Weed Seeds For Tortoises

A bumper selection of all your tortoise’s favourite weed seeds to grow them a delicious and nutritious diet. Growing a variety of tortoise-friendly weeds in their enclosure provides enrichment for them as they forage for their exciting treats. The flowers and the leaves grown from the seeds can be fed to your tortoise as part of a varied diet. This is our custom-made seed mix designed specifically for Russian, Greek, Marginated and Hermanns tortoises. It has no grass and over 2 dozen different seeds in it for maximum variety in the diet of these tortoises. Tortoise safe food list | tortoise safe weeds | tortoise seed mix | tortoise seed blend | tortoise safe food weed list

Tortoise Weeds – Seeds

Deluxe weed mix (1g) Dandelion (~1g) Clover – red (~35g) Clover – white (~35g) Hawkbit (~50 seeds) Lambs lettuce (~400 seeds) Knapweed (~750 seeds) Milk thistle (~20 seeds) Nipplewort (~50 seeds) Plantain – broadleaf (~125 seeds) Plantain – ribwort (~18g) Sainfoin (~300 seeds) Sea Holly (~20 seeds) Romaine (~400 seeds)

Add some excitement to your tortoise’s enclosure with these tortoise-friendly weeds for your tortoise to forage for. The seeds are easy to grow and seedlings will appear between 7-21 days (depending on variety selected). They can then be planted out in your tortoise enclosure or you can pick weeds to feed when they are established.

We at HappyTortoises have selected our favourites that our tortoises love to eat for you to chose from and they have the added benefit that both the flowers AND the leaves grown from the seeds can be fed to your tortoise as part of a varied diet.

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Your tortoise will enjoy seeking out the delicious, healthy foods and you will enjoy watching them eagerly devour the fruits of your labour!

We also sell grow-your-own tortoise weed kits here, that have everything you need to start growing your tortoise flowers the moment you open the box!

Additional information

Seedlings will appear in as little as 7 days.

Each seed packet comes with simple and easy-to-follow growing instructions.

Plant using organic soil (with no fertilizers or chemicals)

A sprinkle of calcium powder in the soil will provide calcium-rich plants for your tortoise

Tips for feeding the freshly grown food

pick some of the tortoise weeds and place in their food bowls as normal

or you can place the complete seed tray into their enclosure (dig into the substrate so it’s easier for your tortoise to access) then sit back and watch as they race over to devour the fruits of your labour!

or you can plant out the contents of the seedling tray in their enclosure

Other seed selections

We sell a huge range of seed selections and GYO kits for you to choose from, such as our GYO deluxe flower kits, GYO deluxe grasses kit, GYO tortoise-breed kits, to specific weeds or flower seeds that your tortoise will love. All are organic and sourced within the UK

Seed Mix: Broadleaf Testudo Mix

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A blend of 24 broadleaf plants and clovers. This is a great mix for the Mediterranean tortoises (Russians, Greeks, Hermanns, etc) or those species that just don’t care for grasses. This mix has no grasses in it, and does well in warmer climates without a huge amount of irrigation (similar to the conditions most Testudo experience in the wild).

turtle store Gourmet Tortoise & Turtle Seed Blend

A nutritious seed blend for tortoises and land turtles. If you are looking for a tortoise safe food list or tortoise weed list, this is it. Plant and feed in a few weeks! Available in 3 sizes! Contains the following: Italian Dandelion , Ladino Clover, Red Clover, Chicory, Alfalfa, and other high quality greens and veggies.

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