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Reddit serves as the most entertaining place on the internet for the high mind. Learn tips and tricks, experience stunning photography, and play trippy games. Ready to buy cannabis seeds online? DON’T settle for less. The best vendors offer quality marijuana seeds for sale, plus SWEET DEALS and FREE USA SHIPPING. So many subreddits, so little time. Don't worry, we've pinned down our top 10 communities. Click here to find out if your favourite made the list!

The Best Weed Subreddits

Stepping outside and getting high with friends is always fun. But sometimes you just feel like firing up a joint and opening a few internet tabs. When you’re in the mood to browse, you need to check out this list of weed-related subreddits. Learn how to make flawless edibles, and lose yourself in some of the trippiest content know to man.

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  1. Subreddits for the weed community
  2. Subreddits to get lost in while high

Every cannabis lover has their favourite pastime when high. And it just so happens that the herb makes just about everything more pleasurable. Some smokers love to sit back and watch a film, whereas others prefer to get out into nature and marvel at its glory.

Then, there are those that find great joy in the endless entertainment offered by the internet. In particular, Reddit serves as an incredible online platform to learn new skills, discover incredible tips, and simply zone out and ride the wave of being high.

Check out some of the best weed-related subreddits below. You’ll find some dedicated to cannabis growing and cooking with the herb, and some that are purely there to entertain the stoned mind.

5 Subreddits for the Weed Community

These five subreddits are valuable tools for every cannabis enthusiast. They provide platforms for ideas and discussions around real-world skills, from extract crafting and edible cooking to growing the best cannabis possible.

1. Microgrowery (r/Microgrowery)

Micro growing opens up a whole new world of cannabis cultivation. This method allows cultivators all over the world to grow weed in the stealthiest way possible. This subreddit displays inventive ways of growing small cannabis plants for maximum discretion. Despite their small size, growers still achieve respectable harvests. If you’re looking to set up a small and covert growing operation, you need to check out this feed.

This subreddit also features a “Growing Basics” section that serves as a great starting point for novices. Check out the “Shopping List” and “Seedbank List” to find out what you need, and the “Beginner’s Guide” for the smoothest start possible.

2. Cannabis Cultivation (r/CannabisCultivation)

This subreddit currently boasts 111,000 members from all corners of the world. With this many cannabis-curious minds in one place, you’re guaranteed to stumble across precious information, stunning cannabis photography, and top-tier memes. Alongside impressive posts from seasoned growers, you’ll see plenty of novices posting yellow leaves, wilting specimens, and pest-ridden plants. The great part about this subreddit? Hundreds of community members are ready to jump in to offer their tips, advice, and solutions.

Join this community, whether you’re an experienced cultivator or complete beginner. When you’re done looking at the beautiful trichome macro shots, you’ll level up your growing game with the help of others.

3. Cannabis Extracts: Hash, Oil, Rosin (r/CannabisExtracts)

This extract-oriented subreddit is strictly dedicated to the craft. Thanks to a functional team of moderators, you won’t see any sales pitches or spammy memes. Instead, as you scroll down the page, you’ll witness some of the best extraction porn known to the internet: sheets of shatter, bowls full of budder, and other experimental recipes probably never attempted before.

Although you might feel out of your depth looking at some of these masterpieces, the community spirit remains strong. There are plenty of beginner posts asking for advice that you can learn from. If you’re already a pro, post your finest creations and earn a bunch of upvotes from this creative community.

4. Treecipes: Delicious Omnoms for Stoners, by Stoners (r/Treecipes)

If you like getting creative with cannabis in the kitchen, then you need to join this subreddit. Dedicated to all things edibles, this 7,000-strong group upload post after post of delicious cannabinoid-infused creations. Not only do users post mouthwatering images of their dishes, but many of them provide in-depth recipes so you can replicate them, or at least draw inspiration.

Learn how to hide the taste of weed in edibles, how to bake the perfect cannabis banana bread, and how to cook up the perfect batch of steaming oatmeal cookies.

5. StonerProTips: The Place for All of Your Smoking Tips and Tricks (r/StonerProTips)

Every cannabis smoker has their own set of party tricks and smoking tips ready for a hangout or gathering. Chances are you’ve sat around a coffee table in the past, trading techniques and advice. Now, add 70,000 other people into the mix and you have r/StonerProTips. Learn everything you need to know about enjoying cannabis in the most effortless and novel ways. You’ll find posts that teach you how to conceal the smell of weed before work, and others that detail the perfect process for cleaning your bong.

