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Seedbank Reviews All known seedbanks and shops at one view. At the left you will find the SeedFinder rating from green to red, the average user rating you will see at the right side and some more Sensi Seeds cannabis seed bank: the best cannabis seeds out there! We created legends like Northern Lights & Jack Herer, and release new strains regularly. Exotic Seed combines the qualities of Dutch and Spanish genetics creating unique and innovative cannabis seed. The creators of our high quality seed have over 20 years of experience.

Seedbank Reviews

All known seedbanks and shops at one view. At the left you will find the SeedFinder rating from green to red, the average user rating you will see at the right side and some more information you can find below the list. Order the table by clicking its titles – and click at the seedbanks to get some more detailed info and to read the user reviews.

SeedCops List :: All Seedbanks


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shop name Rev.
ACE Seeds 4
Alchimia 481
Alibongo 45
Amsterdam Seed Center 33
Azarius Smart- & Headshop 20
Bonza Seeds 266
Buddha Seed Bank 2
Bushdoctor 15
Canna-Seed 53
Canna-Seed.com 10
CannabisSeedsForSale – Haze.io 57
Cannapot Hemcy 173
Cheeba Beans 27
Chu Majek Growshop 39
Dinafem Seeds 26
Discount Cannabis Seeds 33
Discreet Seeds 31
Dope-Seeds.com 67
Dr Chronics Seeds 5
Dr. Green Store 18
Dutch Passion 28
Female Seeds 22
Germination Station 27
Green House Seeds 17
Green Parrot Seed Store 27
Growshop Aliën 14
Hanf Station 6
Herbalist 10
Herbies Head Shop 163
Homegrown Fantaseeds 2
Humboldt Seeds 2
ILGM 1132
Indras Planet 17
Kiwiland 19
Lighthouse Store 3
Linda Semilla 377
London Seed Centre 37
MyCannapot 24
Nirvana Shop 110
Oaseeds 735
Original Seeds Store 108
PEVgrow 45
Paradise Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds 73
Samenwahl 244
Sannies Shop 74
Seed City 1448
SeedSupreme Seedbank 464
Seeds24 66
Seeds66 1084
Seedsman Ltd. 142
Send a Seed 31
Sensi Seeds 65
Sensible Seeds 369
Spliff Seeds 8
Suzy Seeds 127
Sweet Seeds 4
TH Gifts
The Attitude 137
The Flying Dutchmen 1
The Old Farmer Seeds
The Real Seed Company 22
The Single Seed Center 54
The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store 116
United Seedbanks 70
Zamnesia 63
BC Bud Depot 102
DNA Genetics Online Store 8
Everyonedoesit 10
Hanf & Hanf 60
La Mota 25
Master of Seeds 49
The Hemp Depot 46
Weedseedshop 40
00 Seeds 7
2 Guns and a Guy Seed Company 2
207 Genetics 2
420 Cannabis Seeds UK 3
420 Seeds 20
420 Shop 2
A B Seedy 1
Advanced Seeds
Alchemik 1
All Best Seeds 3
All Salvia 2
All Star Genetics
Amnesia Seeds 1
Appennino Farm 1
Area51 Seedbank
Avalon Headshop 1
Avalon Magic Plants 1
Barneys Farm Shop 25
Best-Budz 1
Big Island Genetics 7
Biotops 7
Brotanical Gardens 1
Bulk Seeds 17
Campo di Canapa 1
Canna Collective 3
CannaBioGen 2
Cannabis Seeds Company 1
Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK 12
Cannabis Seeds Store 2
Cannabislandia Growshop 6
Cannasemillas 10
Cannaventure 1
Castle Marijuana Seeds 5
Catalyst Creations 1
Clone quest 1
Coastal Mary 2
Coffee Shop Seeds 3
Cogolandia 1
County Line Genetics 3
Demon Seeds 8
Dr. Underground 1
Dutch seeds 1
El Cogollo 1
Empire Breeding Co 1
Energenetics Old World Farm 1
Exotic Seed
Experiencia Natural 1
Expert Seedbank 1
Fancy Weed 1
Farmers Lad Seeds 1
Fast Buds 4
Fatbush Seeds 1
Female-Seeds.co.uk 5
Firestyle Seeds 1
Flower Power Granada
Freedom of Seeds 5
French Touch Seeds 2
Fumidoro Seed Co 1
GTA Seed Bank 12
GYO Seedbank 3
Garden of Green 3
God’s Garden Genetics 1
Gorilla Seed Bank 29
Grass Company 1
Green Dream
Greenman organic seeds 2
Greenpoint Seed Bank 4
Grizzly Seed Bank 9
Grow Solutions
GrowHigh Head Shop
Growshoponline 1
Guru Seeds 3
Hanfoase.at 1
Hawaiian Budline 1
