, and other broadleaf weeds are actively growing in late spring, summer, or early fall. Do not apply when temperatures are over 85° Fahrenheit.
  • Spread in the morning while there’s still dew on the lawn, or after a light rain shower.
  • Only apply to lawns that have not been mowed for at least 48 hours. The particles need to cling to the leaves of the weeds for the herbicide to work.
  • Do not apply when seeding or under newly laid sod.


  • Use a rotary or drop lawn s preader.
  • Check to make sure the spreader opening at the bottom of the hopper is closed.
  • To select the proper spreader setting see the Spreader Settings Section in the accordion below.
  • Push the lever forward only when ready to spread.
  • Apply fertilizer around the perimeter of the lawn to establish a turning area. Then run the spreader back and forth within the area outlined by your first perimeter application. Always allow overlap to avoid gaps in coverage.
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Post Application:

  • To avoid staining, sweep any excess fertilizer granules off of hard surfaces and back onto the lawn.
  • Do not seed the lawn for 30 days after application.
  • Do not mow the lawn for at least 48 hours after application to allow the weed control time to be absorbed.
  • Start irrigating the lawn 48 hours after application.
  • 15 lb Bag – 5,000 sq. ft.
  • 45 lb Bag – 15,000 sq. ft.

Analysis: 21-0-3

Can Be Used When Seeding: No; Must wait 30 days to seed post-application

Apply to Dry or Damp Lawn: Damp

Safe for Children & Pets: No

Application Temperature Range: 55° – 80°F

When to Use: Late spring, summer, or early fall

The spreader settings listed are approximate. Spreader condition, rate of walk, and humidity are just some of the variables that can affect the rate of application. Please refer to the product label link on this page, or the back of the bag, for further details along with application rates and precautionary statements. You may need to adjust settings for proper coverage if circumstances described on the label are applicable. In all cases, the user should read and follow label instructions before applying any product, and assumes all responsibility when using this spreader settings tool.

Click the button below to view and download a pdf of the product label.

I recently applied this, and it killed all the clover. I know this because if I missed a spot, the clover remained. I downgraded it one star because it didn’t cover 15000 square feet

I followed the instructions to the letter and made sure that I applied it on day when there was no rain forecasted for 48hrs. I killed most of the weeds for sure but it also killed some of the grass. As a result I have some patches of dead grass in my lawn. Its okay though the grass I will get to come back but I hate the weeds thats why I bought the product in the first place.

I agree with the few that mentioned the feed part of the granular was great but I used Green up prior in the early Spring spplication with preventer. A) the preventer was not very thorough because weeds definitely came up. B) The Weed and Feed did not get rid of many weeds but fed lawn in my lates application. I’m a little dissapointed in the product but my lawn does look lush.

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JG response – Green-Up with Crabgrass Preventer is a pre-emergent for crabgrass only when applied in the spring. The listed weeds are winter annual weeds. This product would need to be applied in the late summer or early fall as the soil temperature falls to 70° in order to suppress those listed. Green-Up Weed & Feed kills existing broadleaf weeds only. Please email us through our FAQ page for help determining what kind of weeds you are seeing and how to best go about controlling them.

I applied this product exactly as directed under perfect conditions. Applied whiled lawn was moist from previous rain and morning dew. Then it didn\’t rain for 3 days so the product wouldn\’t be washed off. It seems to fertilized the lawn well but left the weeds and clover untouched. I don\’t recommend for weeds.

Great product only 4 treatments for the year!

Look at the photo. On the left, where my grass is darker and fuller, I used Johnathan Green Weed & Feed; applied toward the end of March. On the right, I did not. I did this just to see if the Weed and Feed actually worked.
I used Johnathan Green Heavy Traffic grass seed all over my lawn. I prepared the surface my raking and tilling my lawn (toward the end of August). Also, I live in central North Carolina where the weather is warmer.

Just works better than scotts. Consistent year in and year out.

I liked the way it was pelletized. I liked least that the pellets were smaller; requiring me to re-adjust my pellet dispenser.

Definitely greens up the lawn nicely, still have some clover but thats about it. Very satisfied with results.

I picked this up at my local hardware store. I wanted the JG dedicated weed killer, but they suggested this. The conditions for application could not have been better. Rain in the morning so the herbicide could sick to the broadleaf plants and no rain for three days so the herbicide could work on the taproot plants.
Well, everything is green, except for a few small areas. But those weeds are healthy too after one month from the application. Something is wrong with this product. None of the broadleaf plants even showed any signs of stress. Dandelions came up with much vigor.
Two stars because it did feed my lawn very well. The grass is thick and healthy.

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This was very expensive, although I did see more growth and green in my yard with this than the other products were bought at the Garden Factory. Not sure if I will buy again because of the price.

best product for these purposses that we have tried

Great product…recommended by my lawn service person and it performed as advertised. No weeds and a beautiful green lush lawn. I love this product!

Didn’t think much about this cause I always used Scotts. Now that I tried this product, considering never going back to Scotts. Scotts always clumped up. Had no problem with this in my spreader. Will be purchasing again.

This was a great product ! Jonathan Green product are always good that I have seen from my first time using them! Great weed and feed.

We moved into our house about three years ago and the lawn was covered in brown patches as a result of grubs and most of the lawn that was still green was covered with crabgrass and dandelions. I have used mostly Lesco and Scotts products over the years and they’ve done pretty well, but I thought I would give Jonathan Green a chance on a recommendation from a coworker. I have done their first 3 steps (crabgrass control, weed/feed, summer stress/insect control) for the past three years and my lawn has proudly become one of the nicest in our neighborhood. In addition, I also aerate in September and overseed with Jonathan Green Ultra Black Beauty grass seed. Having tried numerous fertilizers brands over the years, Jonathan Green has become my favorite.

WE only used this one season (spring) we already noticed a difference in our yard. WE are seeing more green and less weeds. IT seemed to work better than Scotts or the other brands.

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