You’ll even find tips on cannabis-themed days out. Explore people’s experiences blazing in cities around the world, and use their reports to replicate their experiences with your friends where you live.

5 Subreddits To Get Lost In While High

The subreddits mentioned above are mostly functional and instructional. While they can change a weed lover’s life, the subreddits below offer a whole new dimension: entertainment. Fire up a massive bowl or a thick blunt and get ready to have your mind blown.

1. Photoshopbattles (r/PhotoshopBattles)

Smoke up a giggly sativa, prepare some snacks, and get ready to laugh your ass off. This group consists of over 17,000 creative members that manipulate images in the funniest ways possible. They battle over games of Photoshop tennis and even compete to win a Reddit gold medal. Users post an original picture in the main feed, alongside a descriptive title. From there, stoned Photoshop artists on the other side of the internet proceed to make the funniest version possible.

For example, an image of a guy belly-flopping into a pool suddenly becomes a hilarious picture of the same gentlemen falling into a bath of gold, standing at the bow of the Titanic, or diving into the depths of the ocean.

2. Woahdude(r/woahdude)

This subreddit is dedicated purely to blowing the minds of smokers and trippers. You’ll find intense psychedelic content, reality-distorting games, and artwork that you’ll quickly become lost in. Scrolling through this feed sober offers a fun and wild experience. Add some THC into the equation and the colours become brighter, the sounds are more intense, and you’re suddenly in a whole new universe.

Trip out to spinning lights, bizarre creatures, and even videos of bearded Russians rolling around in the snow with a fully grown bear.

3. EarthPorn (r/EarthPorn)

Something about cannabis just inspires a deep sense of connection with nature, and an indescribable appreciation of the beauty of the world. While walking around in the woods or going to the beach does the trick, this subreddit offers sights you’re not going to see every day.

Experience masterful photography featuring some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Zone out to incredible landscape shots of the Italian Alps, cloudless days on the Cornish coast, the tips of Armenian mountains, and the Milky Way in all its glory over the Californian desert.

4. Nostalgia (r/Nostalgia)

Are you ready for a blast from the past? Nostalgia will remind you of the joys, warmth, and safety of your childhood—there’s no better feeling when high. Over 100,000 reflective fellows will trigger memories in you that you’ve long forgotten.

Check out videos of 90s toys that will immediately take you back. Explore memes and pictures of films you haven’t seen in years, from the Blues Brothers to the original Toy Story. Remember the PlayStation One? You’ll see plenty of content from this long-forgotten console, too!

5. TreeForts (r/TreeForts)

Every kid dreams of their own tree fort, a place to retreat and let the imagination run wild. Instead of fading with adulthood, the urge to own a tree fort intensifies when a person starts smoking weed! You might not have your own place in the trees (yet), but you can gather inspiration from this amazing subreddit. Sometimes, it feels like you are actually among the leaves when you get lost in this feed.

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Some posts display only basic creations—a few planks hoisted up into the canopy. Others put on displays of talented craftsmanship involving glass domes, elevated lodges, and spiral staircases.

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It always happens at some point or another.

You get tired of paying top-dollar for mid-tier marijuana, so you think about growing your own.

And because you weren’t born yesterday…

You know that there are many scams online, so you come to us for help.

Luckily for you, we’ve done our research to include the best cannabis seed banks that offer tried-and-tested strains with high yield potential, discreet packaging, and phenomenal customer support.

But most of all?

The top seed banks we review below offer 80%+ germination rates.

In other words − little to no duds.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

First Look

    – Best place to buy marijuana seeds (free US shipping)20+ years in the business with discreet shipping – High-quality marijuana seeds sold in 140+ stores – 2,500+ feminized seeds to choose from – Deep discounts (up to 50% off) on popular strains – Fast shipping to the US and worldwide – Reputable seed bank with its own breeds – Ideal for buying marijuana seeds online in Canada – Luxury collection of high-quality marijuana seeds – Great cannabis seed bank for cheap global shipping

How We Chose the Most Reputable Seed Banks in the US & Canada

Cannabis Strain Selection

The best online cannabis seed banks don’t skimp in the variety department. No matter which site you choose, you’ll have tens of strains and hundreds of seeds to select from. Our top picks make it easy to filter search results by category, blend, and THC percentage.