Headshop Vision
Headsite.com 3
High Grade Seeds 21
High-Stone Shop
Higher Minds Headshop 1
Highlife Seedbank 18
Holenderskiskun 1
HollandSeeds 3
Homegrown Cannabis Co 3
Houseplant 4
Hypno Seeds
Imagine Growshop 2
Irish Seedbank 2
Just Feminized 24
Kannabia Seed Company 7
Kaya Barcelona
KillaBeez SeedBank 9
King Genetics 1
La Buena Hierba 1
Leaf Life
MJ Seeds Canada 43
Mallorca Seeds 1
Mandala Seeds 8
Marijuana Grrowshop 1
Marijuana Seed City 1
Marijuana Seed Shop 30
Mary’s Seeds 42
Midweek Song 17
Midwest Mountain Seed Bank 2
Ministry of Cannabis 15
Mossm Seeds 2
Motherland Genetics
Mr. Hanf 5
Mundo Growshop
Neptune Seed Bank 3
No Mercy Seeds
North Atlantic Seed Company 8
Nucleus seed bank
Obaragraines 3
Oregon Elite Seed Bank 4
Oregon Green Seed 18
PCG International 3
Pacific Seed Bank 26
Paddy Seeds 31
Peakseedsbc.com 5
Planta-T 1
Popular Seeds 12
Pot Seeds 3
PowerCogollo Growshop 1
Premium Seed Market 11
Pua Mana Ohana 13
Quebec Cannabis Seeds 1
Reeferman seeds 7
Rhinoseeds 5
Rocket seeds 1
SantYerbasi Growshop 4
Satindi 2
Seed Canary 2
Seed Cellar 8
Seed Madness 10
SeedHeaven 27
SeedMasters 7
SeedStockers 4
Seedbank.com 1
Seeds Here Now 6
Seeds and Clones 1
Seeds of Love 1
Seeds of Love 1
Seeds.city 31
Semena Konopi 1
Semilla Dorada Growshop
Semillas Low Cost 2
Semillas a tu gusto
Sibaritas Growshop
Snail Seeds 1
Soma Seeds 4
Southern Oregon Seeds 54
Stealthy Seeds 17
The Bean Lodge 1
The Dank Bank Canada 5
The Maria Shop
The Seed Exchange 1
The Seed Source 2
The Strain Supply 2
Titan Seeds 9
Toronto 420
Toronto Cannabis Seeds
Tropical Seeds Company 7
True North Seed Bank 14
Trump Seeds 5
UK Seed Bank 1
Upper Canada Seed Bank 5
Vancouver Seed Bank 21
Viva Sativa
Weed Guardians Family Tree 2
Weed Seed Express 1
Weed Seeds Market UK 1
Weed Seeds Thailand 1
Weed World 4
Wietzaadjes.nl 6
Yervagüena Growshop
Dr. Greenthumb 42
Favoriteseed 5
Pakaloco 1
Shayana Shop 30
Canadian Seed Bank 15
Cannazon 17
Dutch Seeds Shop 92
High Supplies 71
Phatty Seeds 17
THC Bay / THCFarmer 53
1000Seeds 162
Amsterdammarijuanaseeds 37
BC Seeds 19
Buy Dutch Seeds 44
Canadian Hemp Company 77
Cannabisseeds.com 33
Marijuana-Seeds.nl 71
420 Kingston 3
AB Seeds 1
Beaver Seeds 2
Bio-Tecnic Grow Shop
Bushplanet Seedshop
Canadian Seed Exchange
Canamo Discount
CannaSeeds.dk 10
Cannabis Bud Beans 1
Cannabis Seeds Ireland 19
Cannabliss 1
Cannamed 1
Cannaseur Seeds 1
Chillout Seedbank 2
Danktuary.co 2
Dr. Green Seeds 3
Dutch-Seeds 4
Dutchseedsbank Amsterdam 6
Easy Seeds 4
Firestax 57
Froebanken 5
Grass Granada
Great Canadian Seeds
GreenLife Seeds Company 5
GreenTown Growshop
Greenmove Seeds
Groking Seeds 2
Hanf.ws / Eagleseeds / Chanvre.ws 30
Hanfsamen Österreich 1
Hempatia 4
Hightimes Seedbank
Hybrids From Hell 8
Indoor-grow.at 3
Irie Vibe Seeds 1
Kannamania 8
Kaya Donostia
Kaya Growshop 1
Kind Seed Co. 10
La Ganja Loca 13
MariaMarkt Growshop
Medic Seeds 3
Montreal Cannabis Seeds 4
Montreal Seedbank 36
Nano Seeds
Nguni Seeds 7
Old School Breeders Association 27
Phat Seed Bank 1
Pick ‘n’ Mix Cannabis Seeds 42
PlanetSkunk 4
Pukka Budz 15
Regseeds.com 7
Reliable Seeds 3
Royal Canadian Marijuana Collective 19
SOL Seeds 1
Sativa Sister
Scorpions Seeds
Sea of Seeds 25
SeedDoctor 1
Seedboutique 16
Single Marijuana Seeds Canada 5
Sinsemilla Online
Skunk-froe.dk 2
THC Talk Shop
The Cloud Farmer 3
The Weed Seed Company
The green world garden
Tienda Maria
Weed City
Weed Seeds 2
Zenseeds 5
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Our own rating you will find at the left side of the table. Our traffic light system will preselect the shops for you and also seperate some fake-shops. These ones are so far away from a good voting that we put them to the end of the list (with a red x). For example swindlers with overpriced noname-seeds or pure Referrer pages without any additional benefit.