Customer-Verified Reputation

Buying cannabis seeds online becomes safer when there’s proof in the pudding. Our best marijuana seed banks advertise hundreds (if not thousands) of positive customer reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and their own platforms.

Domestic & Global Shipping Practices

Before you start buying cannabis seeds online, make sure your chosen site will ship to your location without a hassle. The best online seed banks offer expedited and discreet shipping throughout the entire United States, Canada, and most other nations across the globe.

Customer Support Options

We firmly believe that online seed banks without solid customer service aren’t worth your time. The best seed banks offer dedicated, 24/7 support by phone, email, live chat, or a combination of all three.

Discounts & Bulk Pricing

If you’re paying full price for huge orders, you’re getting robbed. The best cannabis seed banks make it easy for customers to buy wholesale, and they offer bulk discounts that range from free shipping to free seeds.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online – 2022 Reviews

Our top-rated online seed banks offer the best cannabis seeds for sale. We have 14 strong contenders lined up and waiting for your final decision.

1. ILGM – Best Weed Seed Bank Overall (Free US Shipping)


  • Fast, free US shipping
  • 25,000+ verified reviews
  • 100% germination guarantee
  • Guaranteed delivery and reshipment


  • Optional $25 tracking fee

Popular Strains

ILGM stands for “I Love Growing Marijuana”, and they certainly live up to their brand’s reputation.

If you’ve read our full ILGM review, you’ll know they started off as a blog in 2012, but they’ve become a seed bank monolith over the last 10 years.

In addition to selling 80+ seed strains across three major categories, they offer fast, free shipping to the US.

Also, if your package gets lost or confiscated, they’ll reship your order for free – no questions asked.

It’s no wonder they’ve amassed 20,000+ positive customer reviews with an 8.9 rating.

Want to know what’s even more impressive?

Their 100% germination guarantee. Without mentioning the fact that many seed banks don’t even have a proper guarantee… Even other reputable seed banks on our list only go up to 80%.

If you get even 1 dud in your order, you can contact ILGM to get a new one shipped to you, free of charge. That just shows how much faith they put in their products.

Finally, their customer support team works 24/7 to deliver exceptional service, and there are frequent Buy 10 Get 10 Free deals on popular strains.

2. Seedsman – Reputable Seed Bank With 20+ Years in Business


  • In-business since 2002
  • 4,000+ seeds from 65+ breeders
  • Medical-grade seeds
  • Handy “strain finder”


  • Shipping is not free

Popular Strains

Seedsman has been a recognized “one-stop-shop” for cannabis cultivators since 2002.

They’re well-known for their longevity in the field, and their 4,000+ strain selection sources the best of the best from 65+ internationally renowned breeders.

Worried about “paralysis by analysis”?

Their unique strain finder narrows down your search according to desired characteristics. You can even purchase the same top-shelf, medical-grade seeds commonly used by licensed dispensaries.

They’ll ship your seeds anywhere and everywhere, so global connoisseurs can take advantage. While they don’t charge that pesky tracking fee, shipping isn’t free.

Unlike ILGM, Seedsman doesn’t offer any germination guarantee per se. That said, they are known for sending replacements in the odd case that you get more than 30% duds.

Their customer support team is available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat contact options.

Furthermore, Seedsman gives a nice 10% discount on orders over €200, and they throw free seeds depending on your order value.

All in all, Seedsman is a great cannabis seed bank that could have been first if it had the same guarantee as ILGM.

3. Crop King Seeds – Cannabis Seeds for Sale in 140+ Shops


  • 500+ seed strains
  • Sold in 140+ stores
  • 80% germination rate
  • Rare strains available
  • Free global shipping over $200


  • Top-shelf seeds can get pricey

Popular Strains

If you’ve been in the cannabis industry for a while, you’ve probably heard about Crop King Seeds.

Indeed, this is one of the most reputable Canadian seed banks, to the point their seeds are sold in over 140+ shops around the country.

Like Seedsman, they have a pretty good selection of 500+ strains that spread across autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, and CBD-dominant seeds.

But that’s not all.

Crop King is also a preferred choice for experienced growers who want to try some unconventional cannabis strains like Candy Punch or Platinum Cookies.

Unfortunately, there’s no money-back guarantee to speak of. However, each seed’s germination rate is listed at or above 80%.

Finally, Crop King is a good option for bulk orders, as they offer free worldwide shipping on orders of $200 or more; and you’ll also get 10 free seeds with orders that exceed $420.

4. Herbies Seeds – Great Collection of Feminized Seeds


  • 2,500+ feminized seeds
  • High (30%) THC seeds
  • Free seed with every purchase
  • Handy search filters
  • 4.8 rating


  • Customer support can be sluggish

Herbies Seeds has a decade’s worth of experience selling high-quality cannabis seeds with incredibly high THC percentages.

At their dankest, you’ll find 28% to 30% THC strains that are engineered for the ultimate in relaxation and euphoria.

They’ve got 2,500+ feminized, high-yield seeds to comb through. Of course, potential customers can sort by THC:CBD ratio, Sativa/Indica dominance, and pricing to find their perfect fit.

They offer worldwide stealth shipping that should allow your packages to slip through customs and arrive at your doorstep unscathed.

In spite of their sometimes sluggish customer support team, their high-quality feminized seeds have earned Herbie’s a good 4.8 rating out of 1,000+ reviews.

Did we mention that they’ll throw in at least one free seed with every purchase? And one extra seed for each €20 you spend.

5. Seed City – Store-Wide Discounts On Quality Seeds



  • Website can be hard to navigate

Popular Strains

Seed City runs deep, dark discounts across some of the highest-quality seeds we’ve encountered.

With frequent price changes that range from 40% to 50% on bulk orders, budget-friendly buyers need not shop elsewhere.

However, their website can be difficult to navigate for the uninitiated. They almost have too many unique search filters, which could be a tad overwhelming for some people.

That said, once you get acquainted with Seed City’s layout, you’ll enjoy unparalleled precision and personalized seed recommendations that take the guesswork out of the equation.

Aside from their frequent, tempting promotions; they’ve got cannabis strains used by A-list celebrities, Cannabis Cup connoisseurs, and dispensary vendors across the globe. Seed City works with tens of reputable breeders to deliver top-shelf seeds at affordable prices.

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Is it any surprise that they’re recommended as the #1 budget option on many cannabis forums?

6. Rocket Seeds – Pot Seeds for Sale with Fast Shipping


  • 600+ cannabis strains
  • Reasonable prices
  • 6-in-1 seed banks
  • Fast global shipping
  • Comprehensive customer support


  • No germination guarantee

Popular Strains

Rocket Seeds is the best place for − you guessed it − fast shipping.

Additionally, they’ve got 600+ cannabis strains on tap, and they work with 20 world-renowned breeders to bring you the latest innovations in cannabis cultivation.

Did anyone say “convenient”?

You bet. Indeed, Rocket Seeds’ most interesting feature is that they offer strains from 6 popular seed banks, including Crop King, Sonoma Seeds, and Beaver Seeds

Feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, CBD-dominant strains, regular options, and fast-growing varieties are all available on the site, at good prices.

Like most of the best seed banks, Rocket Seeds offers discreet, worldwide shipping that doesn’t harbor any country restrictions.

While there’s no official germination guarantee anywhere in sight, they carry tens of leading brands that back their own products with money-back pledges.

If you’ve got questions about your latest order, their comprehensive customer support team is available 24/7. You can reach them by phone, live chat, and email.

7. Mary Jane’s Garden – Buy Homegrown Weed Seeds Online


  • Homegrown and locally bred
  • 80%+ germination rates
  • Fast autoflowering seeds
  • 8 years of experience


  • Slow (non-expedited) shipping

Popular Strains

MaryJanesGarden specializes in breeding and selling auto-flower and fast-growing seeds to a worldwide audience.

Beginners take heed – Mary Jane’s selection doesn’t require an inordinate amount of expertise to produce high-yield harvests in record time.

However, their free shipping can be sluggish, so we’d recommend paying for expedited shipping.

Even still, their indoor/outdoor seeds practically grow themselves. As long as you follow their free instruction manual, you’re almost guaranteed successful cultivation.

Over the last 8 years, this marijuana seed bank has earned a loyal following for its high germination rates.