At the right side you will see the average user rating and the amount of user reviews for each seedbank. This average voting is generated with the ratings about delivery speed, quality of the products and service. If you like to have more detailed info and read the user-comments – please check out the detailed seedbank-descriptions including payment methods, links etc. pp.

IMPORTANT: The SeedCop needs YOUR assistance!

You made good or bad experiences with a shop lately? You were duped or cheated? You got fake seeds? Or a lots of cool bonusses, good service and/or a fast delivery? You like (or you do not like) that other customers also will make the same experiences? So take a minute and alert your experiences to the SeedCop now – it’s done in a minute and will help a lot!

Premium Quality Cannabis Seeds

Do you want to grow cannabis for the first time, but are not sure where to begin? To help you make the right decision, we have created this special selection of cannabis seeds for beginners, all of which are resistant to the most common mistakes. These seeds are also suitable for experienced growers who are trying out a new grow space or cannabis cultivation method.

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Sensi Seeds pioneered the cannabis industry to become the world’s largest seed bank.

Do you want to grow cannabis for the first time, but are not sure where to begin? To help you make the right decision, we have created this special selection of cannabis seeds for beginners, all of which are resistant to the most common mistakes. These seeds are also suitable for experienced growers who are trying out a new grow space or cannabis cultivation method.

Successful outdoor growing is achievable in a wide variety of climates. Choosing the best cannabis seeds for your local growing conditions is vitally important.

CBD generally contributes to the overall wellbeing of the human body. Delay no longer and treat your endocannabinoid system today!

Start enjoying the benefits and try hemp seed food for yourself with Sensi Seeds Hemp Foods. Buy online today!

Regular cannabis seeds are bred from a male and a female parent, and can produce male or female plants.

Perfect for beginners and novice gardeners to experience the easiest way of growing beautiful buds! Buy autoflowering cannabis seeds here.

Sensi Seeds Original Streetwear: casual but distinctive clothes that fit your lifestyle and match your mood. Buy online today!

Feminized seeds are bred to grow as female cannabis plants and be able to produce the crop of resinous buds sought by most growers.

Sensi Seeds has long been associated with the medicinal use of cannabis. This section offers the complete range of products related to medicinal cannabis.

Buy a cannabis vaporizer. Using a vaporizer is one of the purest ways to consume cannabis. Sensi Seeds offers a range of vaporizers for medicinal cannabis use.

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Exotic Seed, Taste & Effect

With over 20 years of collective experience in the industry, Exotic Seed provides the planet with proven genetics — stable crosses that both have strong taste and powerful effect.


Family & experience are the core of Exotic Seed. We are in this to provide the world with the best seeds and to build long lasting friendships while we are at it. Exotic Sons!

Quality Seeds

Our Quality tested seeds are handpicked by us. All our strains go through a rigorous testing phase and are selected on plant morphology, amount of terpenes and potential to make hash.