8. Beaver Seeds – Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada


  • Canada-sourced seeds
  • Free seed with each purchase
  • High-THC strains
  • Fast shipping to Canada


  • No refunds or takebacks

Popular Strains

For our friends across the (northern) border…

Beaver Seeds offers hundreds of Canada-sourced options and exclusive strains.

While this cannabis seed bank is not as famous as Crop King, it provides popular strains at reasonable prices, with expedited shipping.

Also, our Canadian friends will be charged in Canadian dollars, while everyone else will pay in US dollars.

Besides their high-THC strains that are definitely worth a shot, Beaver Seeds also includes a free seed with every purchase.

Of course, their selection spans over auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and regular plants.

9. Sonoma Seeds – Luxury Collection of the Best Marijuana Seeds


  • Handpicked strains
  • 80% germination rate
  • High-CBD strains
  • Organically-sourced seeds


  • You pay a premium

Popular Strains

Sonoma Seeds offers a luxury collection aimed at big spenders and cannabis cultivators who won’t settle for less than top-shelf products.

The seed bank has only got a handful of strains to choose from, but it rewards bulk buyers with nice discounts on larger orders.

While buyers pay a premium for smaller orders, shipments of $200 or more qualify for free, expedited shipping. Orders exceeding $420 will receive 10 free seeds to sweeten the pot.

All their seeds boast an 80% germination rate or better, so you won’t be left stranded with unusable products.

Finally, the seed bank is known for its low-THC and high-CBD strains for people who want the potential health benefits without the typical high.

10. SunWest Genetics – Cheap Worldwide Shipping


  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Free seeds with most orders
  • Good selection
  • Cheap $10 shipping


  • No discounts
  • Shipping is only free over $200

Popular Strains

Despite being quite low on our list of the best seed banks, SunWest Genetics offers a pretty decent 80% germination guarantee, just like Crop King Seeds.

As you can imagine, they heavily prioritize customer satisfaction, and they’ve got a 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot backing their small but quality selection of cannabis seeds.

The seed bank ships worldwide, at a flat rate of $10 for regular shipping, or more for express shipping with tracking and insurance.

Orders of $200 or more qualify for free shipping, but that’s as far as their discounts stretch!

11. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Buy CBD-dominant Pot Seeds


  • Medicinal, CBD-dominant seeds
  • Express 4-day shipping in Canada
  • Frequent discounts


  • No refunds allowed
  • Average prices

Popular Strains

If you’re looking for a wide variety of CBD-dominant seeds with several purported medical benefits, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is where the money’s at.

While most marijuana seed banks (understandably) prioritize high THC profiles, QCS takes a different approach.

They’ve got tens of CBD-only strains that taste (and smell) like the real thing. You’ll find weekly price discounts across their hottest items, and they’ve got an 80% germination rate backing every product they sell.

While they don’t accept takebacks, they offer 2-4 day express shipping in Canada, so you can get your seeds faster than with any other seed bank.

12. MJ Seeds – Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Sale


  • 80% germination guarantee
  • 100+ auto-flowering seeds
  • Discreet, stealthy shipping


  • $30 tracking fee
  • Few discounts

Popular Strains

MJ Seeds is the proud home of 176 auto-flowering seed strains – you’d be hard-pressed to find a seed bank with more to offer in this department.

Better still is their 80% germination guarantee, which offers you a free replacement if your auto-flowering cannabis seeds don’t sprout.

Options like Alien Candy and Amnesia Haze boast a high-THC profile and double-time growth spurts that’ll have you chiefing that new pack 2-3 weeks earlier than the competition.

There’s an optional $30 tracking fee, but the seed bank offers stealth shipping on a global scale.

13. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Dutch-Grown Weed Seeds for Sale


  • Dutch-grown, high-quality seeds
  • 25 years of experience
  • Free domestic and international shipping


  • Can get a bit pricey
  • Small variety

Popular Strains

Amsterdam is lauded as the “weed capital of the world” for good reason.

Their locally-grown strains are notoriously high in THC, and they deliver that premium-quality edge most connoisseurs would kill to experience.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds brings Dutch-grown goodness to your doorstep with free worldwide shipping and 25 years of experience backing their breeding techniques.

It’s easy to find the strains you’re after with innovative search filters that narrow your horizons.

While their high-class selection can get a bit pricey, trust us – when you shop on this seed bank, you’re getting more than what you paid for.

14. Marijuana Seeds NL – Among the Cheapest Cannabis Seed Banks


  • 15% bank transfer discount
  • Ridiculously low prices
  • Free seeds with every purchase


  • Slow international shipping
  • Not all seeds are cheap

Popular Strains

Marijuana Seeds NL carries a very affordable selection of high-quality seeds.

If you don’t have two nickels to rub together after payday, consider making your first purchase here!

Their top-quality genetics are bolstered by their 20 years of business experience, but given their unbelievably low prices, you’d think they were liquidating their assets for closure.

The seed bank will give you extra seeds with every purchase, and some strains are up to 40% off their original price.

If you’re paying by bank transfer, you’ll get another 15% off all orders. International shipping takes a few weeks, but we’re not complaining about a bargain.

Choosing the Right Type of Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Quality Genetics

Cannabis seeds with quality genetics result in fruitful, high-volume yields. They also exhibit a higher tolerance to environmental stress, which can make or break your first grow.

This is why beginners should always go for tried-and-tested strains such as White Widow, Gorilla Glue, AK-47… If in doubt, check user reviews.

High THC vs High CBD Seeds

THC is the portion of the cannabis plant that gets you buzzed, relaxed, and energetic. High-THC seeds sprout some pretty dank buds that go a long way.

On the other hand, high-CBD seeds are better to get the potential health benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects.

Final Yield

So long as they’re properly cared for, buying feminized seeds will result in a decent yield. That said, some strains like White Widow are known to give up to 21 oz per plant, while other (popular) strains only give 12-14 oz.

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Germination Rate

In layman’s terms − germination is the absolute first stage of your seed. After it’s been dormant for a while, you soak it in water and wait for it to sprout.

Once that’s done, it can be planted.

In other words − when you get seeds with a high germination rate, you avoid duds (or “dead” seeds). This is also why ILGM is our #1 seed bank for its 100% germination guarantee.

Taste and Flavor

This section is pretty self-explanatory

But before you buy anything, know that each seed “strain” produces a different aroma, taste, and flavor.

Depending on your preferences, you should look for cannabis seeds that mimic the flavor profiles you’re most accustomed to (you can find this information on most cannabis seed banks online).

Indoor vs. Outdoor

“Indoor” and “outdoor” strains require different equipment, space, and time to flower. That said, most cultivators who only have space for indoor growth should invest in feminized or autoflower seeds for best results.

Indica vs. Sativa

Indica-dominant strains are responsible for a couch-locking buzz and appetite stimulation.

By comparison, Sativa-dominant strains produce an energized, light-headed feeling that can improve your mood and brighten up your day.

Finally, hybrid strains produce a cross-effect that lies somewhere in between sedation and energized euphoria.

Buy High-Quality Weed Seeds in the USA − FAQ

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Yes, you can buy cannabis seeds online. If you’re still on the fence, we’d recommend buying cannabis seeds with ILGM. This online seed bank offers free shipping to all US states, a 100% germination guarantee, and 25,000+ reviews to back it up.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Yes, it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds if your state or country allows it.

That said, cannabis seeds are federally illegal in the US, which means they can’t legally cross state borders.

This is why you’ll see that the best cannabis seed banks offer stealth shipping, hiding your weed seeds among toys, CDs, etc. to avoid attracting customs’ attention.

And don’t worry − we haven’t heard of anyone being prosecuted for buying cannabis seeds online in the US. Cannabis seeds are very low on a customs agent’s priority list.

What Are the Best Marijuana Strains?

In our opinion, the best marijuana strains are:

What Differentiates Regular, Feminized, and Autoflower Seeds?

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female cannabis plants, with a 50% chance of each every time they germinate. They are mainly used by experienced growers for breeding purposes.

For beginners, we don’t recommend them as male plants don’t produce buds, and what’s worse − they could pollinate your females and ruin your crop.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized pot seeds are biochemically engineered to produce female-only cannabis plants. They also streamline the growing process while producing large, resin-coated buds.

Feminized seeds are a better choice for beginners as you maximize your growing space and avoid pollination.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower pot seeds are easy-to-grow, beginner-friendly, and don’t require any particular light cycle to flower.

If you’re a novice grower or have a historically proven “black thumb”, autoflowering seeds will also survive most environmental stressors and produce smokable flower without fail.

How Much Do Marijuana Seeds Cost?

Depending on the quality of the seeds you purchase, marijuana seeds can cost anywhere from $2 to $13 per seed. When you buy in bulk, most stores will lower the price of each seed by 10-50%.

Additionally, some online cannabis seed banks will throw in “free seeds” with each order.

How Many Seeds Should I Buy? Do They All Survive Planting?

To be on the safe side, you’ll need to plant twice as many female weed seeds as you need − especially if this is your first time.

Over time, and with high-quality seeds, you can generally buy only 20-30% more cannabis seeds than necessary.

This means that yes − not every seed will germinate, and not every seed will survive planting. It’s the main reason why going for reputable seed banks is a smart choice.

Can You Smoke Weed Seeds?

Unless you want an instant migraine, please don’t smoke weed seeds. You won’t get high, and you’ll have wasted a seed that could be planted for a fruitful yield.

Do Marijuana Seeds Ever Go Bad?

Yes, marijuana seeds can go bad if they’re not stored properly.

When kept in a cool, dry, and dark place, quality cannabis seeds can last anywhere from 4-6 months to 1 year. However, if they’re refrigerated, cannabis seeds can last up to a decade.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online – Final Thoughts

Growing cannabis for the first time can be frustrating, especially if you’ve been unlucky enough to receive weed seeds that refuse to germinate.

Unlike most online seed banks, our best seed banks deliver high-quality cannabis seeds for a reasonable price.

ILGM, for instance, has a stellar reputation with 20,000+ positive reviews, a 100% germination guarantee, and free shipping to the USA.

Seedsman is not far behind, with 4,000+ strains from reputable breeders, and a nice 10% discount on bulk orders.

But whichever seed bank you decide to go for − buying your own seeds can be a liberating experience when you reap the volume of your first harvest!

Don’t settle for less than green fields and purple pastures.

Disclaimer: This article does not encourage readers to grow marijuana where it’s not legal to do so.

  • Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia

The news and editorial staff of the Bay Area News Group had no role in this post’s preparation.

Top 10 Reddit Weed Communities

While you can lose many hours to websites throughout the day, nothing is quite like Reddit. Couple this with a thirst for knowledge of all things cannabis, and you’ve got quite the combination. We’ve tracked down our favourite subreddits you need to check out. Just don’t blame us if you spend a little too long scrolling!

As an open forum for everything from relationship advice to bad-mouthing movies, Reddit sure is a mixed bag. So it should come as no surprise that the cannabis community has turned to Reddit as a go-to source of information for all things marijuana. And why not?

There are plenty of tips, product reviews, testimonials, and information for one to build up a pretty substantial personal encyclopedia of knowledge. While some posts should be taken with a “pinch of salt”, cannabis education has truly grown with the advent of Reddit.

Why and How Stoners Can Use Reddit as a Resource for Weed Information

Whether you regard yourself as a cannabis connoisseur or are completely new to it, gaining access to information about weed couldn’t be simpler these days. Accessible through an app on your phone or a humble web browser, Reddit allows experienced users to impart their knowledge, and new users to absorb it. But it’s not all formal; these communities also act as a great place to share humour and pictures, dispel myths, and exchange anecdotes about everyone’s favourite herb.

What Are Reddit’s Most Interesting Weed Communities to Follow?

This really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your Reddit experience. Are you seeking practical growing advice, or are you just there for a laugh? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with either motive! With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 weed subreddit communities you’ve just got to check out.

1. r/trees: The Casual Cannabis Community

For all things related to the art of cannabis smoking, look no further than the r/trees subreddit [1] . This light-hearted forum features a host of hilarious memes alongside photos of users’ packed bowls and joints that are sure to spark envy.

There is also a little bit of a rivalry between actual tree enthusiasts and this particular page. Because of the name, many aspiring arborists visit r/trees expecting to find out some information on maple trees, only to be met with the dankest strains. This has led to another page, r/marijuanaenthusiasts being bombarded with actual discussions of trees and photos of people’s favourite trees. Overall, it’s a hilarious back and forth, and well worth looking at both sides of this heated online war.

2. r/cannabiscultivation: Everything You Need to Know About Growing, in One Place

Ever wanted to know how well White Widow grows indoors? Or how to get the best yields from Zkittlez? This subreddit [2] has the answers to these questions and more.